See the Trump testimony that legal expert calls a ‘huge blunder’ in E. Jean Carroll case

he video deposition of Donald Trump played before the jury in the E. Jean Carroll civil battery and defamation trial was made public, showing the former president misidentifying the defendant in a photo as his ex-wife Marla Maples. CNN legal analyst Jennifer Rodgers says this was a blunder by Trump because it appeared to undercut his claim that Carroll wasn't his "type."
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  1. OMFG!!??,… He thought his ex-wife MARLA MAPLES was in that picture!?… Its razor sharp and clear as day!
    Everyone remembers how Maples was a model and how Trump thought she was drop dead gorgeous and he is mistaking her with Jean Carroll!
    Jean Carroll was just STUNNING.
    She looks like she would have lit up the room wherever she went for crying out loud!
    wow… just surreal!

    1. Says it’s blurry yet managed to identify everyone else in the photo….doesn’t sound blurry to me.

  2. So doesn’t know his once wife Ivana and thinks E. Jean is Marla Maples. And this is the GOP frontrunner.

    1. @LotsOfFun do you enjoy the breeze when things whoosh right over your head like an out of control freight train?

    2. E. Jean actually looked a lot like Marla in the photo. He’s not very clever, is he.

  3. As is SO often the case, the former president’s greatest problem is his unwillingness to refrain from speaking. He claims to be a “stable genius,” yet his own actions continue to prove he’s an unbalanced idiot.!!

    1. He’s being sued for 2.7 million according to reports, not mega millions unless the jury sees it differently? Either way I don’t think he can recover from this. I for one hope not to hear about him for awhile.

    2. @Gotta Love Gabe I’ve heard attorneys comment that there would be very limited grounds to appeal a civil judgment like this––and Trump hasn’t exactly helped himself on that score.

  4. As that great American philosopher Bill Maher once said, “with trumpy it’s hard to tell where the criminality ends, and the dementia begins. 🤣

    1. Trump trump trump 🙄 What about BIDEN? I don’t hear about Our current president on CNN and MSNBC. Trump Trump Trump 24/7 even America is collapsing under this current PRESIDENT. GOD HELP US.

    1. The former guy reminds me of a dog I once had. It would hump any leg it had a chance to.

  5. I would imagine if his parents didn’t start giving him a paycheck of over $3000 a week when he was like 3 years old, he might be a little different???? Either way, he has been the same guy hus whole life! When someone tells you who they are……..BELIEVE THEM!!!!!!

    1. Being stupid-rich isn’t even good for the rich person, in terms of personality disorders, mental health and personal safety. We should help alleviate them of that burden.

    2. What does wealth have to do with being stupid beyond belief. Not my type is not a great defense to rape but many people will be swayed by if the attacker was attracted to the victim or not, it’s just a fact. He took a shotgun to his defense and blew it out of the water. I saw the 3 minute clip with no commentary and could not believe my ears. Then instead of sticking to the locker room talk/boasting line, he says yap stars can do that. No amount of money can make you that stupid. He also just gave any political challenger plenty of ammo. It’s not locker room talk anymore, it is how he views the world. WOW, just WOW!

  6. His confusion over the picture, and his attempt to cover his mistake by calling the photo “very blurry” ( which it isn’t), reminds me very much of how people with dementia get confused and then try to cover it.

    1. “The photo MUST BE blurry! It can’t be my eyes, because my eyes are part of me, and I am perfect…”
      I think his narcissism is a part of it as well.

    2. @Kozanton Ya, I don’t know why I try to engage in commentary on general audience content like CNN here. People lose their minds on anything remotely political, and even just being reasonable about one particular thing, make you the enemy from the other side. It’s nuts.

  7. “For the last million years…” Trump really has no understanding of anything more complex than a lunch menu.

    1. Even a lunch menu is too complicated, as he cannot even write “hamburger” or “coffee” properly.

    2. You’re giving him too much credit. Why do you think he always orders the same things?

    1. I know, right? One would think such a despicable person would be on the opposite end of the spectrum as it concerns those entrusted with nuclear codes, etc. Yet here we are not knowing whether or not this guy might still get access to them AGAIN?!! What he hell is wrong with this country? Why are districts sending members to the Congress to obstruct rather than to work together for the betterment of the whole of the government?

    2. Trup: “Hold my hamberder… ” don’t underestimate him in any way, shape, or form. This klutz will always find a new low he can aim for. I think we haven’t seen the worst yet.

  8. His lawyers must be pulling their hairs in despair , how do you defend this guy in a court of law ? When everytime he opens his mouth he either incriminate himself , lies, or make an absolute fool of himself,
    Beyond belief…

    1. @RFK jr. 2024! we will have to see what the jury thinks. I think his looking at a picture during his deposition, mistaking the victim for Marla Maples who was definitely his type, was interesting. They had to tell him who was who.

    1. Trump: “She’s not my type, but I didn’t care then because I was ready to unload” 😄😄😄

  9. It is impossible for Trump to say any words that sound like “I apologize”, or sorry, or regret. He thinks it is a sign of weakness, while actually, he would be one who “man’s up” to his own actions; he’s not mature enough to help himself. His troubles are of his own making..

    1. trump openly boasts that he has never apologized.
      I call him “the poster boy for ‘affluenza.””

  10. If all E.Gene Carroll need is 51% of the jurors vote to win this case, then trump is screwed. Right now she should have at least 99% – easy.

  11. Trump keeps saying that he would not rape these women because they are not his type , but never claims not being a rapist .

  12. His statement about getting away with it because he’s a star will soon prove to be false. Because, up to now, he has gotten away with it all. I wish they played interviews he had on Howard Stern. He openly bragged about assaulting women and young ladies. He even bragged about walking through a dressing room of changing contestants ( younger woman) because he owned the show. He is a narcissistic pervert. Hopefully this will finally hold him accountable for something horrible he has done.

    1. I don’t think Howard would be too pleased being drug into this. We all know how Howard is but still

    2. @Justin A The things Trump said on Howard Stern are beyond the pale. Such as how his daughter has a hot bod, and “I don’t raise my kids, I pay people to do that.”

    3. There are videos of him hitting on a 10-year-old girl at his tower. No limit to his degeneracy.

  13. It’s amazing that Trump has got this far in life and even made it to President without ever having to be the slightest bit competent.

  14. Saying ‘she’s not my type’ is no defense. If he saw one that was his type, she’d be his victim instead? That’s just stupid. The more he speaks the more he condemns himself, and his lawyers know it.

    1. you have to ask yourself what it is with these lawyers.. stupidity or greed? the whole world knows by now that ole bonespurs is his own worst enemy, because he just can’t and won’t keep that tiny little trap of his shut. it’s a beautiful gift to the prosecution, though, a gift like the world has never seen before.. people come up to him all the time – with tears in their eyes – and they say “sir, your defense is maybe the greatest thing the world has seen in the last 1 million years or so..”. *smh*

  15. He calls Marla his “wife” when Ivana was standing right next to him. Who’s senile?

    1. he’s had a few, and they all looked alike. that’s a lot to sort out with a tiny brain. a lot of his capacity is probably used up by walking upright on two legs all day.

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