Political ‘Wokeness’ Works For Many Corporations

U.S. corporations pulled funding from Republican election deniers after January 6, and despite boycott threats, those companies have done very well financially. Yale School of Management professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld says it’s in a company’s best interest to take a stand for social harmony. “When you see someone say, ‘stay in your lane, run your business’ – this is their lane. This is part of the social context, part of the strategic context of business.”
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  1. But these corporations are back bribing – err sorry, ‘donating’ – the corrupt elected officials.

  2. Free market market capitalism is what allows private company’s to operate as they see fit, If Republicans don’t like it they can move to China.

    1. It’s socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor. That’s America in 2021. Banks get their trillion dollar bailouts every decade or so whereas citizens never get anything. Millitary gets an extra 80 billion a year whereas our schools are crumbling

    2. I think you’ll find most Big Corporations have already moved to China. For the next decade they’ll spend their Profits there building infrastructure to access the huge Chinese market.
      The day they start trying to take their Profits out of China they’ll realize what a Gigantic Mistake they’ve made…

    3. @Matteo Pepe you gotta put some of that blame on the states and schools. the military doesn’t take money from kids in classrooms lol. in my state we’ve made billions in cannabis taxes and though it was promised to go to schools it’s been 8 years and none went to schools. and the money schools do get is often wasted. my highschool spend thousands on 60 iPads that were used 2-3 times before being permanently left in storage. new cheer/volleyball uniforms every year. band kids? we would have to share instruments. wasn’t the federal govt’s fault though.

  3. Yes.. is it real intention to help or just creation of profits? We’re not stupid brother 🙏 🐻 🔥

    1. That would be dumb for a corporation to push a political agenda for profit. Look what happened to Gillette. But I’m not saying they aren’t dumb.

  4. They’ll pretend to be woke then next thing you know, the employees will tell stories of how not woke they are in the work environment just like Blizzard. Not so truthful to their word.

    1. very true, most of these woke corporations purely pay lip service…on the other hand the very fact we know of these things means there is actively something done to counter it. Some 30 years ago nobody would have even known or raised an eye brow.

    2. Unfortunately for Republicans, there needs to be Government Rules & Regulations.
      If Walmart’s only paying $7.22 an hour, you can’t compete against them unless you do the same.
      If a Restaurant’s only paying $2 an hour it’s the same thing.

  5. Thank you corps. Please list those who are helping our democracy. I will ghost those pandering to these corrupt politicians.

    1. @kusheran If you mean zombies seeking brains, then it makes sense that they would pass by the compassionless and go for those woke brains that embody compassion and empathy

  6. Good start on being good corporate citizens of this great country. Now, stop funding everyone who is trying to restrict our voting rights.
    The January 6th attempted coup is awful and needs to be investigated but voting rights affect the entire country AT every election that comes in the future.
    If companies withhold donation, perhaps the Republicans will realize they can’t win elections without campaign money & with enough $$$ they have a better chances of winning – they don’t need to repress voting

  7. There always has been, and always will be, a wide chasm between the academic idea of management and what really happens in a corporate atmosphere. Heard all of this “Corporate America cares” 🐴💩 before. it’s always dumped on the little guy to clean up.

  8. He stated “CEO’s are seen as trusted sources of authority in our society”. What planet is he living on?

    1. Earth. It’s just that when he says “our society”, he’s not including you and me in that society

    2. i know i know…. but if that’s what it takes to have CEO’s be the glue that keeps this country together, I’ll take it. Mitch McConnell told CEO’s not to get involved in politics, when major league baseball pulled the all star game from Georgia? Coca-Cola CEO also spoke up… then the next day Mitch McConnell took back his statements cause he realized the CORPORATIONS were serious about not their positionand “woke” is in the best interest for them, you and me… Otherwise their only customer base would be red maga hater cult people… That’s not a good look for any business big or small. Think about it.

    3. @Hardstyle818 I have no trust in them nor give them any authority. I do understand where you are coming from. They have played a huge part getting us to where we are today. Too many Americans are over charged and under paid.

  9. What would American politics look like if donations to elected officials were considered bribery as in Europe?

    1. Did not Citizen’s United result in a protection racket for the person giving the bribe and also the person receiving the bribe. Just describe the bribe as having free speech protection. Of course it’s nothing of the sort. Money exchange or gifts is what results in bribery, whereas free speech is the written or spoken word. But in creating this confusion / deception the puppet masters benefit and the masses are the Court Jester / Fools.

  10. Right on. It’s in businesses best interest to have happy workers and shareholders and a harmonious society. Discord and chaos is not good for business. Also poverty is not good for businesses. Poor people can’t be consumers and customers or good employees

  11. Another thing that needs to happen is that a really good mobile market is supposed to be good for business but i have yet to see anything from these companies in terms of mobility.

  12. Ummm, are we now praising being woke? 🙄

    Our entertainment is being ruined by activists and yet it’s a good thing? 😑🤦‍♂️

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