Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez facing backlash for ‘concentration camps’ comments

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is under fire for comparing the conflict at the US-Mexico border to "concentration camps" on Instagram. #CNN #News


  1. ok not possible to sweep up documented and citizens… not even by mistake… that is over reach… News shoiuld just be news not fear mongering

    1. @Russia if you’re listening She hasn’t called anything correctly. She is a whizbang zippity fruitcake loser with a side of dork cheese.

    2. Not required, if CNN and democrats say we burn millions of mexicans in large ovens, it must be true. The left never lies!

    3. yall are pathetic defending this piece of trash
      disrespecting the murdured jews like that
      jews werent happy when they were going to the concentration camps unlike immigrants who love to go to the US

    4. @steve harrigan Keep drinking Trump’s snake oil. It will restore your brain cells. ‘Believe me’!

  2. 1.52 Acosta was asked point blank as to what does he thinks about what AOC means by  ” Never again ” . And he steered  the conversation in other direction .

    1. This is why journalists, who actually take their jobs seriously, despise Acosta and his biased grandstanding. He’s a hack who cares more about defending anyone who is outspoken against Trump/reporting against Trump than he does about real objective reporting. The truth is that there is no way he could say she wasn’t invoking the Holocaust when she said “never again”. Jim and Don Lemon are the main reasons I laugh when CNN claims to be objective reporting.

  3. Maybe you can take all the money that would have been used for congress’s raise and use it to help this, oh moral one.

    1. All Congress has to do is pass a bill and fix the immigration system. Their raise is a different matter.

    1. Alamene Okoyen I think you used the wrong emoji..unless your mouth is watering for Jim???

  4. So let’s not go after criminals in their homes because non criminals may be there, poor logic, they are not blindly arresting everyone in sight.

    1. A comment section just isn’t complete without someone making themselves out to be a victim thanks Verna Foster.

    2. Scientists at CERN have discovered that the suckiness of CNN has increased the vacuum of space. Forget climate change. CNN suckiness will kill us all.

  5. What is America supposed to do, America can’t send them back either. It’s not like America is pushing them into these processing facilities. This is human trafficking activists faults making profit off doing this.

    1. YouTube guidlines required CNN to put red boxes since it is Not Factual News… Rules are rules.

    2. start cleaning your guns patriots, I have a feeling they will be put to good use  soon after this crazy liberal Instagram post

    3. @anti liberal
      Bring it on. Then liberals can say it was a self defense; You will be giving them chance to kill you legally. Dew it.

    4. you disgusting liberals have no chance in a war , you do realize that right, you have 0 training, 90 % of you are not armed and your cowards by nature, that mob mentality will falter quickly

  6. Does anyone else find it odd that the headline for this video reads “Rep. AOC facing backlash for ‘concentration camps’ comments”, but only talked about AOC and her comments for less than a minute???

  7. the advisor asked….what did the vet give it? the owner of the bull replied…I’ve no idea!!! but it tasted like peppermint

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