Texas Democrats Keep Pressure On Congress To Pass Voting Rights

After leaving their state to stop voter restrictions from becoming law, Texas Democrats are still turning the screws on lawmakers in Washington to pass national protections to ballot box access. We discuss that with Don Calloway and Stuart Stevens.
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    1. “Just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the Republican Congress”. – Donald Trump

    2. “We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” – puppet

      He’s correct 😏

    1. According to Democrats, you don’t need ID to vote, but you need vaccine ID to go to the restaurants and gym.

  1. U need to show your medical records in New York to to anything,but showing a ID to vote is racist? We live in clown world

    1. @Jim River u know the ones who killed David dorn the black security guard. Also shot the mother point blank in the head for saying all lives matter. Burning portland to the ground and smashing people’s heads in with bricks.that antifa and BLM. What judge were you talking about and what arrest

    2. @Austin butler State District Judge Brad Urrutia, issued an order blocking the arrest of House Democrats who left Texas. Democrats can return to Texas without threat of apprehension.

    3. @Jim River did that judge do that this morning? Because the arrest warrants were signed literally this morning.the judge that blocked it a week ago is no longer relevant. The Supreme Court has issued the warrants so it’s gonna stick my friend

    4. @Jim River honestly I dont think they will get arrested, carrer politicians never go down for there crimes, democrat or republican. You are right over time we will see how everything plays out. But so far a few months Into Joe’s presidency it’s not looking to good and in the polls his approval rating has dropped to 50 percent. People are waking up

  2. “Do away with the filibuster” 😂. That’s exactly what the runaway super covid spreader Democrats are doing.

    1. Translation: ”WHAA, WHAA, I’m a crying fascist who hates that dems won’t let my party cheat in the election, whaa whaa!”

    2. @jeck jeck Seems like you have the democrats and republicans mixed up. Republicans are trying to make elections more secure. Democrats are violating state law to circumvent a democratic process and they have active arrest warrants because of it. Which side is cheating?

  3. Register, get an ID, get in line, and vote. Everything beyond that should be tightly controlled and require levels of verification.

  4. Are you guys still pretending that removing election safeguards is “voting rights?” Also, are these the same Democrats who abandoned their civic duty to hop on a plane maskless and catch Covid because a vote wasn’t going their way?

  5. funny how the dems have no problem with showing an ID when you buy a gun, but its “racist and oppressive” to ask for ID when u vote and decide the countries future.. 😐

  6. Remember, the left wants you to show a passport to go out to the grocery store in NY, have an extra form of ID to buy ammo in Illinois, and show a passport to get on a plane to travel domestically, but they won’t allow for a law requiring ID to vote…. Only a thief would act that way.

  7. Lmao these people ran away when they knew they didn’t have the votes so they dipped. Literally undermined our democracy that they pretend they care about.

  8. Voting is now not a right of a citizen when anyone can vote without citizenship verification. Foreign interference is a real issue…. lol

  9. Just call it what it is “for the fraud act”. Just about every provision in it opens the door to fraud.

  10. People already have voting rights.

    What they really want is people from other countries voting in US elections. Traitors!

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