Republican Nikki Haley announces 2024 bid for U.S. president, challenging Donald Trump

U.S. Political Analyst Eric Ham breaks down former United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley's announcement she will run for president.

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  1. If Ron DeSantis jumps in along with Nikki Haley and Donald Trump this will be the strongest GOP field I have seen in decades. Make no mistake, one of them will unseat Biden

    1. I’m not a nevertrumper yet I hope DeSantis gets this and I hope he’s not dense enough on his love of the constitution to choose this woman. He should choose Kari Lake if he want to pick a woman

    1. Rumor has it that you have a 3 month old troll account.. oh wait YOU DO have a 3 month old troll account.. WOOPS

    1. She drops off as a leading candidate, and when Trump becomes the Republican representative for president, he names her as his Vice President on the card.

      There I fixed it for you.

  2. I sincerely hope she wins the nomination, that would put an end to any slim hopes the Republicans have of gaining the Presidency.

  3. Our country is in danger, and we’re living in threading times, we need a leader that the world respects. Integrity matters.

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