Presidential candidate Andrew Yang breaks down over gun violence

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang broke down in tears when answering an audience member's questions at a gun safety forum in Des Moines, Iowa. CNN's Arlette Saenz reports. #CNN #News


    1. der Jakob I make over 1k in 2 days of work. Are you projecting because perhaps you feel inadequate and indolent? Before you ask why people of all incomes should receive it I implore you to send me a link with Yang’s answer to this. I won’t spoil it. It’s quite fascinating. Yes, people need to work hard for their money. But the system is so out of whack that we need policy to level the “opportunity”. 1k a month isn’t winning the lotto. It’s giving people a chance to reconfigure their economic progress during this time of automation.

  1. For those of you arguing that showing tears and emotion is a weakness then neither you’re a 1) robot or 2) serial killer or 3) you have no soul.

    1. @Melissa Hudson Every American president has cried over a decision to go to war or over the bodies of dead soldiers. You may not have seen it but it has happened. Police cry, soldiers cry, doctors and nurses cry. Doesn’t make them less effective. If picturing your children dead or talking to a mother who has lost a child doesn’t make you cry, you are the damaged one.

    2. It’s not that people think crying is a weakness per say, it just comes off really fake.

      Jimmy Kimmel does the same thing and it’s just bad acting.

      There are real victims out there and real tears.

      These guys are making a mockery over dead children.

    3. @Beni Segel Didn’t Kimmel cry when he was talking about his seriously ill newborn having emergency heart surgery?

  2. Andrew Yang actually CARES about this country. You can actually see the pain in him from talking about this.

    1. @Tony Montana what are dumb trumptard..he’s not chinese, he’s born in america and his parents came from taiwan…it’s like calling you a Russian commie spy because you’re white…what a moron

  3. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 Andrew Yang’s trickle-up economy empowered by freedom dividend 👍 👍👍 👍👍 👍👍 👍👍 👍👍 👍👍 👍👍 👍👍

    1. 89,700,000,000,000,000,000,000%

      That is an inflation rate that actually happened. And so few know anything about deficit spending or central bank manipulation. But hey, he seems sincere.

      Tinkle down, Tinkle up are forms of financial porn.

    1. No that was called I have to look upset so people will believe me…tell me why he didn’t say lets take guns away for criminals (read here south Chicago, Baltimore, LA you get it) before we go after legal guns? think maybe that might sway more voters than faking emotion?

    2. @Stan Stedanko I hear you about food stamps not being enough, and that’s one of the things Yang is trying to fix. You are probably running out because they don’t cover enough, and if you go out and try to earn more money, the benefits are reduced or disappear. That can be scary. Yang’s Freedom Dividend on the other hand will be there with you throughout your economic growth, so it will encourage more people to get out there and go for it!

    1. @Dorian Shades of gray Many do; number of followers has been increasing at 1000+/hour for Andrew since Elon tweeted

    1. Henry The Dayton Ohio shooter, Connor Betts was a Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren supporter. As we now know from his Antifa manifesto and Twitter account.

  4. put yourself in those victim’s shoes, you will cry too over your children who got shot. plus I would vote for a guy who cares about his people’s story,than a president who doesn’t even know where the shooting took place!

  5. Bless you, Andrew Yang – I can only assume you are a wonderful father to your boys. I hope you can return to your family soon, to heal the pain in your heart <3

    1. Dave’s Music Box he is running for President because he wants a better future for his kids your kids and our kids ! For humanity !

  6. I’ve seen Andrew Yang choke up/cry twice now and both times have been about his kids. Truly speaks volumes about him as a parent and as a person

    1. @Chad Poole So you assume, because I’m sure CNN, MSNBC and some leftest professors that not crying you eyes out every time something Tragic happens in the City, County, State, Country or the World means you have no empathy.

      So then by your standards I have no empathy …….and you gave the right to judge me and anyone ales why……wait that means I get to call him out on his rake cry.

    1. And that theres a candidate that genuinely wants it ended, rather than a politician that’ll try to direct that energy to votes for themselves or once again jabs at President Trump. They’re all the same, they make it more difficult to unite interests, there is a pointless miscommunication that doesn’t have to be…they’re all fools, they want control rather than working towards a common goal. The same, detached things as if it’s not happening in your own backyard…and frontyard…

  7. His campaign slogan is Humanity First. You can tell that he truly means it just by watching him in this video. Thanks, Andrew Yang for caring so much about HUMANITY. You definitely have my vote! #LetYangSpeak #yanggang

    1. @Patrick Petty you must have a problem with your own sexuality. dude just come out of the closet before your little head blows up.

    2. no need to talk to people that think you should go get a child you just orphaned and take a picture smiling with thumbs up. i guess to you idiots that’s a real man.

    1. @Randy Uhls What do you mean “his beliefs” it is a fact.

      This isn’t 1492. As life progress things change so does human perception. Nobody problem if you want to stay “behind” and your “enablers”. Thanks YouTube for giving you a “platform”. This is 2019. We all have a conscience, that if, you have soul.

      You should be ashamed and tired of spreading hate. Enough already!

      Well done again and again!!!

    2. ​@Jody Alred You want a president that cries at the drop of hat….did Kamal Harris cry? You can Cry in Private but the President has to show strength and that doesn’t come for 1492 that comes Common Sense.
      I love all the people who just get all bent out of shape when someone may actual, challenge their believes. But hey since you can post on YouTube so can I. Oh wait you have no problem posting you just like me posting. Or more to the point calling you out,
      And even more amusing is this Gem “You should be ashamed and tired of spreading hate. Enough already!” So let me get this straight I disagree with Yang, post my opinions and call you out on how you support silencing others opinions I am spreading hate? I would say applauding some one for trying to Silence some ones views because they are “Old World” what ever the Hell that really means is hateful. It is called Freedom OF Speech not Freedom of YOUR Speech. But how hateful of me to dare disagree with you of or the left.

    3. @Randy Uhls A human as it should with all emotions. And that is not impossible (then politics as usual).

      We’ve made history when we abolished slavery (and that includes all the epithets that are discussing right now). Empathy, One of the pre-requisit” to become an “effective” president.

  8. I tell everyone I am voting for Andrew Yang. They say “who?”. I explain to them what he is running for.

    1. You can tell them his audiobook “The War on Normal”, read by Yang himself, is available on Youtube, and also as part of a free 30 day trial to Audible on Amazon (you may need to have Prime though). Also that the book is about the nature of the problems Americans are facing socioeconomically, and not a “This is what’s so great about me” book.

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