Robert Mueller asked if Trump was totally exonerated

Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) asked former special counsel Robert Mueller if President Trump was totally exonerated following his investigation into Russia meddling in the 2016 presidential election and, later, Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) grilled Mueller about details in the report about collusion. #CNN #News


  1. Only Stupid People needed to see this. Anyone with a Brain could see that Trump is a Crook and was Obstructing Justice in plain view.

    1. the purpose of this whole thing, Is to hope that all the small brains will understand what they are following

    1. @Ralph Boyd
      Steele dossier, fake Fisa warrant, spying on Trump 2016, Benghazi and Hillary’s getting $145,000,000 from Russia while Mueller was FBI Director.
      We spend over $30,000,000 on a Witch Hunt.
      CNN is fake news

    2. @Stephen Gleason
      Kamela’s Harris ex Sugar-Daddy Willie Brown says no 2020 Democrat can beat Trump after last 2 debates

  2. Sen. John McCain Retired: 22 years, Navy;
    Robert Mueller Vietnam: 3 years, Marine;  
    Pres. Donald J. Trump Deferred: 5 times, Military Service


    2. Trump has never done anything that didn’t include something for himself. Some prize or financial gain, even if it is criminal in some form. He’s a gangster and will fall, soon.

    3. @Donoso Demaistre he applied for conscientious objector statue and was denied. By that time he was too old for the draft. He didn’t lie to weasel his way out of it like donnie

    1. @Ian Alan – “No incriminating evidence?” Mueller said the only reason Trump wasn’t charged is because he’s a sitting president. Talk about revisionist history.

  3. So they basically confirmed that they couldn’t do anything to Trump now while he’s POTUS, but that they could indict him after he’s out of office. At least they have confirmed that there WAS Obstruction of Justice, at least 10 instances. To any other American, 10 charges……

    1. @mfrsh m the fact that he tries to get multiple people to fire Mueller so he can appoint his own stooge is not alarming to you? Why would he be so afraid of the investigation if he was innocent. Your ignoring facts every time you strain your brain to defend trump.


    3. @mfrsh m Try actually reading what the report says. Your conclusion is inaccurate. Your hopes will be squashed.

    4. @DIGITAL PIGEON So, drafting a letter to congress, submitting it as a resolution condemning the Russians actions that democrats signed but not republicans is nothing In your eyes? Wow…

  4. Fools need to READ THE ENTIRE REPORT! I’m of average intellect, and my dumbass has read it twice. The majority of it is over my head, but the obvious evidence is glaring even to me. Most of the GOP haven’t even cracked it.

    1. @Vishal Sancheti then why you answer me..and by the way you know nothing about me and Việt Cộng..and I am a ex south Vietnamese soldier hopeless to explain to you how to live a good life in America….good luck to you to live with dictator evil trump..he should go live with Putin.

  5. The Collins guy was just too fast but Mueller’s initial response was correct. It says “generally” that does not mean at all times the two terms are synonymous.

    1. @HEARTBEAT OF QUEEN CITY ENT. You guys are fucking partisan idiots. He was speaking fast since this thang begun… Not just when he was talking to Meuller. 🤦‍♂️ God the libtardedness is strong within you two

    2. Exactly. I wish Mueller wouldn’t be so tired of all this. Now the illiterate Trump cult will think that was a point for Trump. It wasn’t.

    3. @Aljoscha Long Agreed, this is definitely a point against Trump. It is fairly easy to see that within this context Collusion and Conspiracy are quite synonymous. That is not to say that they are synonymous in every context.

    4. @Adam Ryan ? I’m confused about what you are saying. Do you agree with what I said or not? Maybe I was unclear: I think collusion (receiving “gifts” from Russia, knowing and accepting that gladly) is 100% proven. Criminal conspiracy (which would require the parties meeting and agreeing on a specific strategy) could not be definitely proven. So my point is, that especially in this context “collusion” and “conspiracy” are absolutely NOT synonymus. As I read the report, “collusion” is clear, but there’s this little part that makes it different from “criminal conspiracy” – which could not be proven beyond reasonable doubt.

  6. Mueller is a ‘true’ patriot…
    Not like that lil worm Rosenstein.
    Any who still believe the trump is not guilty, are too stupid to matter.
    trumpanzies are not human, trumpanzies have zero human rights, putting trumpanzies down no more sin than stepping on an ant

    1. Good job for Mueller .
      He’s not letting the REPUBLICANS nor the Democrats put words in his mouth that both sides could use negatively !!
      He let the Congress persons use their own words and verified or dashed the hopes of most !!
      He neither confirmed nor denied ( he’s an ex Marine alright!!😃) The Presidents guilt because it’s not his job ,that’s Congress’ job and if it wasn’t for a bullshit memo that says he couldn’t indict a sitting ( or is that shitting ) he could or would

    2. Mr. J’s Educational Oasis Can’t you read moron? I didn’t say you were intending on bombing. I said you are a copy of Cesar Sayoc who has to use violence to solve their problems. Then, I proceeded to name his violent acts and referred how you were intending to use violent acts of your own. Why don’t you go back and finish High School before replying to me? You seem to have mental health issues or the brain capacity of a twelve year old.

