President Donald Trump Blasts Impeachment Foes At National Prayer Breakfast | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

President Donald Trump blasted "dishonest and corrupt" people Thursday morning at the National Prayer Breakfast, bashing his impeachment before the nonpartisan event with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just steps away. The Senate on Wednesday acquitted Trump almost entirely along party lines on charges of abusing his power and obstructing Congress,, with Sen. Mitt Romney the long Republican vote to convict. Aired on 02/06/20.

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President Donald Trump Blasts Impeachment Foes At National Prayer Breakfast | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


    1. How childish is Trump,I would not allow my children speak in this fashion.How do these evangelical leaders correct erring members their fellowship and yet give Trump a free pass on his lies and vindictiveness.

    1. @wel1968 tell that to Ben Carson the ethnic neurosurgeon that’s been his friend for 30 years he will laugh in your face

    2. @gudgen2004 pffft…
      that guy is a bit traded I think
      I know, I know… he is a ”brain surgeon”
      but have you ever heard him speack longer than 5 minutes…?
      Something is broke in that guy, just saying…

    3. @wel1968 yes he has a YouTube channel you need to check out his videos he has some of them there over an hour long I did extensive research bro like I said I told many people this I never liked Trump but the more positive things I find out it’s making it hard to hate him that’s all I’m saying there’s no hatred here at all just a little difference of opinions that’s it we can get along and we can work together and that’s what we need to do

    1. @Zeb Banister Maybe if he’d stop breaking the Law there wouldn’t be so many people trying to take him down, Boris.

    2. eurekajim      they didn’t charge him with a crime and even if they did he just got acquitted. So run along. You voted for Hillary and you are still mad. How is that working for you? Are you happier today because of your hatred? Nope…what will you do when Trump is reelected in Novmeber? Seriously what are you going to do?

    1. Dave Schultz laughable low iq Schultzy the clown. Oh Davey give it up. You never have anything worth saying. Same old same old T got tired crap. Such a useless toll little Davey

    2. @Kevin stevens soylent green. think soylent green. soylent geen is people. food is expensive. they have too many people. they rolled out 5 g first. people with the flu do not suddenly collapse and break their skulls and bleed out on public streets. they curl up in balls and suffer they do not walk down the street and suddenly collapse as if shot. 5 g is targeting these people and they are being harvested! this is soylent green in real time real life. can’t feed em, eat em! soylent green is people!

    3. Crystal Giddens you are a coo coo bird. The longer you are on here posting the crap you post the more sick in the head you become. You are always off topic in some lala land. Get some help honey cause you need it

    1. President Trump 🇺🇸🗽bring down drug and human trafficking saving many women and children life.

    2. U don’t question no ones faith the gop does the samething using god as an justification well the bible said the in the last days it will be hypocrites

    3. This was never about left and right this was about being true to America! Donald Trump has given us over to Putin and Russia. He wants to be a dictator just like Putin! GOP=GANG OF PUTIN

    1. Lollie tell me please what are you going to do when Trump is reelected? How much more outrage can you show? Will you join Antifa and throw rocks through windows? LOL Tell me please

    1. What’s chilling is the vast number of inbred, amoral, ignorant white nationalists like you who voted for this shameless, conniving, self serving imbecile. You think he cares about you? You’re just a simple means to his end game.

    2. @Dan Ramiriz…. You’re thanking the wrong person. Obama saved your business. Trump is killing it. All that money he borrowed to inject the economy? It’s all downhill now. Crash and burn.

    1. You can always disagree on policy, but he is the only Republican that stood up for his claims to being a Christian!

    1. It is disappointing to see fellow Americans supporting a traitor to the United States and our democracy. Donald Trump is all in it for himself and Putin!

  1. Pelosi very pretentious. Obviously in her prayer comment and tearing up the speech. Its obvious she hates Trump.

    1. Seems like most people who come from public colleges follow dems – they are locked into the public school systems and this is likely why they want free education for everyone at my expense.

    2. @J 12 years Catholic school , and my mother paid 1/2 of 4 years of college, and the other 1/2 i paid for ‼️‼️‼️ eat your heart ❗❗❗‼️‼️

    3. @Maria Cox I was talking about public school. Your story is kind of like mine. Thankfully we both paid our way and earned our education!! Much better then being issued a degree due to the color of your skin.

    1. Brian Bsrt the person who does lie all the time can not believe others and the facts.
      Because the person lie everything and believe other peoples lie like them. It’s delusions.
      The media’s responsibilities report just the facts.
      Please don’t insulting the people who are working hard with all their hearts sincerely.

    2. James Woods thank you so much for your opinion! If you don’t believe others. You are liar.
      My daughter did lie when she was teen, she talked me ‘you are liar’but I didn’t response abut that.
      Because I didn’t lie at all. I knew she is teenager with lies and many troubles. I was waiting patiently.
      And She is grown lady now, she never ever tell you are liar anymore. And she is very ordinary life
      It’s very fine you believe me liar. But I tell to people the facts.
      The liar couldn’t believe others obviously, because they lie,therefore they believe other people lie too.
      Please you be hired a devil, just enjoy your big payment.!! Have a wonderful day!🙏

    3. Joseph Cozzolino thank you for your question! I don’t know it is real question or teasing me
      It is very fine ether ways. The river is running always. It passed once then never comes back.
      That is theory of Mother Nature. Have a wonderful day! 🙏
      Just in case, if you be hired by a devil,then buy luxury goods and enjoy it. It won’t be long like snowflakes ❄️

  2. HAHAHAHHAHAHA where are all those fellas who were sure in his impeachment 😂😂😂 I think that russians infiltrated into Senate,what do you think

    1. Princess Chewie you know what I mean,don’t try to take it out of context,what’s happening in Iowa right now,russian collusion maybe?

    2. It was never expected that he would be removed. The impeachment was the right thing to do to expose the disgusting traitorous behaviors of Donald Trump and the GOP members that protected him. Putin wins again!

  3. “those who have come here to hate should leave now, for in their hatred they only betray themselves” – translated from The Book of Life. Trump is the president you deserve! #walkaway

  4. “Everybody in the country” doesn’t agree that Romney was “guided” by his faith. Many of us think that he was guided by jealousy and his antagonistic history with Trump.
    In general the “journalists” in this segment seem so elitist and out of touch. Very distasteful.

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