Supreme Court keeps Trump-era border restriction Title 42 in effect

The Supreme Court said that the controversial Trump-era border restriction known as Title 42 will remain in effect while legal challenges play out, a move that ensures that federal officials will be able to continue to swiftly expel migrants at US borders at least for the next several months.
The 5-4 order is a victory for Republican-led states that urged the Supreme Court to step in and block a lower court opinion that ordered the termination of the authority. The Biden administration has said it was prepared for the authority to end and had put in place precautions to guard against confusion at the border and any potential surge of migrants.
In its order, the court also agreed to take up the states’ appeal this term. The court said it would hear arguments on the case during its argument session that begins in February 2023. #ErinBurnettOutFront #CNN #News


  1. Before They Left title 42
    America needs to tackle our homeless problem here at home
    Not to mention our Drug Problems…
    My heart goes out to them BUT WE NEED TO FIX HOME FIRST !!!

  2. This open border is America’s knife to the heart, we’ll be headed toward third world status. But hey don’t blame me I voted for the orange guy.

  3. 🇺🇲🏛️ I agree both Democratic and Republican Party could have taken care of this issue years ago but didn’t. So here we are now. America can’t handle this influx of people at one time.🏛️🇺🇲

  4. WHAT? The previous president Had the border SHUT DOWN ! No one was crossing! WTF the JOES LETS GO BRANDON ARE LETing WHO EVER come ACROSS!

  5. As a Japanese national I always wonder why border security can ever be a political issue. This is downright irresponsible.

    1. Yeah it’s not like Japan has a land bridge, you know like north and south, wait is this the island Japan I was ordering dinner……excuse me!

    2. @Bubba don’t be silly it’s not their children…..wait I can’t relate you mean they’re bringing over someone else’s children, that’s just crazy?

    3. @Islandstyles well are we talking actually or you know nonsense, like for slave labor to keep the rich corporations making record profits or not. I don’t think you’re asking the right question so I’ll go with the ever popular politicians yes and no.😉🗽🇺🇲

    4. *grabs duct tape* “as a Japanese person” *saws pipe in half* “I don’t understand” *cuts out makeshift wooden handle* “why anyone would take border security seriously” *assassinates nearest anti-globalist Japanese politician* “what is there to be afraid of?” *Rushes to hide hammer and sickle flag and Che Guevara t-shirt under bed* “nationalists are SO paranoid 😒”

    1. Exactly! A loaf of bread that used to cost 1.50 in my area is now over 4.00! That is insane! Every other item has the same increase.

  6. Yes!!! I 💯% agree with this. You wanna come to America…do it the “RIGHT” way…like those who already have(did it the right/legal way). It’s also not fair to others…from other countrres…who want to come to America but can’t…yet you(migrants)…illegally…break in/break the law to get in.

    1. You do realize that every one of them ( which is the majority) claim asylum as soon as they enter ( mostly through ports of entry)…that means they are doing it the RIGHT WAY.
      So please try to stay up with the class so you dont sound like a republican fake talking point.

  7. I’m all in to allow migrants enter our country but,this is out of control and is to many, they need to go to other countries. That includes Cubans and Haitians too

  8. Now Congress must work on the Political Asylum Policy. Both parties must work on this. Border patrol must have a specific policy they need to follow.

    1. They do have a policy it is open borders, and let in as many illegals as possible. That’s been American policy for 50 years. That’s why we have this large Hispanic ILLEEEGUL ALIEN population.

    2. There was a policy in place that worked. Border Patrol in El Paso doesn’t even ask if they have an Asylum case, they just process them as “humanitarian” parole catch and release. The administration removed all the policies in place and essentially everyone crossing knows they will get released because they believe the border is open. They know where to cross because they have been told they’d be paroled in certain locations. This administration has broken the immigration system into shambles and the back is now over a decade for immigration cases.

    3. We do have a specific policy. It is called immigration law. This immigration law was drafted by our iconic Ted Kennedy who told the American people that his law was implemented we would no longer need amnesty and our immigration problem would be solved. We do have a specific policy and it is called immigration law. All of those individuals who violated immigration law and who walked across the border illegally must be returned to their home country now.

  9. NOW it feels like They are trying to force us to let them in our country
    I feel bad for them But I Feel bad for our own Homeless Men Women and Children
    Not to mention fixing our Drug problem here That’s killing people as we speak

    1. It only just now feels that way?
      The federal government has been illegally flying these people all across the country, for at least 2 years now.

    2. @William Springer You Watch Fox News don’t you 🤔
      Seems to me that I’ve heard that same thing on Fox News 😐

    3. @Just Jackie ….. The federal government and states have been “working on” homeless and drug problems for many decades already. What is it that you suggest they do to solve these problems when they have not been able to do so for many decades already?

      And with regard to the southern border issue …. they are following the law regarding refugees and asylum seekers who arrive at the border. As usual the GOP has no solutions, no ideas, no recommendations, etc …. all they do is whine and complain and blame the democrats. Maybe you should suggest that the GOP come up with a comprehensive policy solution to the southern border problem. Of course they will not and they have not despite being in power with Chump, Bush, etc. and yet they delivered zero southern border solution. To call the WALL a soution is laughable and a total waste of taxpayer money. So what is your solution?

  10. I voted Blue but we can’t keep our borders open like this. We need to get a bi-partisan plan to MAKE people wait outside of our borders for immigration permission.

    1. @shadows221 bullshit….I make less than 100k a year and my taxes dropped immediately when Trump took office!!

    2. @shadows221 my wife owns her own business her taxes decreased every year he was in my tsp made more gains under him than any other president since I’ve been employed and I can go on but I’m watching the heels right now

    3. @Joseph Womack thank God, I mean those PP loans, I mean what’s a rich people supposed to do suck it up like those not rich people? Heretical and what’s, yeah blasphemer that too.

    4. @Martha Shandley I’m not rich but I was better off financially and this country was definitely better off and if you think only republicans take care of the rich then your kidding yourself

  11. This is evil
    Those people should be sent back home pronto
    Even if they get allowed……in someday……they need at least 2 months rent for a home……..a job………insurance……… If the USA cannot help the tent people all over the USA
    How in hell can they help others

  12. Sleeping on the street?
    With kids?
    What kind of parents are these?
    The kids gonna end up in gangs. Another cycle again.
    This is no law.
    They should be sent back.
    Better off in their own nation …..then the stone icy curbs

  13. i hope the migrants tht the military and the gov were human traffiking gets held accountable for as well since they want to sneak illegals in and chamge the narritive while they keep them employed in slavery conditions

  14. nobody wants people running across the border freely. but those who seek asylum and enter at entry points need HELP. despite what Republicans say, these arent all drug dealers and murderers.

    1. Exactly! They can’t legally work if they are illegal. How are they going to get money for food and housing? The US has an outrageous homeless AND food shortage problem as it is. So, okay….come on over here and be homeless & hungry with everybody else. SMH!🤦‍♀

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