Supreme Court Heading Towards Big Ruling Against Trump on Tax Returns, Says High Court Veteran

Today the Supreme Court heard a case deciding the fate of Pres. Trump’s long-secret tax returns – one of the most high-stakes cases of the Trump era. The court met by phone conference as a coronavirus precaution, with reporters listening on the line. For MSNBC’s special coverage, Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber is reporting on clues from today’s argument and interviewing Neal Katyal, who represented the Obama Administration in a host of cases before the court as Acting Solicitor General, about this breaking legal news.
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Supreme Court Deciding Fate of Trump Tax Returns ­– Ari Melber & Neal Katyal Report on Tax Case


  1. To be a leader of the country, the person has to be clean, transparency, and free of corruption.

    1. @Bruce Harvey – I looked it up and found nothing except some right wing BS that was nothing but lies. NOTHING SUBSTANTIAL.

    1. @N. deG ….. Well, SOME voted him in. MOST of us didn’t. Because MOST of us had problems with so many repulsive things about him.

    2. @Tech ti Biden is a great guy. He is going to get us out of the deep economic hole Trump has placed us in. He is at least 10 points ahead nationally right now. That is why Chump has gone off the rails lately on Twitter. 100000 dead and 25% unemployment in October. Looking grim for Chumpy McChump.

  2. Kavanaugh’s question today was asking about the statute of limitations on obtaining the right to see Trump’s financial records. Working very hard for his Master. 🦎

    1. @Steven Meare

      Yep, between $60k and $200k on credit cards, plus $92k for initiation then $9k p.a. in Chevy Chase Country Club fees…
      Smells fishy and this is not his first experience of serious debt which is hardly appropriate for a judge.
      He likes beer….and gambling too they say!


    3. I doubt that Kavanaugh will vote to release Trump’s taxes. Justice Thomas may also vote with Kavanaugh to prevent the release of the taxes.

    1. @Okkie Trooy right you said what I meant. Stephanie McIntosh I was being facitious when I said he should be impeached. But if he broke any laws which I doubt he should be investigated by Mueller. Lol

    2. @Dale Hartley trump is plain and simple desperate to get attention away from his #trumpviruscaos fiasco. 🔐 him up

    3. OH YEAH, And OBAMA is going to BURN for just that reason. NO ONE can be a Treasonous America HATING TRAITOR like OBAMA and get away with it. His day is COMING.

    1. You have to wait though cause he has to get threes more Supreme Court justice on ok 👌 we aren’t tired of winning yet den you boys can have him he our main man

  3. Fingers crossed 🤞. What his tax returns will show ; 1) The moron is not a billionaire. 2) Money laundering 3) Financial links to Russia. 4) Tax Evasion

    1. All of the above. It’s all loans backed by Putin and money his family is laundering for whomever will pay.

    2. William Bailey Experienced grifters know how to distract the people that have their backs. Whats $400 K when you’re stealing hundreds of millions? I doubt he’s donating anything anyway. Not that it matters. He is straight up slime, regardless of what position he stole, or how many gold plated toilets he has. He belongs under a prison, not in it.

    3. @jaycee1583 But this is not one ordinary person trying to see another ordinary person’s tax returns. This is two separate cases being tried as one where the first party trying to see these financial records are people carrying out a criminal investigation. If “the law” wants a look at your bank records, usually they can get it. Secondly this is Congress and one of their responsibilities under the Constitution is to carry out oversight on the executive branch. If the House of Representatives issues a sub poena for certain records as part of their oversight duties, then the President has to hand over those records. That was established in the case of the Nixon tapes and the Clinton records about Paula Jones. Trump’s case is that he is the President and is above the law. SCOTUS is not likely to be sympathetic to that idea.

    4. @P V Sutton Hmm. If the scotus rules that he should hand them over, and he refuses,, which branch punishes him for not doing it?

    5. Let’s hope Sam. I think we all know it doesn’t take 10 lawsuits and 10 attorneys to protect ones innocence right?

    1. ”Under a 1924 federal tax law, § 6103 of title 26 of the United States Code, Congress may request copies of anyone’s tax returns. The treasury secretary is legally obliged to provide the tax returns, and there is no apparent legal mechanism to deny Congress’s request.”

    2. @def0420 do me a favor go out there and protest for Trump and DONT WEAR ANY MASK OR DISTANCE YOUR SELF. Come back and msg me if ur still alive

    3. see thru the Media Manipulation and #WALKAWAY, flee the Democratic Socialists Plantation #WALKAWAY

    1. @William Bailey and …. if there is an error , his Accounting team must answer for it Anyway

    2. @NeilgsNovel Coronavirus cases United States 1,398,481, Deaths
      – 82,925, Recovered

      – 233,210

    3. No, he’s not going to continue getting away for much longer. Even he can see the writing on the wall, by now!

      …unfortunately, though, he can’t actually read that writing without accompanying pictures.

  4. The man or woman that wants to become president, must show his taxes for a complete oversight can be performed.

    1. @Max Geronimo 🇬🇧 The whole point of providing “financials” is that Donald Trump HASN’T despite promising to do so.
      He keeps saying they are under audit but tax experts have said, repeatedly, that that doesn’t stop them from being viewed by Congress. He said throughout 2016 his taxes were under audit but NOBODY has a tax audit which takes four years.

    2. they should also be required to show all their stock holdings of both private and public companies so we can see if they are making sweetheart deals with Halliburton, Boeing, or whoever they give government contracts too.
      for that matter the government should also be required to only give contracts to publicly traded companies so we, (the taxpayers whos money is being paid to these companies), have a chance to re-coup some of that money if we so chose too.