    3. That’s really fucked up. All humans have rights, all humans deserve to live. Trump voters need some serious re education but to talk that way about other lives makes you just as much the problem. You are extremist left that they’ll quote to make sure people get out and vote Republican.

  7. The OLC is the only thing stopping 45 from being prosecuted.
    You can tell Mueller is tired of this though…and ready to be done with this matter in its entirety

    1. Robert Mueller stands for the truth. All Republicans can do is use smoke and mirrors to try to exonerate their criminal president.

    2. @SauceGaming Robert Mueller represents the rule of law. You Republicans can blow smoke all you want but the truth will out.

    3. @cindy o He does represent the rule of law, and he stated multiple times that Trump did not break the law. End of story.

  8. I think it’s pretty clear, Trump committed obstruction but the justice department is not allowed to indict. So presidents are above the law.

    1. @Phil Bright it’s not lib logic. You just created the idea the he did nothing. Right wing Nazi logic

    2. MalibuCBDShop dot com it funny you didn’t read the report. The evidence was insufficient due to a lack of cooperation. You try doing what he did and see what happens

    3. @Isabelle Mavendorf – well, in rebuttal, they stated quite clearly ( 3:40 ) that “a sitting president” could not be indicted, (ie: not any common citizen, but the POTUS specifically) placing his seat in favor above the law of all others. That ludicrous “memo” or policy needs to be repealed and discarded ~ and they wouldn’t be in this situation of arguing tit-for-tat, and prosecute without delay. (as they would against any other citizen)

  9. Democrats ask direct and real questions… Republican’s attack like criminal defense attorney’s. At least that’s how all these proceedings have been going the last couple years. Speaks volumes about how unrespectable and deviant the Republican party truly is. For the dealings Trump had with the Russians, their parties, all the visits to Moscow and the Trump tower plans to be built there and to downright lie to the American people that none of that ever happened should be enough evidence that Trump was colluding. Trump may not have single handedly did the interference but it was all done on his behalf and because it was done by foreign powers, how can could it possibly be verified.

    1. Unfortunately, the evidence required to impeach a president has to be absolute and without doubt. Trump was smart by creating most of the doubt via his media campaigns, but he’ll come crashing down soon.

    1. @Grand Wonder no different then your people meat head anti american jerk

  10. So make no mistake, this whole thing boils down to one thing, and one thing only:

    A sitting president “is” in fact above the law. Thanks to his dept of Justice internal policy that just protected Donald Trump.

    1. It’s plain English to people who pick up a book every now and then. Lol. That’s not a shot at you, just an observation at the slowly eroding expectations of the American citizens’ intelligence level.

    1. @Vishal Sancheti Like he and his supporters cheered when a woman died/ran over by a white supremacy in Charlottesville, that’s the point on what Trump is capable of doing crimes, and has been lying to people for himself, it’s downright a mental illness wishing people hurt.

    2. The problem though is that Trump knows exactly what HE needs to do in order to get re-elected and I doubt he will have any qualms about doing it.

  11. Gee, you trump worshipers are in total meltdown mode this morning. Did somebody say something to make you go nuts, or are you treasonous dumbf*cks naturally this loony tunes?

    1. @Bill Tierney – *It just proves that Trashy Trump and the GOP ARE controlled by Russia! What’s your stupid point?*

    2. @Caesar Slim i do and what was outlined was not hearsay b.s it ment the criteria for evidence and policy repulsives seemed desperate stayed away from info in the report like the plaque trump and barr should be locked up lying bastards

  12. Trump makes Nixon look like a choir boy. Cadet Bonespurs is the most corrupt traitor america has ever seen.

    1. @Vishal Sancheti exile him to north korea rumors are that trump and kim are lovers kim actually bought trump from Vladimir putins yard sale and really loves it when trump calls kim big nuke man when.he has.trump bent over

    2. Too late for the Repugnants they are going to the likes of hotel ADX Florence to keep Comrade Trumpski company.

    3. Funny. Mueller was supposed to PROVE a crime had occured, which he failed to do; not “exonerate” from a crime that didn’t happen. Keep trying… And failing!

    4. @Seth R just like how the Republicans and trump failed to stop Obama with the so called ” birth certificate”. Trump will get his next 4, then after that no one will care about it anymore.

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