1. I don’t want to move eyes off the screen in fear of when I look again she’ll be fired already.

    1. @Michael Rostine I will have a debate about cannabis with you any day. If you drink alcohol do not even try.
      You are correct that Trump does not wish to go to war..That is why he is a draft dodging puzzy that insults real American heroes

    2. @Michael Rostine Perhaps you could answer a question for me:
      In college Trump played ( and was the best at according to him ) baseball, football and soccer. All of these sports require great physical strength and stamina- Yet bone spurs prevented Trump from serving our Country when drafted.
      Could you please offer any physical diagnosis other than Trump being a puzzy 🤔

    1. Michael Rostine Trump demands loyalty? Well most mob bosses and directors do…so Trump fits right in.

    2. Mr Deese You’re right Democrats are sad because we are witnessing I wannabe dictator trying to destroy our democracy thanks to Putin. Hate crimes against LGBT, Muslins, Hispanics and African-Americans have risen since he has been in office because white supremacists feel free to commit these crimes and Trump condones their behavior. Peoples healthcare is being threatened to be taken away because Trump is still trying to repeal and replace Obamacare but the republicans don’t have a replacement. Women’s right to choose is under attack because Republicans want to control what a woman can and cannot do with her body. Peoples voting rights are being violated by gerrymandering and voter suppression from Republicans so they can rig their way into winning elections. Undocumented immigrant children are being separated from their families and locked up in concentration camps which is violating their human rights. But obviously you don’t care as long as none of this gets in the way of your white privilege.

    3. @1 BlackAnt if you was leader of the greatest country on the earth, you would demand loyalty also. Then again if you’re a Democrat all you would demand is late term abortions and open borders and crime rates skyrocketing. Democrats morale compass is messed up. Your stupid is hanging out, you might want to tuck that back in.

  2. “One of the kinder people I’ve worked for”…There you can see how her insanity and delusion already shows, not to mention her voice is irritating.

    1. Will Jim Acosta ever grow up and report the news instead of making it ?…. and telling sheeple what to think for fear of being called a bad name?

    1. not looking forward to personal attacks. but then that’s all the leftist sheeple have when they push a phoney narrative.

  3. Qualifications for working for Chump:

    Must be VERY attractive looking, as skills not important…just good looks.
    Prefer folks who have connection with FAUX-NEWS, they all love me like family.
    Prefer folks be under 40 years of age, especially if I will be looking at them constantly. (I can’t stand old people).

    1. Maybe you should focus on your job at McDonald’s before you try to give adults career advice

    2. John Renaud
      Of course you’ve seen worse. Much much worse….Your party for 8 yrs did nothing, but obstruct and undermine Obama. All the hatful
      rhetoric that came from the right …. and the one person that was spewing racist birther bs was none other than trump…
      but some how you conveniently don’t remember that. The hypocrisy

    3. Enrico Palazzo
      Keeping our country out of war? Humm…then why all the war drums against Iran?

      And what elections was stolen by the liberals?
      Last I checked it was the gop that was using all kinds of dirty tactics to win elections….gerrymandering anyone? and recently allowing a foreign adversary to interfere in our affairs on their behalf. Hell, your orange king just admitted that he’s open to receiving help from a foreign
      source….yep let that sink in. and yet you’re complaining about liberals stealing elections …

    4. @Zoo Man Allowing a foreign adversary to interfere in an election?? Who was president there numbnuts? Obama gave the order to stand down! Meanwhile the DNC paid a foreign spy to falsify evidence to start a bullshit investigation and spy on a presidential candidate! And none of you seem to care! All you’re doing by sitting idly by is letting Donald Trump do the exact same thing so good luck! Meanwhile every tech company is censoring conservatives because you can’t possibly win in a fair exchange of ideas. Democrats are importing every third world voter they can because you all know once all the evidence comes out about what Hillary and her cronies did(most of us who actually pay attention already know) you won’t win a national election in a long, long time. We finally have a president who can’t be bought and stands up to the military industrial complex. First president in my lifetime to not illegally invade another country based on lies. Let that sink in.

  4. I bet she did come to his attention. Remember what she looks like now, cause six months from now she will have aged 10 years. That is IF she is there in six months with that asshat running amok.

  5. Why even consider taking this job? You had the best one in the White House! Defending the only slightly sympethetic person in this white house.

  6. Stephanie Grisham just another’s liar for hires. This First Lady making a mistake to let her work for her husband.

  7. Deflecting criticism of Melania’s wardrobe? I could do that in my spare time. She has some large shoes to fill. The shoes will be relieved.

  8. they only can choose from the bottom of the barrel as no one with any love for the USA would work for the madman….

  9. The one that miss-handled the whole “I really don’t care do you” jacket thing? brilliant XD

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