Protests in Kingston Against Parliamentarians Pay Hike | PM Blasts Pay Hike Critics

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    1. AND PNP. You see them rejecting the raise? Except for Golding who can afford to go without a salary?😀

    2. And protest the PNP as well! They all got raises too! What Minister Golding said is hypocritical! He didn’t turn down his raise, he’s simply benefitting himself by temporarily giving it to charity so that he can buy time for when the ‘little people’ get their 20%! He feels this will help him sleep better at night cuddled up with his 240%! He must think we are fools!

    3. PNP and JLP because they all happy about the raise. Some just hypocrites. All the madness about digital currency to be implemented! How many Jamaicans can have a bank acc? What about those who never hear of a bank? The Gov is all for the rich and middle class.😭

    4. @Yagga Lol he didn’t reject the raise either! He’s TEMPORARILY giving 80% to charity until the ‘regular’ folk get their little 20%. He is more than happy with his 240%! People need to listen carefully to his words to see how hypocritical they really are!

    1. Nu true them give we a little raise the other day and take back most of it in tax 😢 mi barely can survive with the little pay

  1. 20% is the right pay raise for all Politicians. 200% is totally outrageous.People need food, a room to live in, proper health care. Poor people not asking for much.

    1. Why exactly do they even need a pay raise? Being paid 15 times more than the average public sector worker is already outrageous -and don’t even get me started on the asinine excuses they give.
      So since they need to get paid 45 TIMES more what a public sector earns to be held accountable, or to not be corrupt, or to attract the best minds, this means every politician needs to have at least one PhD. This also means the public sector workers should not be held accountable for their actions and all forms of corruption forgiven.

    2. Everyone deserves a raise, but if Government workers getting a set percentage, then why Politicians think they should get 15 times that. It doesn’t matter how the Prime Minister explain , justifying the raise, it just don’t make sense. Some of these Politicians not even do anything for their constituents, and just come in a Politics. The Rich shall get richer and the poor, poorer. What a lot of these people forget is vanity is vanity. There are people forming their own groups to help people in their communities with extremely limited resources.I have seen it fist hand. The Government/ Politicians can do way more .All Politicians with a good conscience, , should reject this robbery ( not raise). Totally Outrageous.

    1. Councillor not trained just a normal education but they are giving more pay to them than teacher police and others

    2. Because they are a Crooks, me glad all this a happen so ppl with sense can see how them noh mean the country noh good with them is all about self interest..

  2. Honorable Prime Minister, no one has a problem with you trying to do better for the country! Our beef with you is, raise your salary LAST! Pay yourself LAST! PUT THE PEOPLE FIRST!

    1. PM, the long bag cannot be filled at this time from the tax payer 2cent.
      The opposition who think that they might benefit, think again..

    2. I have defended Andrew Holness quite a lot, but there is nothing he can say to justify that pay raise. How can you triple your salary in 3 years and expect people to be ok and somehow see that as progress?

  3. Why not use atleast 2 million dollars and set up cameras around the country to help to reduce crime? This way the police ( who deserve more money) can better help to reduce crime and make Jamaica more habitable

    1. 2 mil could barely put up camera 😂😂 Jamaican people really don’t know how money works. Try 2 mil USD!

    1. No damn conscience. He knew about the so call reclassification that see them below the pay threshold. No other sector…any portion of the budget for the people has a cap but their benefits don’t. Remember these people get other allowances and perks. He knew so he don’t even bother with political stunk. Notice he said until we can reach an agreement.. in other words until we are quite. He didn’t say he will take it total only until. Can you trust them.

  4. You told the teachers that what you give to them was the best you could’ve done but look at what you do for yourself?…. That’s simply mean you could’ve do better for the teachers.

  5. Did the Prime Minister say Low Pay to Civil Servants? I cannot believe that he is admitting that civil Servants pay is low, yet not giving them a living wage increase.

  6. Great thought were put in to the salary increase but yet they still went ahead with it knowing they would get a backlash. They expect us Jamaicans to sit back and just accept what they have done. It is sad that they take us Jamaicans for fools. 😥

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