Russia-backed officials claim Crimea train derailment was deliberate act

Trains between Crimea's two largest cities have been halted after a freight train derailed Thursday, according to Russia-backed authorities. In a Telegram post, Crimean Railways announced the suspension of services on the Simferopol to Sevastopol line after the train was derailed by the "intervention of unauthorized persons.” #CNN #News


    1. It is funny they talk about unauthorized persons, when they are unauthorized to occupy Crimea. If they say might makes right, then how come they couldn’t defend the train and why is it unauthorized to derail it.

    1. saving it for the offensive probably going to be an influx of partisan activity as it starts

  1. List of russian failure:

    1) Lost the battle of Kiev. 80km tank column turned to ruin.🤦‍♀️

    2) Fled from Chernehiv and sumy after getting destroyed by ukrainian army.🖕

    3)Tried to capture Odesa by sea but flagship Moscova turned into submarine and russian navi fled far from odesa.🖕

    4)  Fled from snake island.

    5) Got destroyed by ukrainian counter offensive and fled from vast area of kharkiv & kherson. 😰

    6) 150 tanks and armoured vehicles along with thousands of infantry  got destroyed  in attempts to capture little village vuhledar🤦‍♀️, As several attempts failed with huge humiliations😰.

    7) Tried to disrupt Ukraine’s electricity supply by launching several billion dollars’ worth of missiles, but Ukraine is now exporting electricity to other country. As a bonus, Ukrainian air defense has significantly improved, making it difficult for even hypersonic missiles to penetrate. 💪

    8) Intended to demilitarize Ukraine, but before the war, Ukraine only had 300k troops armed with old Soviet weapons. Now, Ukraine has over 1 million troops equipped with modern Western weapons. Biggest failure for putler for sure😂🖕

    Don’t you think Russia should be in the Guinness Book of World Records for its failures? 🤔

    1. You forgot:
      Complained about “NATO expansion” & used that as a pretext for invasion — & resulted in increased military spending of NATO members + additional 2 new NATO members.

      Also: tried to blackmail Europe with gas & energy supplies & resulted in Europe becoming independent of ruzzian energy supplies

    2. @jacq danieles also: tried to blackmail the West with nuclear weapons, now the West is supplying tanks and ever increasing long range missiles. Soon Ukraine will have fighter jets from the West.

    1. ​@Yuri Pretending to laugh is what stupid people do to project confidence when you know you are losing.

  2. oh noes, the war they started turns out to be… a freaking war. so sad someone didn’t realize that. prayers and thoughts sent COD.

    1. The train derailment wasn’t sabotage by unauthorised individuals.. it was a special operation conducted by unknown individuals 😂

    1. ​​​@Yuri really because so far russia has lost a huuuuuge amount of forces and hardware and experience… it cant replace any of it and its economy us in real trouble, so how long before china takes back vladivostok… yeah not long.

      Its russia that is proper toast and all self inflicted.

    1. Someone took the turret springs out of a Russian tank a Ukrainian grandmother captured and put them on the rails.

    1. “Little” Ukraine? It’s over 600,000 km² large, which makes it one of the largest countries in Europe.

    1. When saying that…. Put your hand on your heart then towards the sun😂
      You’re either woke a Neo-Nazi both equally bad.

  3. Russia: let’s go ahead and shoot missiles at civilians
    Also Russia: how dare you derail our train or blow up an ammo Depot or do anything to us at all. That’s like a bully beating the crap out of somebody and then running and telling the teacher when that person fight back even a little bit.

  4. one of the things that is not talked about much when it comes to the grain agreement is that there are no fools in Africa, yes they know who is responsible for the fact that they do not have grain.

    my friend visited Kenya last month and they do not like Russians who starve Kenyans there.

    so in this sense, if Russia imagines that it will make friends from Africa by starving them, then it is the opposite, Africans hate Russians because of this.

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