President Biden joins Trudeau, Macron, world leaders at G-7 summit | USA TODAY

President Joe Biden is meeting with world leaders at the Group of Seven summit in Japan.

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The U.S. announced a new sanctions package to punish Russia for its war in Ukraine on Thursday, as President Joe Biden attended a summit of the leaders of the world's most powerful advanced economies.

A senior U.S. official said the U.S. and its partners would seek to make it harder for Russia to evade sanctions, access the international financial system and continue waging its war. Group of Seven nations will also take steps to further reduce their reliance on Russia energy sources, the official said.

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  1. This marks the first time in G7 Summit history, where the US President’s age is greater than the sum total of the ages of all the other leaders in the room.

    1. Wouldn’t it be funny if 10 years from now bunch of these mercenary terrorists fighting Russia with the help of Americans fly a plane into a building in New York. 😂

    2. @Global BiteDo you have anything else to say? Or do you paste one comment all over the place because that’s something you like to do with your time?

  2. Seeing those two corrupt politicians walking side by side seems fitting. Both are equally terrible at representing the people of their countries.

    1. Wouldn’t it be funny if 10 years from now bunch of these mercenary terrorists fighting Russia with the help of Americans fly a plane into a building in New York. 😂

    1. @Maria D. Not like she’d be in office for long enough to do anything, or competent enough to accomplish anything for that matter

  3. He joined Macron? In other words he plans to raise the retirement age of Social Security recipients?

    1. I’d rather social security just be abolished personally. That way, I don’t have to pay into a stupid Great Depression era Ponzi Scheme and get to keep my money instead


  4. Imagine if everyone in the world united together all at once. These politicians would become obsolete

  5. I laugh at the fact that Biden is always in the middle when they all walk. I’m thinking because if he wasn’t he would get lost. Poor old man.

    1. Oh Miss Kyle has something crappy to say and she logged in to just be rude. Miss Kyle must have not taken all the meds the nurse gave her.

    2. And everyone seemed to be walking slower so that he could keep up. Tough shuffling around at his age. 2024 he’ll have his walker. And 2025 he’ll be in a wheelchair 2026 oh let’s be honest. Hospice will zoom him in from the nursing home.

    3. @Joel Buchanan Miss Kyle isn’t wrong! And it seems to me that you be participating in some pretty good creep-sessions on both Biden-politics, and Miss Kyle; which—may I add—is equally both hilarious, AND sad 😢

  6. Imagine the tons of fossil fuel and money that would be saved if they had a video conference

  7. You notice how it is always “Biden joins Trudeau, Macron”…
    Not “Others join Biden”; “Trudeau joins Biden”.

    1. stank night9159 For domestic news headlines, it does make sense. Perhaps international outlets say it the other watt, when they’re speaking of their leaders?

  8. It’s like in a comic book when the supervillains get together for a meeting on how to destroy humanity.

  9. You have to wonder what other world leaders think of having to pretend they are talking to someone not demented.

    1. They simply leave the table and pretend they are heading to the men’s room……I know I would!

  10. This is such an embarrassing time for the US. How do we send this man to represent all of us?

  11. As a Canadian we should stay out of other countries business, we simply don’t have the money to keep giving out to others while Canadians are lining up at food banks and loosing homes. Trudeau is awful we have no control over his actions we apologize for his behavior or anything he may have done to insult people.

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