Sen. Mitt Romney Booed At Utah GOP Convention | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, received boos Saturday from a crowd of more than 2,100 delegates at the state Republican convention. Despite the boos, Utah Republicans rejected a motion to censure Romney over his votes to impeach former President Donald Trump. The panel discusses.

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Sen. Mitt Romney Booed At Utah GOP Convention | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Well, they’ve done this to themselves. Feed them fear and hate thru certain media outlets and this is what you get.

    1. @tony rains
      I so hope you’re right. Mitt has at least six more years in the Senate so I hope he sees what turn-coats the Republican party has become and starts voting with Democrats on the issues important to America. If you don’t want his vote…we’ll take it.

    1. @Censorship Is real All your comments sound like that of a 12 year old. And you’re retired? LOL! Grow up.

    1. @Patton Moore no I wasn’t cool with that. I just told you I wasn’t cool with it. “I DO NOT LIKE THE CHARACTER OF DONALD TRUMP”. What law is your argument based on. Have you forgot the comments you made about fascism above. Read the comments you made again then come back and tell me what law your referring too.

    2. @the Man with no name called Wyatt Nelsen
      Since she never said that, I don’t see that it demands a response.

    3. 6000 average income boost. Less taxes. Alpha personality. Roasted media on a daily basis instead of the melatonin substitute. I’m not embarrassed

    4. @typicalsweg …you should be since apparently your idea of an “alpha personality” is a rich, perverted Puglsy Addams with a spraytan and comb-over…

    1. @Godisgr8usa4life you know rather than commenting saying I’m the uninformed one you should stop listening to only one sides news and focus more on finding unbiased, per reviewed and fact checked sources such as popitifact and Reuters. I watch Fox, msnbc, OAN, CNN and subscribe to other such news sources to ensure I’m non biased and actually LISTEN. To information. I also review previous studies performed by actual scientists and experts in their respective fields for their viewpoint rather than blindly following one person’s words.

      It’s called common sense, learn it

    2. @Lominoth Productions I’m glad you can write a paragraph off an assumption, as always the low information voter goes for “facts” that arn’t facts cause he knows exactly what news I watch because you are the smartest little snowflake ever arn’t you?

    3. I don’t know what news you watch, I said you shouldn’t watch just one news source, I then proceeded to list all the sources I watched which is a mix of both republican and democratic and non biased news sources. So how is that me being the uninformed one because I don’t subscribe to one specific source??

    4. Lominoth Productions
      Leftists and RINOS don’t deserve to be treated like human beings. The only mistake conservatives have made is not getting more violent.

  2. The fact that one of them yelled “Show some respect!” while doing this really shows their complete lack of self-awareness.

    1. @Rell 1984
      Your characteristics are not (in and of themselves) a reason to vote one way or another. But when you look at how the GOP treats people with those same characteristics (on average) one has to question the intelligence of you supporting them.

    2. @Noreb elaborate on how they debunked the pictures with Hunter smoking crack with underage girls, or how they debunked the email chain he had that was cross referenced with the recipients, or how they debunked the evidence presented by their ex business partner Tony Bobulinski, how they debunked a known crack head getting a $80k a month job on the Board of Directors in a industry he doesn’t know a thing about in a foreign country that speaks a language he doesn’t understand while his daddy was VP, or better yet why did Joe fly Hunter on air force 2 to meet Chinese diplomats? Debunk em right now instead of making the same baseless claims your media makes lol

    3. @Pat Doyle from the party that says black people are too dumb too know how to use the internet, or that too dumb to get a Id to vote. You should really sit this one out Pat lol

    4. @Rell 1984 after Q-Anon bs and the jewish space lasers comments made by Republicans I don’t think you have any room to talk.

    5. @Matt O it’s funny how the left seems to know way more about Qanon than anyone on the right. You sure you’re not the Qanon supporters cause I know zero right wingers that know anything about it. Stay in reality the logical fallacies are embarrassing

    1. You sir win the internets today. This is one of the best lines I have ever heard to explain the Romney’s and Scarborough’s of the world.

    2. @PedroAugusto Marques Romney helped create this monster, and now he lost control of it. And it’s coming for him now.