  5. I believe it when I see it. Too many cronies of Trump and Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. I’d be surprised. Pleasantly.

    1. Yes! AND now he’s now placed a crony at the head of the Postal Service…I bet he NOW will be “all in” on mail in votes as he was previously worried about corruption and fraud in mail in voting!
      He’s so sadly predictable…guarantee you he did that gearing up for his next scheme of tge 2020 voter fraud…not sure how yet… but his appointment to the head of the USPS is part of the ploy!!! SO CORRUPT!!! HE’S GOTTA GO FOR THE LOVE OUR COUNTRY!!!

    2. @MeanGeneSanDiego I suspect he meant “Trump and Barr”. I think we’ll see something a bit different, but with the same result. The justices may take apart the shaky logic on which the case rests during oral arguments. Afterwards these clever lawyers will bow to the sentiment of the times and divide along party lines, with Gorsuch and Kavanagh remembering who put them there. I think that their heads will see the weakness of the arguments, and their hearts will vote for “sticking it to the Libruls.” After all Bill Barr, another clever lawyer, seems to have the genuine belief that anything the President does is legal, because he’s President. And from that it follows that the President can’t be compelled to do anything he does not want to do. And the trial lawyer’s skill, which these SCOTUS justices have in large measure, is to make the best case you can for whatever side of the argument you are hired to make. So, having probed the case against Trump and found all its weaknesses, any one of the justices could say, “Yes, but …” and proceed to find for Trump.

  6. Let’s see if Trump’s stacking of the SC will pay off for him. Oh, Merritt Garland how you are missed!

    1. Mitch McConnell kept him off the bench as another insult against Obama. Sickening that Trump thinks he’s so persecuted.

  7. “Trump-Cage’” is where he belongs, how dare he keep attacking President Obama,
    In the midst of this pandemic.

    1. Donald Trump is allowing Former President Obama, and Secretary Hillary Clinton, now even Biden to live in his head. President Obama needs to sue Trump for daformation of character. Trump always brings Obama up in crap without proof or facts. Everyone knows it’s Trump’s way of deflecting from what his trying to not talk about which is the number of deaths from the Coronavirus, among other things.

  8. My question. Why is michael cohen in jail and trump sits in the whitehouse. When they committed the same crime.

    1. @Tomandtob yes Trump is trying to run the clock out. He knows the statute on limitations will be valid if he isn’t President

    2. @angelinshagows yes yes the walls are closing in. Bombshell nothing burgers. Fox news has their base believing obama and Biden are going to prison also. Let’s break this down. CNN and msnbc have been telling the dems trump is going down for 4 years. Reality= nothing happens. Fox has been telling rep. That obama and the deep state are going down for 4 years. Reality= nothing happens. You guys on either side are dumb as a bag of rocks. How long do you think it will take you to figure out you are being manipulated? 4 more years? 8? 12?

    3. @Okkie Trooy Yes while I agree to ALL of that…what I’m referring to are things regarding Jeffrey Epstein and his death being ruled a “suicide” in prison custody and more salacious issues! NOT conspiracy theory…I’m an attorney and I HAVE done A LOT of research on various topics…AND THAT is why I think there Is much much more that Cohen knows being in the role of “Fixer’ to this lawless president!!! I put absolutely NOTHING past THIS man!!! And btw…I’ve always been a die hard Republican…and sadly, I think we just got it DEAD wrong this time!!! Cohen KNOWS MORE!!! I just pray that he spills!

    4. @Cheryl Moore attorney? Lmao. DO you WRITE your BRIEFS and court DOCUMENTS like you WRITE your COMMENTS?

    5. @William BaileyUmmm… NO because I’m not used to dealing with such dumba$$ folks!!! But nice try HATER!!!🙄🙄🙄

    1. Worst for him would be solitary confinement. No phone. No TV. No press. No make up. Just a mirror.

    2. @jerzy chroscicki Sadly there will be some who try to protect him. The ones who owe him a ‘favor’. Like Kavanaugh. Just in case he gets off with anything.

    3. Ewww…..did you have to say “touchable”….ewww…now I won’t sleep tonight imagining orange make up on my pillow. (LOL)

  9. Once Donald is out of office, he’s fodder for the courts – as he rightfully deserves to be.

    1. And that, in a nutshell, is exactly why he behaves the way he does. Like ALL bullies, underneath all the lies, sackings and general bluster he is absolutely terrified of losing the election. If he gets 4 more years and he gets through these current issues, then it is much less likely that they will have any relevance come 2024 (poss. even outside the Statute of Limitations). If he fails in his bid for a second term, he effectively becomes just another citizen who will be thrown in jail if he ignores a subpoena and SDNY will happily throw the book at him!

      Come on, America…please do the right thing for the hole world, and get rid of this dangerous madman.

    2. @Ian Canuckistan I wrote my response to this comment BEFORE reading yours! It appears that I have said exactly the same as you… plagiarism was intended, it was purely coincidental! Great minds…!

    1. 17,000 tweets x 5 mins each = 85,000 minutes = 1,416 hours. If you work a normal week, that’s 37 (8 months) weeks wasted tweeting.

    2. @Colleen Kelly : it’s not wasted … plus his duties amount to about 2 hrs per day working [depending on what’s going on ..] …
      By tweeting his thoughts he has revealed far more about his mental health issues than he would have had he not tweeted them …
      It has taken / is taking the American people a long long time to wake up from their original denials [he was criminally insane prior to being nominated but they denied it and nominated him] and it looks likely they won’t wake up fully going by the narrative in the above video.

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