President Donald Trump: ‘I’m Not Going To Be Watching’ Mueller Testimony Before Congress | MSNBC

President Donald Trump said he won't be watching former special counsel Robert Mueller testify before Congress on Wednesday. If he does watch, Trump said he might "see a little bit of it."
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President Donald Trump: 'I'm Not Going To Be Watching' Mueller Testimony Before Congress | MSNBC


    1. I’m starting to think Trump has dementia, he obviously doesn’t recall his daily actions or his long term personality.

    2. @Trumpocalypse He’s like a meth addict. I bet he wets himself trying to resist and then acquiesces.

    1. @Jeffrey Meade I can’t help but laugh at Trump, he’s a Meme of a President. His best accomplishment is the success of the apprentice.

    2. t’rump’s truth meter is still stuck at 5 from those times he said he wanted to bang his own daughter.

    3. Jeffrey Meade laughable little low iq Jeffy with more of his incoherent ramblings. As always you prove what a tool you are.

    4. Every fact check meter in the country broke the day of the inauguration. Their hands are now frozen in a shrugging motion.

  1. Trump is the enemy of the people and USA!. Trump is a criminal and a traitor and it is the DUTY of ALL Americans to ACT on this FACT !

    1. @Whisperingpine1all umpa lumpas need to be deported. Especially overgrown ignorant, bigoted and racist umpa lumpas. Lock him up 2020.
      Trump for prison.

    2. @Dirt Dog You are a dirty dog and act just like him, ignorance must be contagious ! And your vocabulary you must be his twin !

    3. David Benard thanks I take all insults from liberal “men” as a compliment so thanks now go enjoy your soy products

    4. Grumbleback relax Sally and go back to your video games nobody in the real world is afraid of c*nts like you

  2. Cant wait till this pathological criminal tRaitor starts his life sentence in federal prison.

    1. Just getting out of office would be enough for me. He’s older then all get-out and he takes statins. Just not gonna last.

    2. @Fabi Grossi Nah, he’ll probably go to jail for something, but it might not be in his term. Still a criminal though

    1. @steve tyler : Listen fool, it’s not only Democrats the orange turd is trying to destroy, it’s the whole American way of life

    2. @steve tyler Uhh.. not all people in the Republican party support Trump, he’s a laughing stock, regardless of party.

    3. steve tyler no lol that was last week , then they changed the Mueller testimony day so I don’t know what the Donald will do to distract, Probably start a war or tweet some crazy thing , Trump is doing what Hitler did in the 1930”s hate works with his base and he knows that . Trump is the most corrupt dangerous evil president in American history.

  3. Trump lives in a completely fake reality. He thinks if he says something it’s true and everyone will believe him. Trump is so corrupt and history will show Trump is the worst US president ever.

    1. @Jeffrey Meade – Yet you have not read the Mueller report that is completely clear. Over 10 criminal contents. Just watch Mueller speak. You are completely blind to Trump love. Good luck

    2. @Jeffrey Meade Nah, there are only 36 indicted people and how many are in jail right now? His lawyer, Flynn, Manafort…oh, your brainweb is so tangled it is too exhausting to try to talk sense into people who drank Orangeaid.

    3. So you’re going to  tell them you voted for a muslim phony just because he was half black?  Really?  So stupid!

  4. Yeah but we want to hear Mueller say there was no collusion. Because we know how you lied Trump every time you open your mouth

  5. Yeah, he won’t be watching, yet as soon as it’s over, he’ll be giving a play by play report and twitter tantrum within hours(if not minutes). What a complete lying POS you are, and then some.

  6. Oh geez, this is all of that bottom feeder. I ain’t about to waste my time listening to his lies.

  7. As obsessive-compulsive as Trump is, there’s no way he will be able stop himself from watching. My guess is he and his Russian goons will glued to the TV set taking notes for spin purposes.

  8. Grandpa wandered away from the field trip again… Where the nurse to give him his meds????

  9. As Robert Mueller makes it known what is really in the report and not what barr says is in it,we can all have a good chuckle knowing that the incestuous lunatic is watching every second of it and raging inside.

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