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    1. Coach decision grimy he don’t want t pressure too much give the fact that it’s young and he’s her ready to go to Chelsea..He gives whisper two game the coach said he call him up in the near future

    1. Dah man yah in a Butler pocket bredda. Yuh nuh see dat? Apparently the national team is Whisper FC and not Jamaica. That is why sometimes mi can’t rate Oral.

  1. If jamaica is looking toward the future and a younger group of players, then whisper will be in the team later anyway so why not include him and other young players we have years Rene got 4 years

    1. The said not trying to put pressure on whisper give the fact that we leave and go to Chelsea, he said he give him a shot at other days, remember whisper is young so no need to rust Grimy said he will call up other game in the near future..

    2. We have to start winning now and the future will take care of itself. This game is very important to our future and the experience is needed to build a winning culture moving forward in the future.

    3. @Mark Chambers well Mark, as much as I want reggae boyz to win, we can meet back here and discuss how much them lose by if we don’t get a miracle, we are without our best goal keeper, and I hope Bailey and other strickers take shots at goal

  2. Whisper and Hutchinson should be in the team where him ago with bruke taxi and the worst lambert how much more chance they want

  3. This coach already going back way with taxi and bruke and the worst lambert if we going forward why no Hutchinson and whisper god help them

  4. Very rude to disrespect and disruption when someone is speaking. One should wait until the person completes their point

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