1. @BTone Major enough to wear the Queens uniform for nearly 20 years. That’s how devoted to democracy I am. If you want a say in your country’s future be prepared to don the uniform and write a blank cheque to your nation including the possibility of that cheques final figure being your life if required.

    2. @coastie1961 I AM. I’m putting my life on the line for my country right now 💯💯
      Thank U for Your Service. At Your Service 💯💯

  1. President Zelensky, february ’22: ” I don’t need a ride, I need ammunition!”
    Russian Soldiers September ’12: I don’t need ammunition, I need a ride!”

    1. @0816 M3RC I already pointed out what the Ukraine ambassador said a few hours before your post. You ignored it. I guess YOUR truth is different than the truth. It’s ok, they wouldn’t do propaganda if it didn’t work.

  2. I love the way the Russians show respect to Zelenskyy by putting his initial on all of their military vehicles and hardware.

  3. So sickening seeing these completely demolished buildings and cities. And such a catastrophic loss of life. All for one old man’s egomaniacal dreams of conquest.

    1. @FBG FAMILY PACK I supported Kerry in 2004, Obama in 2008, 2012 and Trump in 2016 and 2020. I believe he was a good president. He was the one who pointed out that NATO countries like France, Belgium, Italy were taking advantage of US military protection instead of doing their share. He was prescient.

    1. @Rotem Salvatori bro that’s like what’s always on my mind too 🥵

      edit: btw you can see from the very next vid I clicked there’s women in the ukrainian military as well, prolly done more fighting the fascist forces than will you ever, mad? https://youtu.be/D4rixOzv9Eo?t=38

  4. I’m glad Russia is finally contributing to the Ukraine war effort with all the ammo and military vehicles. Thanks, Putin!

  5. From USA. So overwhelmed with this great news! So very happy for Ukraine. Soldiers are showing their great fortitude.

  6. Rest of the world: “Holy crap Russia got spanked”
    Russia: “Glorious news comrades! Our brave soldiers are victoriously retreating just as planned, while Ukrainian forces flee after them in panic!”

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA “they’re so dumb they can’t even retreat in the right direction but we’re giving them this chance and getting out of the way”

  7. A nation like Ukraine will never fall. The world need to acknowledge their bravery and unity, thus Russia is not scary.

  8. Your analysis yesterday had me a bit worried that Russia had seen through the “chain offensive” plan in advance. But now it seems that they’ve only delayed it by a little in the onset of the 3rd phase. Great analysis as always. Victory and freedom to Ukraine. Love and support from the Netherlands. 🇳🇱 🤝🇺🇦

  9. President Zelensky, february ’22: “I don’t need a ride, I need ammunition!”
    Russian Soldiers September ’22: I don’t need ammunition, I need a ride!”

  10. No matter how powerful you are, never fight your neighbour. Enemies can use that advantage to finish/embarrass you.

  11. If that is true will be happy to hear this war ends and all human atrocities ceases. We pray to God Almighty that both Ukrainians and Russians returns to normal life.

  12. To all people of Ukraine.
    You are so strong. You stand up and fight back for whar you believe in. For your home. For your loved ones. And you are also showing the rest of the world what truly is worth fighting for. I admire you, all, in every way.
    Me myself, is noone in compered.
    “The electricity is expensive. Iam tired. I don’t want to work or go up in the morning.”
    My daily “problems” is nothing compared to what you people are going through.
    I have meet some of your people that fled to my country, and have done what i can to help them here.
    I just wish that i personally, could do more. Iam no soldier. Not a fighter. But you people, are remarkable.
    Stay strong! Fight back! SLAVA UKRAINI! 💪

    1. @To fer no. Col Douglas mc Gregor, the Duran, Scott Ritter, the Dive , Redacted and Dreizin report. Follow those, you might find the truth interesting. Jou moer ook. Poepol 🤝👍

    2. Yes, Ukrainian people stand and fight against the neo-Nazis and the dictatorship of the English and Zelensky as they always did in the past with the great leader Stalin!

  13. Stay strong ukraine 🇺🇦 , time is on your side the Russians are on the clock ⏰️,, fight smart and when the conditions are in your favour. Massive respect to ukraine and its fighting men, from ireland 🇮🇪.

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