Taliban Sources: 13 People Killed From Suicide Attack Near Kabul Airport

According to sources from the Taliban, a suicide attack near the Kabul airport has left 13 dead, including children, and more wounded as evacuation efforts continue in Afghanistan. NBC's Courtney Kube reports from the Pentagon.

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Taliban Sources: 13 People Killed From Suicide Attack Near Kabul Airport


    1. @Deus Sanguinius That wasn’t my comment. I commented on who is in charge of the Taliban. He was released by Obama.

    2. This suicide attack was carried out by ISIS Khorasan. Their masters is the Pakistani ISI. Latest news – 4 marines have died and 40 others with 150 injured.

    3. @Deus Sanguinius who’s president now? Who’s failed evacuation caused this choke point for isis? Stop with the deflection.

    1. @lauren vega-cruz yeah agree it probably happen again that explosion from Afghanistan set something could be a sign of future problems

    2. @Andrey Mudik thank bush and Halliburton for the beginning half that was his agenda.

    1. @Floyd Ray Roseberry you’re so smart you voted for a dementia ridden sock puppet potato. Must be proud of how he’s destroying this country?

    2. If Taliban really cooperates with US for security this wouldnt happen, who is in power in Kabul? The Talibans. I don’t understand why people still thinking, the Talibans are good, they tried to warn us. That’s so stupid… people these days can’t distinguish threatening and warning these days…

    3. @bbob70 do you know the members of Taliban? Do you know what they believe? Do you know why they forbit women go to school, and chop people’s hands if they commit into theft… dont say you understand what they are trying to gain before you actually know them.

    4. @k b …..and still would be …had 80 million know it all’s decide to prove to the world how little they know

    5. @Floyd Ray Roseberry you win most ignorant comment of the day ..congratulations .. now get off your mom’s computer

  1. Itu bukan dilakukan oleh taliban, tapi dilakukan oleh kelompok yang membenci taliban yaitu anti-taliban.

  2. Thanks to Impotent
    Update: Our 5 soldiers are now dead at the airport and over 40 civilians lost their lives with 92 injured.

    1. @Chris Parker You wouldn’t if this limp channel is the only one you watch. Try any Indian channel, Canadian channel, or BBC.

    2. Watch out what you say about this administration, the new National Alert for Homeland Security started Aug. 13th and goes to Nov. 11, 2021 against domestic terrorists is in place now. That means you and me.

    1. Everyone except Joe Biden. We can thank him for this blunder he couldn’t think of ANY other way to get out? His brain is spent, now people die.

    2. The question baffling the world isn’t why we left Afghanistan, but rather why we did so in the most incompetent and disastrous way possible. The Biden administration is a joke!!

    3. @i dont have time 2 reply They knew as well, even made the intelligence public that an attack was imminent.

    4. this ok let’s bring them back stabbers with a plane ride whotf are the talibans and alqaeda are they from an alien land ? no.

    1. @Faith Baker Those of us who are smart and common sense yes. Bush Jr. Should have been awoken in his second term!

    2. Same here until I hear todays Speech saying US went to fight because of Bin Laden😣😩🤣All these years I kept hearing that They went to war to give them women freedom😣😏

    1. @Roxanne Mitchell no you can literally go back and watch trump talk about his plan to get out of Afghanistan

    2. This is the left’s favorite religion of pieces in action.
      Body pieces after the bombs go off.
      “Diversity is our strength.”
      — MSNBC

    3. The same secularism that brought us all the wars of the 20th century and the nuclear weapons that came with them?

    4. @zac cooper So why can’t we “literally go back and watch trump” “plan” in ACTION instead of watching him “talk about his plan”??? He was thee absolute top man in command. He went as far as to negotiate with the Taliban…why didn’t he get out on his watch???

      This is the same guy that caused instability in the middle east by backing out of the Iranian nuclear deal. Despite his Generals & other Intel tell him it was a “bad idea”, mainly because the deal was showing progress.

    1. @Bay 17 Most of our media falls under Noam Chomsky’s concept of propaganda as “manufactured consent.” I can definitely agree with that. However MSNBC and others are not leftist. I can’t think of a single leftist outlet in America.

    2. @umbraemilitos Well, okay. Kind of odd, but I can understand what you mean. Controlled opposition sort of thing.

  3. The Irony that after coming to a diplomatic agreement with the Taliban, the US will ally with the Taliban to end Isis after a dirty attack. I’ve seen this movie before.

  4. The White House just put out a statement: “In keeping with diversity and inclusion in respecting the manufactured identities of all involved, we have mandated that Taliban forces will now be officially referred to as TalibanX Borderfluid Liberators.” 📺🐑

    1. You should really be more thoughtful. Insidious comments indicate a deep removal from moral intellectualism.

    2. @xavier Magnate Considering the word moral and intellectualism are not in the liberal’s wheelhouse, it is very disingenuous and hysterical for you to even play that card.

    3. The dead are being instructed to identify as alive so it’s all good. As Joe said “They aren’t killing anyone yet (knock on wood) “

    1. Its Taliban reporting. They just told you its probably not true. That means for sure. They’re all getting on planes and coming home. God bless our amazing president Biden!!

  5. “That’s information from the Taliban so we need to take it with a grain of salt”.
    That’s rich, coming from a US news source in regard to a US war zone.

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