1. @Ancap Truther The Joke is Russia as You Clowns are LOSING & the Entire World is Laughing at Putin & his Joke of an army . You Clowns are getting 1960s Tanks , 1950s Artillary & 1930s Winter Jackets & having to ask thier MOMs for TAMPONS . Over FOUR Months of Victorious Russian RETREATS while Ukraine Gains Daily. The Entire World is Laughing at Putin & his Joke of an army as the Russian Economy Collapses . Russia is an Empire of Corruption , Propaganda , LIARS & Now LOSERS

  1. Everynight I pray to Saint Himar to protect the legendary Ukrainian army. May he drop another cigarette on the Orcs.

    1. Ukrainian defenders live forever. Ukrainian attackers (as they were forced as part of USSR for example – in Afghanistan, in Finland etc) are rotting in hell, the same way Bureats and Daghestan people forced now by Putin to attack innocent people do.

    2. @Two weeks to flatten the curve (Andy peltola) no, he stands for Ukraine not for ruzzian fascists. Ruzzian natsyk like Rayevsky and Alexei Milchakov ..and ,any of their kind were sent in Ukraine to kill Ukrainians . #DenazifyRussia

  2. And that is why so many intercepted Russian calls betray the terror they lived hour by hour.
    Occupying a hostile population is not a cakewalk….and shouldn’t be a drinking fortress either.

    1. Rich coming from the the biggest war criminals in history, America can’t go a day without bombing civilians.

  3. Wonderful! I was hoping that that was what they were doing. So glad to hear they resisted so beautifully. Just like the French in WW2. Good on them. Slava Ukrainii !!!

    1. I’m amazed there were no formal reprisals for those killed Russians. Just the usual terrorizing of the civilians, regardless of what the occupied Ukrainians did.

    2. beautifully killed? what do you think those soldiers children feel? cheering for killing is repulsive…and shows your lack of humanity…

    3. The 10 Rules of Wartime Propaganda by Anne Morelli:

      1. We do not want war.

      2. The other side is solely responsible for the war.

      3. The enemy leader is of the devil.

      4. It is a noble cause that we defend and not particular economic or strategic interests.

      5. The enemy commits atrocities knowingly; if we make unfortunate mistakes, it is involuntary.

      6. The enemy uses outlawed weapons.

      7. We suffer very few losses, while the losses of the enemy are enormous.

      8. Artists and intellectuals support our cause.

      9. Our cause has a sacred nature.

      10. Those who question our statements are traitors.

    1. You ever heard of reprisals? For every Russian these “heroes” killed the Russian soldiers probably killed a few Ukrainian civilians. This is a sad reality of Guerrilla Warfare.

    2. @Two weeks to flatten the curve (Andy peltola) Why not? We have many that have been running the show in the GOPQ party!

    3. ​@Amici procul Do Russians need excuse to kill civilians? Do you remember Bucha? Do you remember Irpin? Do your remember Mariupol? Do you remember recently liberated Kherson? I do! Slava Ukraini!
      “To every man upon this earth
      Death cometh soon or late.
      And how can man die better
      Than facing fearful odds,
      For the ashes of his fathers,
      And the temples of his gods …”

    1. @citizen world this ruZzian bot has spammed the entire YouTube channels with these kind of comments. Please ignore this f💩💩l. He is spreading P💩💩tin’s propaganda.

  4. To the defenders of Ukraine , those brave men and women helping the defenders and to all the Ukrainians who have resisted Putler’s rule . You are my heroes 🙏🇺🇦💙💛

    1. @Kratoes who and where are those, comrade ?
      How about Ruzzonazzis like Rayevsky and Alexei Milchakov..and bunch of their kind, sent in Ukraine to kill Ukrainians ?
      How about Stalin being Hitler’s ally in WWII??? When went to the liberation of free people from Poland and Czechoslovakia..sounds familiar ?

    2. @iamthe partyone it is not propaganda it is the truth.
      Prove me wrong if you have the courage to go down the rabbit hole.
      Let’s start with the national holiday Ukraine has for a convicted Nazi war criminal that is responsible for the murder of thousands of jews.
      January 1st is the date you are looking for.

    3. @justice 23 it is nice to see someone who has a rational assessment of the conflict.
      It is a shame that the rest of the sheeple can’t do a simple Google search to find out the truth for themselves.

  5. Finally someone who agrees with what I had said all along, “Putin wants all of Ukraine”. And he underestimated the people of Ukraine, he wanted to turn the citizens of Ukraine against their President. How wrong he was and he will continue to fail. Ukraine is more defiant, united, and resistant than ever. They will never be defeated, they are constantly reinventing themselves to deal with the Occupiers barrage of Destruction and devastation. Glory and Victory to Ukraine. Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦😊

    1. @iamthe partyone I think your mind must repair, any broken in your mind. You think that someone talk or give opinion by payment. Lack of intelectual property

  6. I live in Kherson. These guys are absolute HEROES, who played a key role in freeing our city from the orc terrorist invaders.
    Молодец, ребята!
    Glory to Ukraine!
    Kherson is and always will be Ukraine! 🇺🇦

    1. I feel indifferent about Russian people and Ukrainian people I would like to visit both countries because I think they are good people in both countries and you cannot judge and nation by the actions of their leader. How do you feel about this statement?

    2. @Grové Erasmus as long as you pay your taxes which mean howitzer rounds for Ukrainians I’ll say it doesn’t really matter what you feel hahah

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  8. The Ukrainian effort is amazing. Every day people, elderly citizens and even children are involved wherever they see an opportunity and sometimes they simply make their own opportunities to defeat their enemies. I so admire Ukraine and it’s Courageous people..

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