Repealed Florida Law Could Have Repaired Collapsed Condo Sooner

According to experts, the collapsed Surfside, Florida, tower could have been repaired faster under a repealed law that required condos to plan for building work, with one lawmaker saying if the law hadn’t been repealed, the collapse "never would have happened.” NBC News’ Jon Schuppe reports. 
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  1. Eh.
    Just lower taxes, deregulate and fly some American flags.
    And send people your prayers.
    That solves everything, right?

    1. You mean lower taxes on the 1% and major corporations….The rank and file can go FK themselves..

    2. Government regulations are evil and bad until buildings start collapsing. republicans always say people will do the right thing and it never happens.

    1. @Jeremy Schissler You don’t know that for sure, they could have been better off where they came from. You are trying to make it sound like slavery was good thing, when it wasn’t no how you look at it. I don’t care of the author is black, it is and was wrong.

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis proving points are for athiests and christians to fight about …..ideologues like you have to prove yourselves wrong before you are humbled enough to even contemplate the opposition to your dogma invested identity

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis Racism is not dead, but it is on life support — kept alive by politicians, race hustlers and people who get a sense of superiority by denouncing others as “racists.” Racism does not have a good track record. It’s been tried out for a long time and you’d think by now we’d want to put an end to it instead of putting it under new management. To believe in personal responsibility would be to destroy the whole special role of the anointed, whose vision casts them in the role of rescuers of people treated unfairly by “society”-Dr.Thomas Sowell a 91 year old black man from Harlem that converted from marxism in his 20s

  2. not surprising with the republicans in charge the whole of Florida may come down wait and watch

    1. Have you seen or been at Florida’s coastline lately ??
      Its a mess !!!!! They keep rebuilding on beaches that get destroyed by hurricanes. No wonder the PRICE of lumber is so high.

    2. Funniest part is Republicans in Florida passed legislation for a seawall….. It’s only 100 million…. I don’t think they understand how water works. You know, it’s a liquid and all, and will simply seep under and flow around. It’s like Republicans never attended even a basic 5th grade science class.
      No worries, Florida will be submerged in a few years. Only problem is, where will all those idiots settle? Hopefully they head to Mexico or better, off the Continent.

    3. Government regulations are evil and bad until buildings start collapsing. republicans always say people will do the right thing and it never happens.

  3. Things like this are to be expected when Republicans get rid of regulations just for the sake of getting rid of regulations. Most regulations were put in place for good reason.

    1. Well said. One of things about trump which his supporters loved was getting rid of regulations. Fools. As you say, regulations are there for a reason. When they are repealed, it eventually becomes obvious why they were there in the first place. Usually its a disaster of some kind.

    2. Government regulations are evil and bad until buildings start collapsing. republicans always say people will do the right thing and it never happens.

    3. they do it to help corporations or rich to benefit. They have a reason. And it’s not for regular folks.

    1. People are lazy and stingy … the condo owners let damage grow exponentially, when it would have cost far less to fix decades ago.

  4. 😕 I wouldn’t be surprised if most of those residents voted for the legislators that got rid of that law.

    1. YUP, they did! The people voted for Republicans. The State legislature killed the law for “de-regulate” everything cause they can…. And this is what happens! Tomb stone tech all over again!

  5. The victims and the families of those killed should sue the politicians that repealed that law.

    1. Sue the lobbying group, politicians are just the brainless(and spineless) puppets…

      The last part is sarcasm, in case anyone didn’t notice

    2. Sue the State of Florida for deregulation on a safety issue! Wrongful death(s) lawsuit!

    1. More importantly find candidates that will actually take action and not be puppets of the rich and powerful

    2. @Allison Edwards like Clinton…Obama …Obiden……🤡…..lets watch the circus sideshow some more …i bet democrat ideologues still dont see liberalism isnt ideology its a habit unlike conservativism … that is an idea …but i wouldnt get all dogmatic like a fully automatic …wouldnt wanna hurt anyone

  6. Republican non-infrastructure because death of occupants is cheaper than repairs. As I see it.

  7. Isn’t it the Republican party who wants to deregulate everything? Time to sue the Republican party.

    1. not everything stupid ….you keep hanging out with those radicals and black and white thinking is all you will know

    2. @Jeremy Schissler remember when Trump held an event touting deregulation? And then did absolutely nothing about infrastructure?

  8. As I’ve been saying since this happened, this was partly the fault of corrupt politicians in Florida. They love to deregulate for their business masters, no matter the cost in human lives.

    1. Government regulations are evil and bad until buildings start collapsing. republicans always say people will do the right thing and it never happens.

  9. Kind of like how Texas republicans enforcing federal regulations for their energy grid could have prevented those ice storm deaths.
    Or how republicans not removing regulations on mortgage financing could have prevented the 2008 financial crisis.
    Hmm, I sense a theme here. 🤔🙄

    1. The only thing the GQP wants to regulate are women’s anatomies and class curriculum. 🤷‍♂️

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