PSAC strike | Here’s what we know about the tentative deal

Annie Bergeron-Oliver breaks down what we know about the tentative deal between PSAC and the federal government.

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  1. My biggest concern of remote work is surrounding security of my information. The recent track record of many organizations in recent months seems shaky.

    1. No doubt. Also, as a manager I know that sometimes you can’t step out for a coffee before the slackers stop working.

    2. @roof pizzaFair point. If I’m honest I don’t think i would have the discipline to work from home that’s for sure. It’s not that I’m lazy per say, though some may dissagree, I just need that structure. 😄

  2. Summary: PSAC got 12% and every union member getting paid off with $2,500. CRA union wants 9% raise immediately then a 20.5% raise over 3 years – so just a 30% salary increase.

  3. Again… one in the private sector are getting deals like this….. Trudeau spends like a drunken sailor back from New York City.

    1. This increase in the public sector will set the standard bar higher than before for the entire industry. Everyone in private sectors should begin increasing their standards as well. Your fault if you don’t want to negotiate with your employer. Nobody is forcing you to sit back and accept pay cuts as inflation gets worse. The money is literally getting squeezed out of your pockets and the ones taking the difference are businesses who refuse to increase your wage. You should stand up.

  4. Gosh that’s a $300 million one time payment of $2500 each on top of 12% and what ever other goodies they got. That’s better than the $467 grocery rebate for a family of 4. Unbelievable.

    1. PSAC begged CRA to go on a strike with them – when the deal is made, they bounced. We live in a country where government workers are run by these kinds of organizations.

    2. There are multiple bargaining units with different collective agreements. That collective agreement is still not settled

  5. Been living in Canada most of my adult life what federally provided service or product warrants a pay raise exactly?
    Can you drive a tractor trailer from home? I wonder who exactly needs a raise; .. hope am not being too racist

  6. Quite amusing with the union wanting employees to be able to work from the cottage but forced them to come to the pickett line in person.
    Do as I say , not as I do.

  7. What is the bonus for the union leaders?….They always get one, will it be released?

  8. EVERYBODY seems to forget that they,ve already been 2 years without a contract!!!!! So,,12% over 6 years(not the 4),,with the 2500 signing bonus IS NOT VERY MUCH and is certainly what the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WAS GOING TO ALLOW ANYWAYS!!!

  9. “Here’s what we know about the tentative deal”…taxpayers are going to get fucked.

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