1. Well, the world knows what a skilled “security expert” he is now, so that con is blown along with the Trump stooge career.

  1. You know the old saying “Oh how the mighty have fallen?” Well, I don’t think that saying applies here since Giuliani has always been at the bottom of the barrel.

    1. @olecrowey damn baller…spread the wealth old man you can still live nice and fat at 40-30 million.

    2. When I imagine the depth Giuliani has sunken, I picture him as one of many maggots at the bottom of a trash dumpster.

    3. @My Boy Cyrus You think doing Cameo is a strong move for someone like Giuliani? Seems like a clown move to me.

    4. @JJS 1990 What exactly is “fake” about this video. Rudy is doing Cameo, he is being sued by Dominion, and he has had his law license suspended.

    1. @Doctor James If you are going to call Rudy a traitor, How are you turning a blind eye to Biden openly violating our 1st, 2nd 4th, 5th, and 14th amendment? Wouldn’t violating our constitution make Biden a traitor? Or how about the 40,000 American citizens Biden abandoned in Afghanistan. Or Biden creating the largest humanity crisis in north american history? OR Biden making American children less safe and destroying woman sports with his very first EO? You cultist of F Trump do not care about America or the fact Biden is by far the worst president in history. If you disagree, cite one policy that Biden introduced that didn’t F humanity or put people directly in harms way. I’ll wait.

    2. @TruthSeeker08 – Gas prices are not set by the president, but oil companies and refineries, complain to them. – We have a Inflation thanks to the 2x impeached buffoon criminal mishandling the pandemic. – The fault of Afghanistan falls on the administration that put us there, when all experts said it was an unwinnable war. The collapse is inevitable regardless of under whom or when it happens. Afghanistan is a culture shaped by religion and will slip back to authoritianism whenever we pull out. – The southern border is over hyped red meat for those who are afraid of brown people. The census already said that the fastest growing population is the Asian pop, and they are not coming from the south border.

  2. *Rudy Giuliani:* “I had hair dye in my eyes, so I didn’t do or see any crimes I was committing. Plus, I was farting SO LOUD, I couldn’t hear any lies I was telling or crimes going on around me and I was so drunk, I cant remember anything anyway…”

  3. Let’s just hope he doesn’t set up an Only Fans account. 😬 Images of that nature could cause permanent damage to people’s minds; Nudie Rudy induced PTSD.

    1. B-b-b-b-but Hunter Biden 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @loyaljustice1

  4. Rudy has been consistent comic relief in recent years. It’s hilarious that an actual president kept sending this clown out to represent him train-wreck after train-wreck after train-wreck etc… Of all the train-wreck lawyers shameless enough to represent Mar-a-lardo, he was definitely the funniest.

    1. Here’s a comment of me telling you to vete pa carájo for disrespecting MILLIONS OF AMERICAN CITIZENS HUMAN BEINGS including myself
      You’re a gimmick with a YouTube account @THEEHayden Rush

    2. You’d never feel this bold or courageous outside of YouTube you’re a coward hiding behind a screen @THEEHayden Rush

    1. @Timmy Truth So when are you holding your symposium presenting your terabytes of evidence to prove he is illegitimate? heh

  5. Rudy’s not ready for Prime Time ! Lol. If I was gonna pay for that he would have to be leaking during the message .

    1. So so CRUEL, Mr Reese? Rudy is human too (sort of). He can’t be LEAKING all the time like an overripe PAWPAW!🤔😳🤣

    1. Funny… cause I could of sworn that Texas had issued arrest warrants to the democrats violating their sworn oath. It’s almost like the DNC doesn’t care about American due process and just does what ever they want like Biden regimenting the CDC as a totalitarian dictator to enforce his eviction mandates that violate our 5th and 14th amendment. But that’s okay because F Trump am I right? luls. Lefties are not Americans. Lefties are traitors and need to leave this country. Romania is communist, give that a shot.

    2. @Real American Biden just left 40,000 American citizens in Afghanistan. Biden created the largest humanity crisis in American History. Biden made American children less safe and destroyed woman sports with his very first EO. Biden is openly violating our 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 14th amendment while killing off business and hurting America. At what point are we “finally beginning to heal” under Biden? Chicago is more deadly in a weekend that Afghanistan was to our 13 soldiers that died all of 2021. You clearly are not looking at reality but seem to be just drinking all that cuck nation news special sauce in your gas lit bubble of self righteous ignorance. America has never been in worse shape. Even our dollar was worth more during the great depression. But that’s all okay because F Trump am I right? You lefties are traitors to America.

    3. @Real American We already have very strict gun control laws that the left constantly lies about not being in place such as universal back round checks. They already exist. Red flag laws through the ATF allows police to enter your home without a warrant, seize your property and arrest/convict you merely on suspicion which is very dangerous because that means the police can arrest you for any reason they think up. Hitler also used red flag laws to secure power and there is exactly no difference between Biden’s and Hitlers. This should disturb you deeply. The world has proven they are dumb enough to allow communist to rise to power twice in decades. Why not again? Is it just too hard to imagine Biden being a fascist totalitarian dictator that regiments industry like the CDC to enforce his eviction mandates to violate our 5th and 14th amendment just might be a practicing nazi? Biden is violating our 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 14th amendment and you leftards still support him completely out of mis guided hate for our Country, People and ex-president you worthless traitor to America.

    4. @J S Well then precious, if you’re so disappointed maybe you should leave the country. Trump is never coming back, MAGA is dead and it’s unlikely we’ll ever see a GQP president ever again.

  6. Soon we will see him standing out by Walmart with a paper cup and sign saying will work for food now because I worked for Trump.

    1. @J S The most effective lethal regional fighting force are the Kurds. Go ahead and explain how Biden abandoned them. Oh right, that was the other fella who made it clear he is a genius, like you. So what did you do while serving?

    2. @zrex808 I said the Taliban is arguably the most vicious terrorist group in the world. Not that they were. Biden has left 40,000 Americans in Afghanistan this week for the Taliban to do with as they see fit. Equally importantly, China declared they will take back Taiwan in light of Biden’s weakness in Afghanistan. We have 30,000 soldiers in Taiwan and there is not chatter of pulling them out. This might alone start WW3 and yet again, Biden isn’t listening to his intel what so ever or he’d know this as well as an average concerned American.

  7. Call it a hunch but I’m pretty sure Don Jr isn’t actually donating any of his cameos to charity…

    1. Oh, ye of little faith. I’m SURE he almost sprained his hand writing the checks to charity The Benefit to Don Jr Charity. 😂😂😂

    2. Pretty sure that the beneficiary of the charity is himself, just like the previous charity they had, or like the one they opened for Vets whom never received a cent from. Just more grift from a family who made its money from grifting.

    3. @J S Yeah, it’s so out there of suspecting people who have a track record of doing what they are being suspected of. heh

    4. @james zimmerman Can you cite a report on your claim or are you just being a typical basic AF lefty with no substance in their claims?

    5. @J S Trump Foundation, Trump University, Trump casinos. Who can bankrupt a fricking casino? WTF, people walk in and hand over their money. Well, Trump can. In fact, everything he touches dies.

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