Senate Democrats Focus On Key Requirements Of Voting Right Protections

Senator Amy Klobuchar talks about the legislation Senate Democrats are working on to pinpoint the most necessary voting rights protection measures to counter new state Republican voter suppression laws.
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  1. So long as manchin refuses to touch the filibuster, voting rights will never pass. Therefore he clearly doesn’t support voting rights. No republican senator will ever support a voting rights bill.

    1. @P J Brett is a wannabe Utube personality. 115 views since 2007 so clearly he has failed. He trolls for food.

    2. None of them want to end the filibuster because they need an excuse to blame the other side for everything.

  2. Glad 2C my Fav Senator out there – Jeff Merkley! This is a good Start! We NEED a FULL COURT PRESS on This and NO RECESS until BOTH Bills are PASSED! Anyone who refuses under the pretext of the “Filibuster,” including even our Pres, is simply using it to hide behind their white, male – privilege – for STARTERS!!

  3. The most important thing is to have our votes counted once we have cast them.
    BTW, I have to give my birthdate every time I interact with health care: on line, on the phone, at the clinic, at the lab, with the pharmacy, and in the hospital. When someone asks my name, I give my birthdate to the next question, almost automatically.

    1. The right to health care is never mentioned in our Constitution. The right to vote is mentioned four times. Apples and snowmobiles.

    2. @Robert Little
      I don’t find that a convincing argument here. Literally everyone has a birthday, and needing to write your birthday is no impediment to voting, at least in principle.
      The only issue is whether the document is designed in a confusing way, such that people have any meaningful chance of misunderstanding which date to put where.

      Your argument would be more convincing if it related to something that not everyone has, such as photo ID.

    3. @OriginalPiMan everybody has a birthday, but not everybody *knows* their birth date. Guess which party has less of a challenge here.

    4. I live in Mass and have voted in every election since I was 18 and never once asked for ID. When was the last time you heard of voter fraud Mass? I’ll wait…

  4. Amy. Get this through your head, politician: *It is of no value* for you to _”come on the program and say, Sorry, I failed.”_ It benefits NO ONE, to witness the performative _self-humbling_ of a complicit narcissist. *You have no right to fail.* You have no right to trade away the democratic rights of Americans. *CARE*

    1. You don’t realize it yet, but Manchin and Sinema are saving our dem party from themselves. They’re the only 2 remaining reps with morals and values.

  5. If the right cared how we feel they wouldn’t be trying to suppression in the first place. What else can we do besides protest ? We ll need to stop this with force somehow. It may lead to riots I guess. If they pull this off. Tragically. Because we feel so strongly about this. I dread that possibility I am not inciting just being real

  6. It New York I assume no vaccine means no voting then also ? This won’t be so good for the black community . The New York Democrats may need to re think this one

    1. @N W
      You’re still just imagining or inventing problems that don’t exist.
      I don’t know if Biden said the things you’re claiming he said (I have a hunch he didn’t), but it wouldn’t matter because no one has suggested that vaccination passports would be used to control voting access.

    2. @OriginalPiMan town hall Feb 17th Not everybody in the community–in the Hispanic and the African American community, particularly in rural areas that are distant and/or inner-city districts–know how to use–know how to get online to determine how to get in line for that COVID vaccination at the Walgreens or at the particular store.”

      So he is inferring these people don’t know how to get vaccinated , so New York’s vaccine rules will indeed suppress these same peopel

    3. @N W
      Still relying on the unfounded assumption that voting locations would require evidence of vaccination.
      Not everything indoors would be classified as an indoor event.


  8. It seems to me the rich fighting the rich for power who is their for us little guy? The guy who needs the infrastructure bill to create jobs fix are infrastructure like our roads, bridges, electric grids that are over fifty years old , are farmers that need help with climate change, and are water so people have safe drinking water, and that we all have freedom of religion like our constitution tells us we should have. Patriots for a better America 🇺🇸

  9. “It seemed impossible at the moment” but = we must get there! Klobuchar’s words show thought, experience, and comprehension.

  10. The Democrats have allowed the Republicans to pass literally thousands of voter suppression laws throughout the US.
    I just can’t understand their ineptitude.
    Nothing will be done about this, as nothing has been done about it.
    The Democrats do not seem to understand that future elections and democracy are not guaranteed, just because we want them to.

  11. There is no “voter suppression. Imagine the horror of asking a voter to be an American, to be who he says he is and to prevent him from voting multiple times. Sone “suppression”. BTW – the voting requirements in senile Joe’s home state of Delaware are more restrictive than GA or TX.

  12. Until money for campaigns is taken out of the hands of the rich and funded by public money, Anerican politics will be corrupt!

  13. Vaccine id’s good 😌 👍…’s proving your identity and or status as an American citizen bad 😠👎

    You guys in the left are insane. Keep up the great work on being true authoritarians……We love you down here in NYC 😑

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