  3. That’s what hate and stupidity do to people, they demand to be treated like adults. Although they behave like children with behavior difficult. 😥

    1. You people got caught on camera stuffing ballot boxes in Georgia, stfu about “hate”. You started this with your CHEATING.

    2. @Lominoth Productions Says who, you? America is made up of capitalize and socialism, both. If you didn’t know that then you’re definitely not in the USA.

    3. @SMS I was born and raised in minnesota,I served in the united states’ military for several years and was discharged honorably. I KNOW how America is.

      America is generally a capitalist society.

      America is not socialist as socialism is defined as a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

      Universal healthcare is not a socialist agenda but a humanitarian one. There is no logical reason why any human should go without the ability to seek medical attention should they need it.

    4. ​@Lominoth Productions I agree with you about universal healthcare. You also said that America is generally a capitalist society, I agree with you there as well. However, it is also a socialist country. Sorry, but you can’t say it’s not and you can’t have it both ways. But, do me a favor and google “Is Social Security a Socialist program”, and see how it defined. Also, here how it is defined: “Socialism is a political, social, and economic philosophy encompassing a range of economic and social systems characterised by social ownership of the means of production. It includes the political theories and movements associated with such systems. Social ownership can be public, collective, cooperative, or of equity. While no single definition encapsulates the many types of socialism, social ownership is the one common element. The types of socialism vary based on the role of markets and planning in resource allocation, on the structure of management in organizations, and socialists disagree on whether government, particularly existing government, is the correct vehicle for change.” Technically, we actually do have a connection with socialism: Medicaid, parks, schools, all were developed by political and economic philosophies.

  4. “Your booing means nothing to me. I know who you cheer for. Aren’t you embarrassed?” — Rick Romney Sanchez.

    1. Those are the same type of people who word ‘ ship Jesus in the morning, and in evening word ‘ ship EVIL. One can see pure hypocrisy in full displays.

    2. Don’t Democrat’s boo others also. Are Democrat’s above that. Are they Hypocrites. I went through the comments and seems like only Republicans are the only ones who will be doing the Booing to another person. I don’t belong to either party. I sit back and watch the comedy show both parties are doing

    1. James J … The sad part is you actually believe this. The walls are closing in on Trump. The world will see evidence of what we already know, he is as corrupt as they come

    2. James J … No I don’t. I’ve known about Donnie for decades. I’ve always known Trump entire life was built on lies and cons. I’ve always known Donald Trump is a professional liar and career con man. I do not support Donald Trump now nor have I ever supported him.

  5. 😲 WOW 😳 JUST WOW 😅 😳
    There’s something going on there maybe he should’ve asked wth are you doing ❔‼️❣️☮️💟

    1. @E E Lmfao Comment says “Respect for others is where you start being a good human”, your response is to have zero respect for Republicans.

    2. @Mr. H Maybe until you show your not worthy of that respect. I do think that people who decide to put themselves in the public like the senator from Utah kind of needs to expect criticism and some disrespect. You see what I. Saying? He didn’t have to be a senator, there are plenty of other jobs he could have chosen besides that. If he is not representing his constituents regardless of his own personal beliefs then they have a right to be unhappy. The thing people forget about these representatives is they are just that or supposed to be anyway. They are supposed to be a mouth piece for the constituents of their respective state, district etc. If they stop being a representative and vote anyway they please I would be very unhappy as well wouldn’t you?

  6. “Think for yourself! …No, not like that! That’s the wrong answer!!! Everyone, get him!!!” -The Faithful Base

    1. @Jake Mocci Coming from YOU – who only parrots what Tucker Carslon and Fox News and right-wing media says. I create my own thoughts. I’m a God-fearing Christian who is here to defeat evil with the power of truth and reality. Since when does MSM promote GOD?? Sit down and shut up, child. You are being destructive to humanity. Where’s your conscious?

    2. @Jake Mocci Voter fraud, what voter fraud? I have seen where 63 court filings have failed to produce any voter fraud. I have see and heard people like you continually spouting voter fraud but NO ONE has proved any of it. NOT ONE OUNCE. So if you have the evidence bring it on. We’ve been waiting now for the better part of 4 months to see all this voter fraud and NOT ONCE HAS ANYONE shown it or made it pump. Now, you can keep rambling on and on and on, but eventually the lies will die with your Dump. Provide the evidence and then we might believe.

