Supreme Court Blocks Execution Of TX Man Who Asked For Pastor To Pray With Him

The Supreme Court blocked the execution of John Henry Ramirez after they claimed the state of Texas was violating violating his religious freedom by not letting his pastor pray with him in the death chamber. NBC's Pete Williams has details.
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    1. @Censorship Is real Some videos are accurate. More accurate are unedited ones.
      You are stupid if you don’t understand that.
      Or a troll spouting treason, Your pick.

    2. @Kevin King if it’s in their own words and saying their own words. What don’t you understand about that?

    3. According to the rights granted by the Constitution…. yes, you would give him his Satanic prayers. It applies to ALL religions… not just yours.

    1. @The Pursuit Of Happiness lmao Mexico will finally pay for the wall. They made the abortion ban unconstitutional

    1. They may actually be religious and/or have forgiven him. They may be more civilized than what passes for a government in Texas.

    2. @Andreas Klostermann Or he may have just coldly killed the Clerk.
      Cold Blooded Murder deserves more than “I forgive You.”
      What is the Civilized Response to Murder? You won’t last long with “I Forgive you.”
      This is where the State Steps in, like it or not. No forgiving murder by States.

  1. SCOTUS is messing up the line between church and state, and more specifically the “christian” church. (They are christians anymore in the far right.)

  2. Wow! A man after killing has more rights in Texas and sentenced to die has more rights than any women in Texas. I have got that right yes?

    1. @John Dodge the point of execution, as per the government and courts, is not for violent retribution. That in fact would be a crime against humanity and violate many international laws/treaties. It is supposed to be to protect the public from someone who is beyond redemption. It’s also supposed to be carried out in a “civilized” manner.

    2. @EZ Coach Like Napalm is civilized and a flame thrower is uncivilized in warfare?
      Those kind of stated civilized rules for ending a human life? Got it. 👍

    3. @John Dodge this is a civilian prisoner, and not an enemy soldier in combat. You’re comparing apples to aardvarks. And FYI, napalm and flamethrower are both acceptable under the Geneva convention, but never against concentrations of civilians.

    1. Uhhhh ya. Pro innocent life. You brilliant lefties always seem to miss that aspect. You know… innocent unborn babies… other innocent victims of murder. Y’all ain’t real bright but at least you all have that in common en? 👌

  3. The happy part is that this murder will still be put to death. He just gets to wait for his preacher. Then, he’ll die.

    1. Ah, so rights are only valid if you approve of them? Got it so now I want to see your face when the government takes your rights away.

  4. Did that convenience store clerk Ramirez murdered have the comfort of his clergyman talking him through getting stabbed to death? In Texas, the murderer has more rights than the victim.

  5. So what about the person he killed did he have his pastor there to hold his hand as he was being murdered? On,y in Texas! Should the punishment fit the crime?

  6. Did he give the person time to pray before he killed him? Of course not, the coward just wants to prolong his own death.

  7. There is a reason why we have the separation of Church and State. This man is demanding more tax-dollars be spent on his last wishes, but maybe the request should be passed by the family of the victim first: considering that’s who the real victim is. In my opinion: we should bring back the firing squad for monsters like this.

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