Senate GOP Poised To Block January 6 commission | MSNBC

GOP senators are expected to block debate on a Jan. 6 commission from moving forward as only three Senate Republicans, Mitt Romney of Utah, Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, have said that they would vote to break a filibuster on the bill. Sahil Kapur reports.

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Senate GOP Poised To Block January 6 commission | MSNBC


    1. @No Show Joe Is your name reflective of your high school attendance? Or maybe your middle school?

    2. @bill schieber Yup, laughing all the way to the White House while your con artist awaits the indictments. We’ll see who gets the last laugh.

  1. The answer is so simple its ridiculous. Joe Manchin tells his Republican friends that they either support the commission or he supports removing the filibuster. Done.
    Stop tip toeing around and make it happen. Screw Trump, he’s done.

    1. Obstructing justice yet again, but will willingly allow democracy to throw their rattle out of the pram in order to justify doing something. 🤦‍♂️

    1. @Kenneth Felipe he’s smiling about it too, it’s infuriating. He’s gobbling up the attention and screwing up what Americans insisted on in the last election, democratic leaders in the majority! Wtf

  2. Of course they’re going to block the commission. They don’t want an investigation into their actions. We all know that the majority of Republikkkans in Congress were part of the attempted coup.

  3. We gotta show up and vote Democrat in the midterms. We are so close to losing our country to fascism under Republicans. SHOW UP and VOTE!


    1. The stalling reps must be investigated by the FBI, even down to what they eat for breakfast.
      There must be some who were complicit with the insurrection.

    2. @David Were talking about an all out attack on our democracy that left 5 dead dozens hospitalized. Take your puh lease and shove it

  4. It will be difficult to get this Jan. 6th bill through a room full of traitors. We the PEOPLE want to know. WTF, WE THE PEOPLE want to know. You are violating our DEMAND.
    WE WILL FIND OUT with or without the traitors that are trying to stop this

  5. You know the Funny thing?
    Republicans don’t want to support a commission BUT yet blames ANTIFA.
    So….does this mean Republicans support Antifa too?

    Asking for a friend…………

  6. Heard someone say that the Republickers have gone so low they could walk under a snake wearing a top hat!

  7. Just imagine having a REAL constitution … with that, all these members of the criminal GOP syndicate would be tossed into prison on charges of high treason.

    1. But these GOPers love the 1800’s so I think they would prefer the good old public hangings that were popular at the time, not simply tossed in prison.

  8. Republicans: “we wont allow this too happen until you give in to all of our demands”
    Democrats: “fine we accept all your demands”
    Republicans: “Not fair!”

    What a bunch of babies!

    1. That’s been their MO for decades; mountains of bad faith agreements that they flat out disregard once they have what they want.

  9. Republicans: We need audits to disprove the conspiracies so we can quell the doubts and very real concerns people have!

    Also Republicans: No need for any further investigations, we need this time to heal the divide. What would even be the purpose of further investigations?


  10. It’s better this way. The House will still hold hearings and issue subpoenas, and now republicans are on record supporting domestic terrorism.

  11. Ron Johnson is the American Taliban ! He needs a nerve agent while he’s visiting Vlad. in Russia !

  12. The GOP doesn’t want the whole truth to come out, wonder how many were complicit on the insurrection.

  13. Mitt Romney should really just become an independent already since he’s the only one with any kind of spine left on republican side of the senate

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