    3. Jacob Armstrong This, none of these people realize that after four years of attacking us and our president, we don’t want unity. I hate the left. The social fabric of our country has been ripped apart.

    1. @E E you seem like a real nice person who would never dehumanize their political opposite. Its funny how democrats defend and defame ol Mittens at the same time

    2. @Maskless Neanderthal The end of that movie is a hope, not a reality. Imagine those boats, one filled with trump republicans and the other filled with Bernie democrats and they had the detonators to destroy each other. What do you think would happen?

  7. We have to Evolve, we have to grow, we have to change to break from our current patterns and achieve new levels.

    1. @Gerald Berdynski Knowledge is limitless, especially in Crypto and forex trading lolz 😃

    2. @Lilian Henry Woooo that guy!! His success stories are everywhere. Been seeing a lot of good comments about him on several places. I feel more confident investing with him. I’ve been on the train for over two months now.

    3. Yes I can believe that, I got victory with him.  I was so sad after receiving the first pay knowing I invested so low with fear and doubt.

    4. Biden is destroying this country.. because of his hatred of Trump.. Biden is just an angry old fart..

  8. I think we all (who are southern) had that grandma Joe. And they’d make you pick your switch.

  9. To the heckler in the audience demanding respect: Respect has to be earned, and often requires us to act our conscience despite the fact that others might not like it. So Romney has my respect.

    1. @Some Body see my long winded response to @pat Doyle. Btw I am not affiliated with any party on my voter registration, so I vote on policies not party basis, and have a College Degree, so don’t pin me down.

    2. lol, this is a guy who’s voted for wars that massacred hundreds of thousands of innocent people. He didn’t “vote his conscience”, he voted for the globalist corporate power structure he’s always served.

    3. @Cambria Inthemix
      The evidence does not support your thesis – unless you think that what is best for the nation is oligarchy, and theocratic authoritarianism.

      Your father was doing that because he was a typical religious person – you seem to be one of the few that is better. I hate to be so blunt, but by nature all religion is divisive and defensive. Your father’s attitude is so common it is beyond belief! They know what “god” wants, and what a “Christian” believes and does, and anyone else is not a “REAL Christian”.

      While I agree wholeheartedly with your last point – you might ask why Trump’s based is almost entirely the most religious people in the country. It is the greatest tool ever devised to get decent people to believe in and do indecent things.

      The most stark example I know of is a woman named Hilda that I was friends with for a long time before she died. She was a pre-teen as Hitler began to rise to power, and a teen when he was first in control of her country. She found it easy to believe Hitler, because he echoed what she had been taught in church all her life. Jews were evil, scheming Christ killers, there was a “chosen people” or master race, and (Romans 13) that those in power are chosen by god (as Trumpists say of Trump) and should be obeyed without question.

      It took her many years after coming here after the war to begin to realize her error. And sadly, my last visit with her (two weeks before her death) she said she was afraid to die, because she had committed a sin that could not be forgiven – she said that she did not know about the death camps, but if she had, she would have cheered them at the time.

      Hilda, when I knew her, was a lovely lady who supported stark evil because of her religion. I am sure that in most ways she was a lovely young woman then – like your dad probably was. The simple fact is that I totally understand your dad’s thinking because logic and religion do not mix. You, if you apply your reason, should see that. The Bible repeatedly warns against “false prophets” and deceivers, but offers no solid standard for sussing them out other than they do not believe what you do. So why would your dad NOT believe Pelosi to be a deceiver or false prophet?

    4. @Cambria Inthemix having a college degree does not grant you intelligence nor wisdom. But, I’m glad that you vote per policy instead of party. Thats refreshing.

    5. @Some Body I’m adding more in a minute, my phone accidentally posted before I was done.
      Thank you for the very interesting response. I do agree that education does not automatically equate to wisdom. I simply wanted to help distinguish the fact that I am not entirely sheltered from the world and other points of view.

      As far as Hilda, it sounds to me like she was a repentant woman. I truly believe that when she passed, she was welcomed by loved ones on the other side. I also believe that god is all about love, and building us up to be better. Not a dark or judgmental figure.

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