1. @Scott Manerez An old school Republican, maybe? Republicans weren’t always as weirdly anti everything like they are now.

  1. So now he says something. Are we expected to make a peace agreement with the Taliban or the IS-K ? This is just political opportunism. And Mr . Romney, the blame goes beyond the two presidents you’re mentioning. It was GW Bush and subsequent administrations that are responsible for this mess and Congress certainly does not remain blameless. Where were you when you abdicated your responsibility to wage war?

    1. @Jorge Flores sorry if this is a duplicate. It looks like my comment didn’t post. Yes, Jorge I agree, but I fault Biden for voting for the wars not bringing out our troops ( even if there could be a better way). This fiasco began long ago even before Bush-Cheney, but they are the architects of these miserable wars. They and every administration since including Congress. This may be a time where Americans can all finally agree that we have bipartisanship: both parties have failed us , lied to us, misused taxpayer funds and abused not only us but the Afghan and Iraqi people.

    2. @Chuck Haugan Hi there. If memory serves, the marches, not only in the US, but in Europe as well, were extensively covered at the time. As they would be, since millions of people opposed those moves by the then US government (and the British government – France, Germany and my own country were against). At the time, it was mostly opposition to the Irak war, and to the real big lie that weapons of mass destructions had been found in Irak. I do not recall how the Afghan situation was brought into the mix, but there were major concerns about that as well. For what it is worth, a good novel was written about the demonstrations in London, by Ian McEwan, “Saturday”. So, we were not heeded. We did not have weapons, just our voices and a very clear foreboding that this was all going the wrong way. But, believe or not, we, in the Western world, were collectively very much engaged and concerned. As to why it was not enough to prevent the disaster that ensued, I, as a citizen, have no clue. I am just reminded of two things: trump, a duly elected US presidenti, n one of his numerous irresponsible rantings, stating “take the oil”, and another book penned by Arthur Koestler, “The somnanbulists”. So, the issue you raise about the lack of knowledge of too many American citizens is correct, since a majority chose a totally inept b…..d and incompetent thing to represent them. Since, too many still indulge in the delusion that the election was stolen. I do not think that Americans ever had a “collective mind” to start with. Even when it comes to protecting themselves from Covid. I am aware that President Biden is trying to adress this issue, endlessly asking for some kind of collective awareness to prevail in any kind of community. And some try their very best, and despite everything do the very best possible job. But it seems, and I say this, without any arrogance (since we have our own problems, in a country that has a solid health care system, a mostly free education system and a robust social protection program) that, for the time being, a collective mindset is way out of reach for too many American citizens. They seem to prefer the illusion of self-determination and so-called freedom even to the cost of theirs, and their children’s lives. I wish you the best. Just keep in mind that there are many decent-minded people who can heed your concerns and that your voice is not unheard.

    3. @Dominique Brasseur Bad memory. I was at a march, with over 450K people, in DC, and Fox reported only 40K showed up. The MSM totally cheer led both wars, and when facts began to immerge that what we said was true, the wars were based upon lies, they ignored us and those facts. BTW, we are now 2.4 Trillion into Afghanistan and how much into Iraq?

  2. The Middle East is such a multi layered and complicated situation, it is way beyond the binary bubbled thinking of Americans.
    Any punditry and opinion from America on the Middle East, is disposable meaningless drivel. 👎

    1. Stating blanket statements about entire races or nationalities like, binary bubbled thinking of Americans’ demonstrates bigotry and racism. If we were binary thinking we wouldn’t be saving tens of thousands of Afghani’s by bringing them to America to escape persecution by the Taliban, would we? If we had binary thinking we would see all Muslims as evil and not be trying to save many of them from the worst of them. The problem with blanket bigoted statements like yours is there are always hundreds of examples to disprove your arrogant theories.

    2. @u2mister1 The whole conspiracy theory about the election being rigged is because Americans don’t have a clue as to how our Government works. If that were true, the powers that be who rigged it, didn’t know that either. If they did, they would have made damn sure that they secured the Senate, instead of sweating out a Georgia runoff with Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock. Whomever controls the Senate, holds the keys to the kingdom. Ask Mitch McConnell. He’s been the poster man for it. Americans have no idea how he is all for the corporations. He doesn’t see far down his nose enough to acknowledge the poor and the middle class. Before Trump left office, he wanted a $15 an hour minimum wage. McConnell said, “over my dead body”.
      He shut that down and I’m sure that’s one of the reasons Trump hates him. Being president isn’t the be all, end all. Nothing gets passed by the Senate Majority Leader. It’s a fact.

  3. “We went in there and we were like ‘come on out here so we can murk y’all’ but they didn’t come out, so….”

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  4. In my humble opinion, the afghan civilians were overlooked and underestimated for the past decade. There are so many afghan civilians that had and have always sympathized with the Islamism radicals but never exposed them selves during the war. Many of those civilians lately switch jerseys once the Taliban took over major cities and recruited more members to support. Even some members of the Afghan military joined the Taliban at the last minute when they realized they were overwhelmingly outnumbered. Now that half the country of Afghanistan has realized their life is in immanent danger, all of a sudden they want to leave their country. In my humble opinion, if I was an afghan, I would have tried to leave they country many months or years ago.

    1. Truth. This is why our trainers were attacked as we trained “ANA” troops. The Tally never left, they hid from power and strength, like all guerrillas. This was inevitable, like tearing of a band-aid.

    2. The one’s we are taking in are the ones who have worked along side our troops and chose to be on our side. That makes them a target to the enemy, and we can’t just abandon our own team. Also, said people couldn’t just come to the United States previously on their own whim, they have to be accepted.

