Reggae Boyz – Mi Shame | TVJ Sports Commentary – Sept 6 2021

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    1. Your comment makes the most sense, TVJ are in league with the JFF. Big bunch of dummies, Tappa and the whole managerial and training staff needs to be FIRED.

  1. I love you because you always speak justice r the truth ❤ 💙 ♥ 💓 💖 The coach is not the problem the boyz need to play with confidence to win and scored

    1. They can’t even defend as a unit! That is why we lost that game in Mexico! Say we not creating n scoring, we could have at least drawn one of those matches if we were defending properly! D man dem look like dem nuh know what dem doing when they’re defending!

  2. Well said the influx of England rejects can’t help us. We had our core players from two years to build chemistry but instead we keep bringing in more new players.

    1. english players do help us , you talk about core local players being better and building chemistry but they haven’t won anything major and still losing games up till now

  3. TAPPA OUT! You are a soldier going to war and your country gives you ALL the tools you need to survive and gather information about the enemy, so they can launch a full assault, but you placed all the tools you received into a hole for safe keeping, but expect to survive?! That’s exactly what TAPPA and his technical team did to Jamaica, period.

    1. Panama qualify fe e last world cup so dem a good side no shame in losing to unlike jamaica who never play in I world cup ina me 18 years

  4. I could be a coach and I tell people that I’m not a good football player but I know Sports that the English players are not loyal on helping Jamaica win you need people who play together regularly

    1. how do you know that they are not loyal? most of these players paid for their own plane tickets to be in jamaica.

    2. I wouldn’t say they ar not loyal but lacked fight in that first game. I’m expecting an improved performance next time around.

    3. I wouldn’t say it’s because the English players aren’t loyal enough. It’s the mindset of our local players, the coaching staff and the federation!

  5. TAPPA to be blame, he should’ve know that. The UK players should be gradually introduced into the team, now we learned that the team played the Mexico game should be the main team going forward them we add these big name players during the game to learned the team style of play.

  6. Beta football stop play yaa man cuz fi years this a gwaane. Why keep investing millions into a business that’s not turning over.

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