Puss Inna Bag Approach says Cops | Taxi Operators Protest | TVJ Midday News – May 19 2022

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  1. Only in Jamaica that the government wanted dictate wish street you drive our taxi on,an the police is right behind it because them wanted money from the taxi operator

  2. How the government telling taxi operators this crap this isn’t a government bus service that run on a route from portmore to downtown

  3. If the taxies belong to police or a big man it not a problem but the poor taxi driver them that have a car’ for them self run it for the police and the government them have to pay road license taxes extortion to both police and bad man

  4. Whoever is typing the news as it is being read cannot spell and the punctuation is poor.

  5. These are telling signs of a failing country and a reactive incompetent government.They are taking more than they contribute and in the end they and their family will run away and leave Jamaicans to try a rebuild from whatever scrap is left over

  6. the police need to work with these taxi operator .the gun voilence and crime is more important than to mess these taxi operator

    1. If a never the police the taxi man them would a run normal motorists off the road ..police and transport fi just free up everything and see how that work

  7. I am supporting the taxi drivers because all the roads that they give to the drivers to go into Spanish town most of the times is not suitable to use Hampton Green is one, and in the morning and in the evening John’s road is very to travel and I ask this question who is responsible to pick up the people on Job lane don’t they need taxi too

  8. The sugary drinks are not the problem its the fast food plus rice and flour being consumed alot and not being breaking down in the body causing the problem I drink only sweets if that was what caused diabetes I would have it by now

  9. If lie was a person then that person would be all the ppl at Transport Authority. You all know the issues the taxi operators face with traffic but you nothing about it! Instead you and the police collude to prey on taxi operators to fill your ticket quotas and keep the wrecker friends active.

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