President Donald Trump: ‘I’m Not Relishing The Fight’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

President Trump took questions about his fight with Freshman Democrats, outside of the White House on his way to a rally in North Carolina.
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President Donald Trump: 'I'm Not Relishing The Fight' | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. It was likely planned by the administration that Rand Paul object to the first-responders bill. Now Trump can step in and by executive order save the day. Was this all a cheap, unnecessarily cruel stunt designed to sway positive public opinion to Trump’s side?

    1. 45* isn’t smart enough to devise such a (simple, really) plan, but some who manipulate him are. However, it won’t work: his approval ratings are historically low and will remain so.

    2. @Progressive HumanistYep. I can’t see those ratings changing much. He’s lost voters since Nov 2016 and he’s gained virtually none. The core don’t want to believe it but they’re in trouble. If he wants to win in 2020, Trump will need to perform feats not unlike; Defeating an unholy army of flesh eating zombies…or perhaps popping a kilo of pure gold into every American pocket…man woman _and_ child. Of course then there’s talking God into hosting the second coming of Christ at Mar-a-Lago. That would sew it up I’m sure. Other than scenarios along those lines…I think he’s in a pickle. Good to realize.

  2. Socialism = government for the society
    Capitalism = government for the money. Blessings, love is the answer

    1. @T BZ no you antiamerican pos….socialism is the road to failure and mediocrity. Capitalism, with some regulation, is what inspires risk taking, incentive, and innovation…its what made America the most powerful country on the planet.

    2. Neither system alone is good for a country. A balance between the two is the best, and it’s the kind of system that just about all countries practice, including the USA.

    1. Are you saying to me that only the FOX NEWS (FAUX NEWS) tells the truth about #THEIDIOTTRUMP…but the news by others CNN, MSNBC, and other channel lie. Why did he interview with ABC and NBC if they lie about him. He said the same stupid things on those channels that they report him saying all the time.


    3. Dave Schultz oh delusional Schultzy the clown with more of his incoherent ramblings. Useless as usual little Davey

    4. Arielsummers I didn’t even mention anything about the news networks you made that assumption all on your own so I’m glad you know I just gave you the way fake news works it’s when you lie but I never said which ones lie

  3. 45* called the US a “Hellhole”. It isn’t, but he and his enablers are sure trying their best to make it so.

    1. @Dorian Shades of gray The economy would be better if Trump were still a private citizen and declaring bankruptcy….repeatedly.

    1. @Dorian Shades of gray no he doesnt. Thats why we have a democratic gov. He represents the US gov. Not the people, do you not see how divided we are?

    2. Dorian Shades of gray oh Shsdy the clown is back at MSNBC. The stupid tool continues on with his delusional drivel. What a POS

    3. Dave Schultz and Schultzy the clown continues on with more of her delusional incoherent ramblings. Get a new job Davey cause it is the same old same old day in and day out. Surprised Puty hasn’t canned your a$$ for your lack of creativity

  4. Speaking of “unthinkable things being said” Just play back almost every speech, every twitter and every comment he has made over the past nine hundred + days. He wants to silence dissent, he wants to berate those among us who are unhappy with his brand of attempted autocracy. He is the most dangerous, inept and destructive force to ever darken the threshold of the White House. If you don’t vote to have him removed from office in 2020, I highly recommend YOU leave these United States, for you will be complicit in committing damages to our Democracy that will take decades to repair, all at the hands of a severe megalomaniac.

    1. Over 2 dozen MS-13 gang members arrested during ICE raid.They were also involved in brutal crimes.MAGA!

    2. @Angela Gracious Hands Cleaning LLC lol….his economy is roaring and hes made the Military much stronger….if he is trying to destroy the country, hes doing a horrible job at it. LOL You libs are something else.


    4. donkey boy laughable crap from a low iq clown. Name a policy that has changed anything from the Obama era? Got anything tool?

  5. Does the bufoon president ever tell truths? Ask him if he would date ivanka. You know it will be opposite of his real answer.


  6. I need to go because its starting to pour. More worried about his hair makeup than his duty to the the world.

  7. People who avoid military service citing concocted physical disabilities while hitting all the social clubs while others were dying in service to their country should not be lecturing other people about patriotism or love of country. They’re nothing but cowards.

  8. OH, 45! Go to Russia, take your ENTIRE family with you! Use your own plane, lease AF One here for a real American. Maybe a nice complex off Red Square.

  9. Poor baby boy. “They’re so unfair to me. No president has had people be so unfair to them as I’ve experienced!”
    Our president likes to alternate between a crybaby and victim to a schoolyard bully, depending on which one advances his agenda. That’s despicable behavior and unbecoming of the officeholder of the president of the United States.

  10. Mr President your hair is taking off, if you hurry you’ll catch up to it. “If you look at… In the history of our country…. No President should ever….”

  11. Exactly WHAT “unthinkable statements” did they utter? What threats to the Constitution have they made? What violations of the law have they committed? In what way have they neglected or abused their office? Specifically.

    HINT: Disagreeing with you or calling out your vile behaviour does not qualify.

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