    1. @VAPREX USA ‘ns are more under threat of their own police force, racists and the untreated mentally ill, than any non_domestic force.

    2. Endless wars result from capitalism’s endless, but, ultimately, terminal growth model. It’s stuck in its infinite maintenance of poor people at home and the maintenance of genocide of poor people abroad. In the modern age, it has no real enemies, so it must eternally create enemies to satisfy its need to eternally create or find value.

    3. @Major Nelson have you heard of the term Cold War?
      That denotes a time where two nations are at war but not shooting at each other
      Think of the period in between the German invasion of Poland to the blizkrieg through the Ardens forest for example.

    4. The Taliban and their allies who are trying to create an worldwide Islamic Emirate thank you for expressing your views in support removing the main obstacle in the way of their objective
      They and/or their allies are eager to come over and thank you in person

    5. @albert magician While bad/racist cops and mentally unstable people with guns are a problem, I’d like to see statistics that show that they have killed over 3000 Americans in the past 20 years (the death toll on 9-11). Also, by far the greatest current threat to American life is the millions of *idiots* (on both the far-right and far-left) that wont get a free vaccine so we can just end this f****ing pandemic.

  5. “I came to end these endless wars by keeping our troops in Afghanistan” Mitt Romney 2021

    1. @Chuck Haugan Not really Trump’s fault. Unless we’re wanting to keep 100,000 troops in the country to pacify the countryside since the Afghan military on a whole (with some exceptions) didn’t have the fight in them. Technically we defeated the Taliban back in 2001, they retreated to Pakistan, then gradually came back in force as the US tired. This was predictable way back in 2001.

    2. @Major Nelson That’s got to be the stupidest response ever. Everything that Trump mentioned is of his doing ,not Biden’s ,but you are surely far too brainwashed to think otherwise so stay ignorant

    3. @Real Aiglon Ya…well that’s the same bogus jargon that we have been fed for 50 years. Try and think for yourself, you might actually be surprised .

    4. @Avijit Ganguly That would be a very good move. Don’t you see the connection ? Do you understand why America’s foreign affairs policies are so costly? You don’t actually believe in the rhetoric about keeping us safe do you ?

    1. Not necesserilly if you went in dismentled Al-Qaida and bin Laden and went out. Staying in 20 years is just meaningless.

    2. Yep… Let that be a lessondeterrent. If you intend to go to war, either be ready to completely take over or stay out of it and dont go to war at all.. The second option being the better option… We lost the Afghan war, 20+ years, trillions spent and nothing to show for..

    3. @Kreegrr Tip 3: Never try to take over mountainous land that is literally called the “Graveyard of Empires”

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  6. Those are fine words Mitt, but if I remember correctly you went along with “W” to send troops over there in the first place.

    1. everybody did. The Taliban was protecting Osama Bin Laden, who attacked us. The problem is, we stayed there after we got bin Laden.

    2. @Dabbler Deluxe I remember those talking points back then, and you really have to go back to that time. America just had an unprecedented massive terrorist attack on it’s home soil that included the Pentagon, a feat which no other nation has done in modern history. We were going to war, there was no stopping that, and a nice ‘police action’ like firing a couple missles or waiting for the Taliban to hand over Bin laden and his associates just wasn’t going to cut it (if they even would have or were bluffing is another consideration). I think any president in Bush’s shoes probably would have invaded Afghanistan given the circumstances. On the second point yes I do think it gave an opportunity to enact that foreign policy.

    3. @Basil Marasco He did authorize the admittedly risky operation in Pakistan so he should get credit for that decision, but he took over the operation in progress under Bush that set up the intelligence groundwork that enabled it.

  7. Why doesn’t anyone ever mention the BUSH ADMINISTRATION when referring to all these “terrible decisions”??

    1. Stop blaming others biden is our president and taking accountabilities is a major thing that comes with that job you really think a good president stands up there pointing fingers blaming others for his own mistakes what a typical liberal unreal

  8. We had eyes, boots, and ears on the ground for 20 years and look what happened. The only ones reading the situation correctly was the arms dealers.


    2. @Peter Martell yes. that is the same thing. so we agree – failed exit by bad management and leadership. thank you. free your mind.

  9. “You can’t as one party end a war. It takes two parties to end a war.”

    There you have it, folks: Mitt Romney has argued that we can’t put out this fire unless we keep pouring more fuel into it.

  10. _Maybe the “war” was caused by the people who started it in the first place, not by the one’s who are trying to end it CONGRESS is responsible as well as George Bush Sr’s administration_

    1. Joe Talibiden said he will search for those responsible. That’s easy. All he has to do is look in the mirror.

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    3. Oh really Bush? Prior to that 9/11 happened.. who started that then? Problem is your roadmap started post 9/11. But the war started from 9/11. U can’t blame Bush

    4. @Debasish Adhikary I suggest you read your history books & I suggest looking at “Bush Sr” like I said probably didn’t catch that 🤦🏾‍♂️

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  11. In a perfect world Mitt… easy to talk but does make you right. There was never an easy way to get out!

  12. A bad day for Warmongers in Washington. How each and every single one of them shed crocodile tears.
    Its just so lucky that their kids are not among the 13 deads.

  13. The *LDS Church position on war:*
    “We are a people of peace. We follow the Savior, who is the Prince of Peace.”

  14. If Joe Biden is a failure for ending this war, Mitt Romney is an epic failure for wanting it to continue.

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