1. Fun fact. The Abrams and Leopard 2 started life as a German-American joint project – MBT70 – before they scrapped it for technical, cost and requirement reasons. But the tech was used to develop the Leopard 2 and the US later used the general gun. So the two tanks are cousins.

    1. Russia has 12,000 tanks. What one or two hundred tanks can do? Besides, Russia has total air superiority. Tanks are just sitting ducks. LOL What a fkg joke. Who are they fooling? Wait! You! They are fooling you! 😀

  2. I don’t see how not supplying the Ukrainian with long-range missiles makes sense. They need to disrupt Russian logistics. That’s is common sense for any military success

    1. @duncan smith Two dead in Poland was from Ukraine intercepting Russian missle. It would be impossible for Putin to demilitarize NATO. It’s been a year & Russia still don’t have Air Superiority over Ukraine!

    2. They have disrupted logistics, up to 50 miles from the front. If you were to double that range they could disrupt them more effectively, such as at the ports of Mariupol and Berdyansk.

    3. @Alexios Nektarios Only a fraction of the equipment is from NATO. Really just a couple of hundred howitzers and some air-defense systems and rockets.

    4. You do realize that Russia has more Nuclear warheads than the whole NATO combined right? Yeah keep testing Putin’s limits

  3. Given the equipment training timelines stated would translate for this to be a long-term engagement – be interesting to know how Putin envisages this understanding in as much as he’d likely want to take advantage of the situation.

    1. @G A I have no doubt they had some dastardly plans ready. What I mean is that they may be thinking of staging an offensive from south and south east in the direction of the Dnipro river. They will attack well prepared. On paper, that is, reality may be somewhat different.

    2. @Katoshi Takagumi Especially since their soldiers are little interested in putting their lives on the line for nothing.

    3. This is where the nuclear weapons will appear. Putin is unstable and a narcissist. He will destroy everyone rather than be defeated

  4. I hope that we have been training ukrainian pilots in advance so that they can be deployed with the proper equipment in time for their offensive this spring

    1. It takes years to train pilots to operate effectively in combat. It will be NATO pilots flying these aircraft.

    2. Experienced MiG pilots can learn in a few months…The Defense Authorization Act had $100 million in it for Ukrainian pilot training programs on F-16 and 15’s…Back channel training for A-10 Warthogs started last May…

    3. What for? The United States will not give either tanks or planes. Not a single real US tank will be delivered to Ukraine. Just empty promises to deliver a few next year if the factories don’t get too many orders from Poland and Taiwan.

  5. Air power, and ground forces compliment each other in the battlefield. Would these generals deny that? It’s not a case of Ukraine needing tanks then needing even more stuff. It’s a case of functional proxy war vs. halfassed proxy war.

    1. Proxy war? You realize a foreign country asked for our(American) help during a invasion. I say let the idiots pay, but as a retired soldier, I understand how much other countries depend on us

    2. @LeadLeftLeon So it was before Putin. Now it is a moot point, whose fighter is better. However, in terms of the number of aircraft, the United States surpasses all other countries. There is just one remark – not a single aircraft carrier can approach the Russian Federation at a dangerous distance without the permission of its president. Otherwise, it will go to the bottom.

    3. ​@JP Pierre And you seem to have re-read the “Western experts” on weapons. You still do not have an analogue to the aircraft carrier killer missile Kinjal. Or the Zircon missile, which will replace the entire previous hypersonic triad of the Russian Federation, they are already planning to hang it on aircraft. During an open war, any aircraft carrier cannot approach the Russian coast closer than 2500 km. Your combat aircraft will not be able to reach the coast from such a distance.

  6. They will get 77 asap but they have a nightmare with training on each of the different tanks and weapon systems. I do like that the US is sending 31. 31 is a prime number which means it’s Indivisible. With Liberty and Justice for All. 😂😂😂

    1. It is especially wonderful that these tanks will be next year. If the next president of the United States Trump approves.

    1. Well said. The best answer to a stupid click-bait-baiting question is to pretend you didn’t hear it.

  7. “We tried to negotiate with Ukraine but their negotiators refused to die after we poisoned them. They are completely unreasonable!” — V. Putin, 2022

    1. @John C. Smith oh yes? Then why dont russia dare to “liberate” a NATO COUNTRY? Try us, you’ll see how deadly that “paper tiger” is. Comfy to talk BS from your sofa (but thats who you are). Tell your master Putin to do something about it. Try….🖕

    2. @K then why does russia fear NATO expansion?
      By the end of the 20s russia will be a minor little country BEGGING NATO to save them from China.
      NATO will eat the euro part, China will eat the asian part.
      No more russia.

  8. well on a positive note nato has really got its act together previously befor eukraine war it was not prepared at all now because of this conflict nato is no joke

    1. NATO is still a joke. Germany still only has 200 tanks and they are contributing very little to this war as ALL of the EU has given 30 billion dollars into this war. While the USA a lone has given 113 billion and thats before the tank transfers. The EU and the rest of Nato is the USA little brother which it will always have take care.

  9. We’ve heard several times already Ukrainians have been training on western fighter jets so they won’t need as much training as it seems

  10. Even though it will take time to get Abrams to Ukraine, more Abram battalions must be moved to Europe NOW to replace the Leopards and to train more NATO and Ukrainian soldiers.

  11. Wish list! This isn’t Christmas! It’s a brutal war and Ukraine needs to defend itself with all armaments, planes, tanks. Do not make light of this aggression. Easy being in North America not easy being in Ukraine or other Baltic states.

  12. The Americans could have started shipping these tanks months ago so that they would have been available if needed , if they weren’t then they could have simply been used in joint NATO exercises which would have been a win win as NATO would have learned how to incorporate them into any strategy.

  13. It’s nice that everyone’s trying to help them but all that constant fighting it has to be getting on them now🤔

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