Republicans request Title 42 extension, border preps for migrant surge | USA TODAY

The Trump-era immigration policy Title 42 is set to end on May 11th as U.S. southern border prepares for a surge of migrants.

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The Biden administration tried to end Title 42 last year, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calling the pandemic border policy "no longer necessary" after "considering current public health conditions and an increased availability of tools to fight COVID-19."

Legal efforts by Republican-led states blocked their efforts at the time, but those efforts become moot on May 11, when the COVID-19 pandemic public health emergency is set to end. Its end will trigger the termination of Title 42 that same day.

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  1. I think it’s important to mention that only south American immigrants are allowed to file for asylum, Mexicans we don’t get no help we just get deported when we are the hardest workers the U.S has

    1. @Arizona Kickstart it doesn’t go anywhere, it’s already hard enough to get a Visa just to tour when we demand only a passport from Americans, i lived in Houston Texas all my life,was taken by my parents when I was 9 years old , they were never able to become legal because there was never an amnesty to do so, the only way is to be born there or Mary a U.S citizen, i lost my mother to cancer and we decided to come back to MX,best decision we’ve made been here for 8 years now and don’t plan on going back

    2. Ya dicen en el mundo entero que Telemundo y todos los medios latinos donde trabajen reporteros de centroamerica apoco ellos mandan a usa y entodo el continente 😂😂😂

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