Remembering The Legacy Of The 12 Black Firefighters Who Died On 9/11

MSNBC's Trymaine Lee takes an in-depth look at the fight to remember the legacy left behind by the 12 Black firefighter that died on 9/11.

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    1. @Jan Sonshine
      Yes.. Directly from the ‘White House’…..nothing will ever be the same
      and two of the perpetrators’ died recently, never to pay the price for
      all the people, and their families, who lost their lives, because of ”GREED”
      and bring in, the NEW WORLD ORDER”….Remember George W. H., in
      1991, talked about the new world order, 1991 to 2021, 10 years, you know
      they do things right, they’re on schedule.

  1. Can’t just remember these amazing firefighters who sacrificed themselves without telling people America is inheritanly rascist?

    1. Race matters. I bet my life you probably didn’t even know there were black fire fighters, who died in this tragedy. They were never mentioned.

    2. @Wild Hearts I did know there were black firefighters who died and black police officers who died. I didnt know how many however. Race isnt important and isnt supposed to be because we are all humans of the same species.

  2. 2:13 – Please tell me I’ve heard this wrong… – “There was no way you were gonna get on the job in New York if you weren’t prepared, or you weren’t exposed to the way the test was given”… So, the way the world works??! I mean no malice, but is this not just standard? For instance, I wouldn’t expect to be a dentist if I wasn’t prepared… and certainly couldn’t without passing a test (let alone being exposed to it)…

  3. WTF why is this racial?? People of all walks of life and orientation died. Why single out people because of skin color. That’s racist!

    1. Because MSNBC have to continue to push division and separation amongst Americans, they won’t be happy until they have their race war.

    2. @Morton Lee Rubbish, when “Firefighters” are honored it’s for ALL firefighters not just ones of a particular race, the problem is it’s people like YOU who are the racists.

    3. @Thyalwaysseek Did you watch the video? The black fire fighters were not mentioned in most tributes. In fact most people of color are not mentioned when it comes to 9/11. instead of complaining how about showing fallen hero’s some respect?

    4. @Wild Hearts Just love playing into that victim mentality don’t you, when I honour fallen heroes the last thing I care about is their skin color.

  4. If you wanna focus on race so much, why not report on the Larry Elder footage. Liberal media has been oddly silent on this issue.

  5. Lmmfaoooooo
    Queen vladz troll clowns are seriously butthurt 😂🤦🏻‍♂️😂
    Poor overworked underpaid trolls

  6. “Mommy, can I be a liberal when I grow up?” asked Billy.
    Mother replied, “Unfortunately you can’t do both sweetie.”
    Mother was very wise… True story

  7. Why does everyone need to separate each other by color, they all gave their lives. All religions and races worked as one. Why !!!!!!!!!!!!??????

    1. Maybe because it puts a bad taste in Americans mouth when only certain fire fighters are honored, not ALL of them

    2. @John Morrison I have never, ever seen. Every tribute I have ever seen showed all races. I watched one recently called 9/11 unknown hero about an ex-marine (a black man) and his heroism. My God just for this one time, can this day NOT be about racism? It belittles everything these people did!

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