Several dead, eight injured in mass shooting at Louisville bank | USA TODAY

At least four people died and several were wounded, including a police officer, after a shooting inside of Old National Bank in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Minutes after receiving reports of shots fired at Old National Bank on Monday, officers arrived at the scene and exchanged gunshots with the shooter, Louisville Metro Police Deputy Chief Paul Humphrey said at a press conference.

Humphrey said it was unclear whether the shooter killed himself or was shot by police. He said the investigation is ongoing, but there is "no active danger known to public at this time."

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  1. How exactly does mumbling to yourself help.?
    Like, at all?
    It doesn’t.
    Your thoughts and prayers are useless

  2. Today, me and my family are stricken with the worse news imaginable as we were informed that the loss of my mother’s cousin, Juliana Farmer, was slain by this reckless killer in this tragedy in Louisville, Kentucky. I prayed to God this day would never happen, and now that the worse has happened, I fear me and my family will have no say or opinion on this tragedy where we lost our family member by a person whose only intent was to harm other individuals, no mental illness, plain and simple murder.

    Please, stop and listen to me, and so many other victims who lose our family and friends, and our grief ignored by politicians and lawmakers who justify these killers actions and do little to nothing to prevent these tragedies from happening. Stop and ask yourself how much more blood must be shed before someday we will act and finally do something to finally change this problem in our country. For it may be you tomorrow, or someone you hold dearly, that you may not see again tomorrow.

    R.I.P. Juliana Farmer. May God rest your soul.

    1. DO WHAT? No amount of lives lost by people killing others with guns will change my mind on my right to own one. Sorry for the loss. Wars have not stopped since I lost loved ones to it. The President does not mind that an open border allows mayhem into the country? Live with it.

  3. When will America learn. The only person to blame is each other till you get the courage to change your gun laws, this keeps happening and you all take no responsibility.

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