1. What about when he tied Rick Santorum to the roof of his car and went to Yellowstone?


  3. Romney not a monster, but not a friend of the atrophied middle class. He is a friend of the wealthy class.

    1. @Fishy Fish Trump only cares about Trump. Ask Gen. Mattis. Or any of the LONG LIST of “best people” that he later explicitly insulted.
      Trump is lying about the last election and is clearly willing to continue to lie about the US elections, eroding confidence in our democracy, rather than having the class and dignity to concede. To peacefully transfer power.
      Trump cares only about Trump.

    2. @Andy Lord no one likes Romney, yet people on the left “respect him”. Haha. You can’t make this stuff up.

  4. the notion that Romney visited Chinese factories is so ludicrous as to defy response.

  5. Sorry but you and him both helped lead us here. Own that, don’t try to blame the libs for making you do it.

  6. Romney may not have been a monster in 2012, but he was a good deal shallower than how he seems to be today. Let’s not forget how he ridiculed the Dems in his nomination speech for making a priority out of global warning, nor when he said it wasn’t even worth trying to win over left-leaning voters.

    1. The characterizations of him being a serial consultant who shipped American jobs overseas were also 100% accurate. Bain Capital is a bad company.

    1. she doesn’t ascribe that (and I can’t find it) … so I’m wondering what quote she’s talking about.
      (ESPECIALLY considering she’s blaming Dems for trump – which is stupid)

    1. she’s saying R voters have no “personal responsibility”
      … that cult45 only exists bc R voters are too stupid to withstand what Dems say.
      how proud you must be.

  7. Obviously, history will look well upon Mitt Romney.
    In a time of cowardice his courageous principle was exceptional.

  8. SE, it’s not Mitt. It’s his background, his followers and the prophesy that they claim he can achieve for their hopes. I don’t think Romney is to be trusted.

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  10. Oh, thank god you’re there to tell us.
    What would we do if we thought for ourselves?

  11. We know what makes them say boo. It’s what makes them cheer that keeps me up at night.

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