Rep. Tim Ryan Responds To Attacks From Trump

Congressman Tim Ryan is running for Senate in 2022, and Donald Trump is in attack mode – lashing out at the congressman at an Ohio event this weekend. Rep. Ryan says, “I am laser-like focused on workers, economic security, retirement security, their kids schools, fighting like hell for them, and Donald Trump spent his time in Ohio talking about the past, talking about the big lie.”
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  1. Trump merch – Made in ‘Chy-na!’
    Ivanka’s fast tracked ‘Chy-na!’ patents.
    Trump loves Chy-na 🤣

    1. @Bas Koller Over the past 4 decades, China has created an achievement never experienced in the history of human development, lifting nearly 800 million Chinese people out of poverty.
      China’s economic policies have remained pragmatic, stable, reformist and balanced in priorities.

    2. @Canis Africanis Thank you. That made your first comment actually interesting to discuss. China’s achievements have been impressive. The price being freedom. But looking at, for instance, the US today, freedom isn’t everything. The worlds problems (recources, environment, overpopulation) propably not going to be solved by freedom. So sadly, I have to admit that some form of repressive control is inescapable. Also a pity that China plays a hard geopolitical game on said resources. W’ll see in the near future and thank you for your answer. Appriciate it.

    3. Even as we speak, China invests in major infrastructure projects in many African and third world countries. Highways, bridges and other macroeconomic projects are now a hallmark of Chinese influence in these countries. American influence declining while Chinese influence grows in leaps and bounds

    4. @Bas Koller
      Yep, I agree. Sometimes when politicians and corporations yell about liberty and freedom, they mean the freedom to do whatever they want no matter what the toxic result.

    5. @Gary Halliday Best way to test a freedom is to observe the responcebility that goes with a freedom. America go to rallying cry “freedom of speech: being a prime example. Freedom of speech is not freedom of responce or consequence. A thing many Americans tend to forget. It is a pity because freedom (without the predatory motives or priviledged hollowness) is a powerful force. But, anyway….not long and mother nature will have the last laugh.

  2. Trump only portrayed himself as a whinny little child who refused to accept the loss and move on. THAT’S WHY he’s stuck in the past over the election he CLAIMED and lied that it was stolen.

    1. That doesn’t make sense. He was a whiney little brat at age 75 and he wasn’t playing one. That is who he is.

    2. Remember Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election from Hilary? Remember? So get used to reading it alot just like we did when you all cried.

    3. He is so mad because he lost and now he has to face justice this is why he is so mad think about it.

    4. @Penny Munger Uncharted waters for Trump. He has never had to face consequences for his bad acts and probable crimes, so it will be a new experience for him, as well as his family of dishonest grifters.

    5. @Nancy Ross I understand that but all this in my eyes is he thinks he’s above the law and that’s what he gets for becoming President you don’t want your crimes known you sure don’t run for President . But yet he thinks he so smart

    1. Did you see the footage of all those that were leaving early while condon was still droning on in background on his low energy, pathetic, grievance filled, liars fest..🤦‍♀️🇺🇸
      🤡💩🎪 Two Bit Hustler Road Show

    2. @phil heidt – Conald or even a capital C seems too legitimate of a reference in my book. I’ve been keenly aware of this corrupt and narcissistic individual since the early 80’s and I’m in Texas! How he duped hundreds of millions of supporters around the world is beyond my ability to comprehend, especially now. 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦‍♀️🇺🇸🌎 * look up the southern term-tump.

    3. @Constituent A He still owes the city of Albuquerque New Mexico for protecting his rallies there, and owes several other states money for the same.

    1. @7 Haunted Days I just watched the video where MAGAts were walking away as the dump spoke. Watched it twice HILARIOUS!!!

    2. @7 Haunted Days so there is video that shows Trump’s fans leaving his rally in droves? Maybe, I’ll look it up. I’m glad that no major station I know of covered that rally. Who could even stand being there? The same thing over and over: “The election was stolen from me. Wah wah, wha! I won bigly!” And whine, whine, whine. Hurry with the indictments! Keep him busy with that to deter him from continuing to hold rallies. All he does is spread continuous poison to our society.

  3. Trump paying you a compliment is the worst insult a person can ever receive.
    I would have to reevaluate my entire life if Trump ever said one good thing about me.

    1. The strange thing is he gets away with this one trick every time. We all knows how he behaves, and its just as predictable as a Swiss watch. Still the Fox zombies are nodding in sync.

  4. If a person cannot or will not fill the swamp whisperers pockets or ego you are absolutely no good to him…

    1. @ZaneofAustin That’s not going to happen. In forty years, the Republican Party has morphed into the Rethuglicon Party during the reign of Reagan and both Bushes. Then it morphed into the RethugliKKKon Party with racist and fascist Trump! They despise democracy.

    2. @TMC CLIFFORD Trump got elected (?) in 2016 due to help (election interference) from an adversarial country. Many of the votes he rcd. (7 MILLION less than Pres. Biden) in 2020 were also due to Russia (again) interfering in our election — to try to KEEP the Kremlin’s stooge in office.

      Sooo .. turnabout being fair play and all — Ryan should be able to receive help from an allied foreign country.

    3. @Schrodinger The Cat high gas,no gas, crime raging,inflation soaring a illiterate invasion and a brain damaged president. it is no t kool aid. PBR. get alife

  5. Sure wish Tim Ryan was my rep in Indiana…all we have is a bunch of corporate hacks like Worlorski, Braun, Young etc..not a one standing for working americans, and actually voting AGAINST us in EVERY BILL!

    1. I live in england and my wish is to have trump attack me i feel alone as he hasnt trashed me yet

  6. trump is a divider and only does things where he benefits , Tim Ryan is for the workers and building better together .

    1. @Mike Hankins
      You’re dividing right now. 
      Why not take the best of what everyone has to offer and consider.

    2. @Gary Halliday has to offer?🤣🤣.was all just insults nothing of substance..the me dividing made no sense so want address it

    3. @Gary Halliday I was talking about the ones in this thread not the video..The media and the left divide us.With there half truths and completely ignored statistics..Giving the opinion that all of America is racist ..To hear MSNBC tell it half of America are white supremacist..Believing in Constitional and financially responsible govt.doesn’t make you a white supremacist..All these groups are meant to divide us. But I was simply addressing the childish comments in this thread,.The left leaning media creates these people who insult and demonize anyone who doesn’t agree with them 100%..Its simple really,there is no real difference between the 2 parties they both are contolled by the billionaires and the banks.Ive just noticed alot of democrats spout this danger to democracy crap a the while acting as though they want democrats to be authoritarian.

    4. @Johnny Dale me calling names?did you read the thread.🤣🤣.And truth? want find ot on msnbc🤣..Its usually democrats that always use names and insults in debates because they can’t find facts the support what the media tells them.

  7. Tim Ryan deserves that Senate seat. I may be a Michigander, but I’m rooting for you Ohio. 👍👍

  8. Anyone trump dislikes are the ones to vote for! TRUMP is all hate? He wants to hurt anyone that is for the people?

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