Rep. McCaul: Biden Needs To Take Responsibility For Afghanistan Crisis

Rep. Mike MCCaul, R-Texas, criticized President Joe Biden's strategy to withdraw from Afghanistan after the Taliban stormed Kabul in a takeover of the country. McCaul said the president can't blame the Trump administration for the crisis and said Biden should take accountability.

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Rep. McCaul: Biden Needs To Take Responsibility For Afghanistan Crisis


    1. None of the previous presidents had the balls to finish it during their terms, all of them passed it down to the next, so it’s ironic to call the last one to actually do it a ‘coward’ right?

    2. ​@Totally Accurate Botan Simulator It’s not leaving that is the problem. It’s the UTTER INCOMPETENCE he displayed in planning the exit. It’s also the total LACK of respect and fear that the Taliban had for Biden, in contrast of their very real fear of Trump, who they knew had DECIMATED Isis and was no one to fool with. That is why they never would have done this with Trump in the White House.

  1. FFS ALL American administrations were complicit in this outcome.
    Once the US occupied Afghanistan.
    There was one outcome 99.99% probable.
    US arrogance yet again. China Thanks we will secure those rare earth deposits

    1. And Hillary Clinton. She said that they trained and funded these groups in order to win against the soviets. She said the U.S. government basically created the entire problem.

    1. Yes but go after the right person that is responsible trump was the one who signed the deal not Biden

    2. @Leeanne Bishop That’s right!! Another thing that diaper don (download that name) did that President Biden had to finish……….period….GS Family say’s Bring OUR people home.!

    1. @Inside the Musical Mind
      Again, only in your alternative reality. In the real world, most of us are happy under Biden’s administration.

      If you don’t like Biden, you are welcome to move to Mara-Lago to live with your orange jesus and worship him on a daily basis.

      Too bad, Trump doesn’t deal with peasants like you. Sad!

    1. that was the last administration. That was worse than a bad joke. Murderer’s..Over 550 thousands dead under Diaper Don’s (download that) watch.. He said he started the withdraw ? Now he’s changing his mind..Dear Lord that ‘god he’s gone

    2. @Tubal Cain just like the media did with Diaper don? He started it. Why NOT????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. ” I started the process . All the troops are coming back home .They couldn’t stop the process The Biden admin couldn’t stop the process …..They wanted to , but it was very tough to stop …. DONALD TRUMP June 26 2021 …

    1. while they learned how to defend themselves.. What’s so hard about this? Diaper donnie starts something, & President Biden ENDED it…..thank you President Biden…GS Family, it’s time to come home

  3. “I started the process. All the troops are coming back home. They couldn’t stop the process. 21 years is enough. Don’t we think? 21 years. [The Biden admin] couldn’t stop the process. They wanted to, but it was very tough to stop.” Trump on Afghanistan, June 26, 2021

    1. Republicans voted against getting afghans out anyway, this was their muslim ban policy.

  4. He didn’t tell trump to take responsibility for his policy but now they all deleting their Twitter accounts praising the taliban and the great deal they made, right Pompeo…

  5. Biden got left holding the bag. Twenty years in the making and republicans will do everything they can to pin the failure of that war on him.

  6. Seems this guy forgot what trump did to the Kurds. And Biden is doing what trump planned to do.. kinda rich of this guy to call out Biden now, while Biden is actually taking responsibility and stands behind his decision.(right or wrong)

  7. “Take responsiblity and accountability” and “don’t blame the prior administration”…who knew the GOP knew about such things?

    1. LOL! The irony.

      I don’t think this guy believes anything he said. He seems quite unconfortable and his body language says it all.

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