See the moment 13-year-old suspect is escorted out of school

Eight children and a security guard have died after a 13-year-old boy allegedly opened fire at his school in the Serbian capital Belgrade, officials reported. #CNN #News


    1. @Info SRBIJA Even if that were true, that’s not a reason to murder. There is no reason to murder in cold blood like that.

    2. @Diana Jemison Well he was reporting this but nobody helped him. They were evil and deserved what they got.

    3. @Info SRBIJA He was reporting to children that he was being bullied? Why would he do that? Even if he reported being bullied to administration, and they did nothing, that’s still not a reason for murder. Your rationale is crazy.

  1. Praying for all the kids and everyone that lost there lives😢
    I’m also praying that my great nephew is safe along with my family members😭😭💔😭🇷🇸🇷🇸

    1. When you pray for the ones that lost their lives, what do you pray for? For them to come back to life? I’m serious. All these, thoughts and prayers and condolences…. how do they help the situation?

    2. @The Great CornPop-Holio That’s some weird logic you have there, Einstein.

    3. @The Great CornPop-Holio Which explains why gun homicide rates in other countries with gun controls are as high as in the USA, right? /s

    4. @Combat Epistemologist naturally there are more incidents of gun violence in the United States, there are more African Americans than anywhere else.

    5. ​@Scott Black Who says you can’t pray and push for changes? People who pray can’t participate in change? That’s ridiculous.

  2. So so sad. My condolences to the families, friends and staff. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  3. This just raise an interesting point. Mass shootings are very rare in Serbia and Europe because of gun laws. However there’s still thousands if not millions of weapons left over from the break up of Yugoslavia still in circulation, and still being owned by private citizens.

    1. ​@SGT. NMI Do you actually correct people this way in real life or just when you’re making irrelevant, asinine criticisms on YouTube?

    2. Simple put, gun violence is not a thing here, and even when it happened, it is guaranteed one way ticket into prison for almost everybody thay used it.

    3. guns being hard to get is a big role in the low rates of gun violence. gun control doesn’t mean you get rid of every gun, but you do make it really difficult to get them

  4. Shocking . Taken from his father . If you must have a gun lock it up . Children went to school this morning and will never return home again . My condolences to all the families that have lost lives through this terrible shooting 😢

    1. @Luminary Harris Thats stupid reasoning. You know that you can work on making both better right? A kid shooting up a school really has nothing to do with that either. The cause of that is overlooking mental health problems and having access to a firearm that wasn’t secured.

    2. ​​@Techpriest Ophelia Most of the people in the comments are repeating the same mistake the US did in the 80s-90s, till today. Throwing mental illness under the bus in favour of blaming video games, the kid or parents. It’s a wider issue than just that, just like you said. Narrow minded people everywhere

  5. Sad to hear! I’ve been by that school before when I toured that country. My heart goes out. Love from USA.

    1. @Tony US is where Columbine happened and started the nation’s trend of school shootings. Most everything in this world seems to operate on social trends. Benevolence, greed, love, hate.. all of it.

  6. So sorry. I was surprised to hear that this was in Serbia. I’ve never heard anything much from out of our country. I believe videos contributes to the negative influence going into our eyes and brain.

  7. Sympathy & sadness for the Serbian people & those directly impacted! I will never understand why innocent children are targeted by anyone for any reason! Those poor parents! 😢

    1. From what I understand, the kid was a straight A student, but was being heavily bullied by other students.

  8. My prayers and condolences go to all the families that have lost their child. Also to the family that lost their school employee. Prayers continue for the 7 students and the teacher who are in hospitals. How in the world, could this 14 year old student, who planned these horrific shootings, with the intent of targeting who he was going to shoot? And how did he get access to the 2 weapons that belong to his Father??? Firearms should never, ever be accessible to any one, except the owner!! The parents of this 14 year old boy, shall be held accountable. When he’s 18 years old, he can be tried as an Adult, in a Court of Law, as an adult. I pray that now that he is in Custody, and that he will be put into a Mental Facility until he’s 18 years old. And then transferred into your jail. And then put on trial for these horrific crimes. After he is convicted of every charge, that he will spend the rest of his life in Prison!! I can’t even comprehend, how or why this 14 year old boy, would plan and intentionally shoot all of these children and the adults!! Why did he intentionally plan to shoot everyone that he did?? It’s beyond tragic and I pray that your country, will be safer and more aware of firearms and laws. And make stricter access for firearms to be purchased. Here in America, mass shootings continue almost everyday And there’s been more shootings here, than days that have passed since January 1, 2023

  9. Close your eyes and remember being 14. How much doubt and pain do you feel? Now imagine the amount of pain that would lead to you making this horrible choice an option. I want to know about the relationships between the students, the teachers, the parents. Something is missing in these important relationships and video games are just another tool to deal with this emptiness. I want to know how he viewed the world and how people viewed him. People. Not the games or guns. I want to know about the PEOPLE!

    1. @sparkling fashion Stop victim blaming. Everyone is bullied at school. That is no excuse for mass murder.

    2. @Deborah Freedman there is no excuse for it but many factors lead up to it such as family problems, bullying, mental health issues, loneliness

  10. I am from Serbia and let me tell you-this never happened before. In fact, any kind of gun violence is rare in Serbia due to very strict laws. The boy planned the whole thing, made a map of it and shoot the security guy first because the gun laws are so strict that not even a security guy in school can wear a gun.

  11. It’s becoming contagious now. This is horrible. So sad for everyone who lost a loved one. Sad, and sorry.

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