Stephanie Ruhle Recalls Working On Wall Street During 9/11 Attacks

Stephanie Ruhle shares her story of working on Wall Street during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, recalling the frantic calls she and her colleagues made to peers who worked in the World Trade Center towers.

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Stephanie Ruhle Recalls Working On Wall Street During 9/11 Attacks


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    2. @Sue Howie Yes, you can go to his channel by clicking on the fake Dittzx and there be stuff without content and he only joined about a month ago. Then report him as an impersonating some else.

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  1. republicans in this post have to spout hate even on a video showing her feelings. I guess that shows their lack of sadness!!!!

  2. The economic hardship , recession , unemployment and the loss of job caused by covid pandemic is enough to push people into financial ventures .

    1. @Jackson Geist I’m from the UK 🇬🇧 I and my colleagues gave him a try and it has been good returns of our investment,Lucky smith 🌏

  3. Thank you for your comments remembering that horrible Tuesday morning 20 years ago. I lived near an international airport at the time. I went to work because l was afraid the airport would be attacked, numbed at the first real terror attack l had witnessed.

  4. “I was so conflicted. It was so terrible. And so beautiful. Destroying America made me want to dance with joy in the streets. Somehow, I restrained myself.”
    – Stephanie “Jihadi” Ruhle

  5. You know this is making all these reports sick, now they have to praise law-enforcement and the military… remember last year…I can’t wait to hear Joy Reid lol Oh My Lord the acting that psycho is gonna have to do now…

  6. Cantor Fitzgerald lost about a third of their workforce. Ironically the deaths that day weren’t nearly as bad as they could’ve been because a number of circumstances

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