Rep. Williams: Voting Rights Legislation ‘Should Not Be A Partisan Issue’

Rep. Nikema Williams (D-GA) joins Jonathan Capehart to discuss the marches and arrests happening on Capitol Hill that are “dramatizing the moment” to get voting rights legislation passed through Congress.
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  1. if joe is remaining after the audits then im leaving the country and moving to wisconsin i rather drink beer all day pumped from the cows then live under socialism and sloppy joe

    1. Ashli Babbitt wasn’t ambushed

      The election wasn’t stolen

      Covid wasn’t a hoax

      The Trump terror attack wasn’t a tourist visit

      Any questions?

  2. Neither should secure elections, but democrats know they dont stand a chance unless they can circumvent election laws…

    1. @Niro Taylor *release another cyber ninja kraken with your my pillow evidence.*
      _election was secure no fraud 10 months ago!_
      *cope harder!*

    2. @chop shop lmao you better hope county officials can continue to with hold court ordered evidence so you sheep can continue to deny reality.

    3. @chop shop your people have to withhold court ordered evidence to keep the audit from being completed but still want to claim they didnt cheat. 😆😆

    4. @Niro Taylor your people believe cyber ninja krakens, pray to god con don and sleep clutching tear stained my pillows..
      election was over 10 months ago.
      zero evidence of fraud.
      troll hard and cry.

    5. @chop shop an audit is an audit. The only difference is its Democrats that are being audited. Hence all the crying and complaining about what all has been found and the need to withhold evidence to keep anymore from being found. If there was nothing to be found there wouldnt be a need to withhold court ordered evidence. This stuff didnt happen in 2016 when Democrats were getting audits of every county Trump won. 😁😁

  3. Some people have no business voting. If you can’t make an intelligent decision and form your own opinion, you should just stay at home.

  4. “Voting rights” is lib code for “help make it easier for us to rig more elections in the future”

    1. That the problem. You don’t understand the definitions of basic words.

      A pet dog does more for humanity in it’s lifetime than you will ever do in yours.

  5. Remember, Trump was the one who won the election in 2016, but still formed an
    “election integrity commission” because he didn’t win the majority of votes.

    1. @Richard Darlington Richard yes. Mel K ( on Charlie Ward show?). ( or look on Mel K ). Anyway she did great research on Deep state . I was very impressed and , really , shocked about their history / development/ and more recent iteration . It really put our world history and current events in perspective. Really.. I don’t think today can be understood at all without this information. Good luck. Let me know if I can help. It’s stunning !!

    2. @Dan Wright
      Can’t find it?
      Well, that sucks.
      Can you remember any of the people she named as part of the “Deep State?”

    3. @Richard Darlington Richard. Yes. Ok.. first she talked about the ‘12 bloodlines’. the ruling families of Europe . Interestingly , there is Louis the 17th, ( chronicled as dying at Age 10). She found out Louis was sent to the Rhine and tutored by a Pesor (sp?). His parents were Marie Antoinette and Louis 16th. ( beheaded). Later King George summoned them to England .. changed Louis’s name to Pesor ( means ‘ paymaster’) , and the tudors name to Besor ( sp?) . King sent them to Colonies ( Virginia ?). Gave Louis a ship with needed servants and workers . He built first railroad-: had ownership in first electric company/ his bloodline owned all banks and much else. This is reflective of deep state power in world today. Rothschild family ( you name them ). Also Vatican is in with them. They have been around for centuries ( 1300 and before ?) they have been influencing world events for ages. Causing division and capitalizing off it . Plan is to rule world . They were close. Story today gets interesting!! Stay tuned !

  6. Trump won Texas easily but the GQP is still trying to pass laws to effectively bar Democrats from running and winning there. Which side were supposed to be the snowflakes again? 🤔❄

    1. Insignif. Demanding identification is an insult to any minority. They know they are too stupid to get id. You guys be sure to show Id when you fly . Don’t forget id when you drive your vehicle . How about id when you …. We’ll you get it. This fight against state id laws is totally bogus and you all know it. What phonies globalists are. Decentralized constitution is saving our bacon. You loose

    2. @Dan Wright Nobody’s fighting against having voter ID. They’re fighting against having multiple layers of restrictive voter ID specifically designed to make it harder for specific people to vote. Of course you know that, you’re just pushing the typical fascist lies Republicans rely on.

    3. Fox News and other media outlets incorrectly side with the outdated and terrible Maricopa County Election Board to report no fraud found in the Presidential Election.  They spew the gross misinformation purposefully put out by the county and the Associated Press, and IGNORE the very important Arizona Senate’s hearing yesterday, which showed 168,000 fraudulent ballots printed on illegal paper (unofficial ballots), 74,000 mail in ballots received that were never mailed (magically appearing ballots), 11,000 voters were added to the voter rolls AFTER the election and still voted, all the access logs to the machines were wiped, and the election server was hacked during the election.  They sided with the County and not the brave Arizona Senate who is fighting for the people of Arizona.  The same anchor at the desk the night Fox called Arizona for Joe Biden now wants you to believe there was no fraud.  The anchor was Bret Baier.  Thankfully, Arizona has strong State Senators willing to fight for the truth.  Senator Wendy Rogers says “I have heard enough.  It’s time to decertify this election.”  Senator Kelly Townsend said the fraud was so bad “I want to see indictments.”  Senator Sonny Borrelli says “I’ve seen enough evidence to challenge the validity of the certification of the Maricopa County Election results.”  Arizona shows Fraud and Voting Irregularities many times more than would be needed to change the outcome of the Election.

  7. Daily Reminder: January 6, 2021, Impeached former President Trump attacked America during a joint session of congress certifying the 2020 Election

    1. @Jay Gibson Right and we stopped being the “resistance” after we removed Trump from office after his awful first term.

  8. Exactley, so dems, stop trying to push voter fraud laws, that you say are voter rights.. You are fooling no one.

  9. I think every citizen in russia, china, north korea, iran & syria should have Rights to vote in every US election, too!

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