Rastas Demand Gov’t Respond to Hair Cut Case | TVJ News – August 5 2021


  1. This girl should bring the officer that dared to touch her into court. Our government has still not learned to respect the rights and dignities of people and that’s not good.

  2. No police officer should cut off the locks of any Rastafarians.
    Rastafarians have a voice too, she would be in trouble if it was UK or USA. What happens to the Rastafarians beliefs and cultures ? and their way of life.
    Shame on that police officer who cut off the dread locks

  3. If you want to change the judiciary, the signing activity of the people is the key. The first action is the signing activity of the people.
    Peaceful conversation, not violence.
    I senting my love.❤️☮️

  4. Why are they asking for government protection. The Most High Day is near. Babylon will fall. Jah guidance and protection. Prophecy fulfilling. Jah heard his childrens cry. Up to us to protect our children until said day

  5. As a non rastafarian I stand in full support of this violation!!! Its outrageous!!! We want Justice!!!

  6. The judge and clerk of courts erred by not making her charges clear. I am not a rastafarian. However what happen to her is disrespect ad al type of slackness. Brite them damn brite. Locks or rasta. Why cut her hair?

  7. The dutty police boy who fire the pepper spray in the car need to be charged with assault. And fired from the force. Dutty wicked.

  8. This is not about rasta that part only add insult to injury. Every citizen need to be concerned with this case. Look at all the wrongs that were done to her.

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