‘The President’s Plan Is Exactly Right’ : Jim Messina On President Biden’s American Families Plan


  1. What does a Trump supporter and a bottle of beer have in common?
    They’re both empty from the neck up

    1. TDS is strong with this one. How much rent is your otherwise empty cranium charging us these days?

    2. Ann van de Kew wow! Great attack on intellect, but from my experience typically those attacks are used when the opposition has nothing left to reinforce their position.

  2. If you can’t find enough employees, the simple solution is to raise the wages you’re offering. The “supply and demand” that the right seems to think is the answer to everything (as long as its working in their favor) works both ways.

    1. Exactly, when you look at the low wage jobs that can’t be filled right now, it’s because the hourly wages being offered are so low, even the unemployment benefits are higher and provide a better standard of living.

    2. The cost of goods go up with the cost of labor. What does right or left have to do with it?

    3. @Google Gurgle Notice how your side keeps losing all the time..? Every single day, you lose. Why do you think that is..?

  3. That last commercial for the vacuum? Remember what the adage from Madison Avenue – “If you have nothing to sell, sing about it.”

  4. Biden is trying to end the pandemic, re-open the economy, and get people back to work.
    The GQP want him to fail so that they can blame him in the 2022 elections.
    So republicans basically are rooting against America.
    Making those “America First” rallies all the more laughable! 😅😂

    1. To G literally everything trump was doing but all you did was obstruct, and I don’t even LIKE Trump.

    2. biden is a weak man. he can’t put people back to work if his plqan is to pay people to stay home. the pandemic plan he has is the same one trump started. i hope he can still push out a nugget.

    3. @Google Gurgle I normally don’t respond to 4-day-old trolls but today I’m feeling contrary. I would actually encourage you to check out my playlists in order to further your intellect but at this point I’m pretty certain that you are proud to be ignorant and it would actually hurt your pride and those around you to actually learn something new. Have a nice life troll

    1. @Reid Earl Now comes that part where you explain exactly WHY you think it’s ignorant. I bet you can’t do it.

    2. @Tessmage Tessera Anyone that thinks Joey is doing anything good for America is totally ignorant! The only ones that like Joey are the ones on the taxpayers tit!!

    3. @Reid Earl I told you to explain… not to simply keep repeating the same crap over and over again.

  5. If u have a President who’ve served your country his entire life and is living on borrowed time to do good for his country , please rally behind him. . . I’m from a 3rd World Democratic Country, i know it is not an “everyday” thing..

    1. @eltorocal
      Again with the stupid asymptomatic replies.
      Now quiet gramps!
      I’m watching Adam LZ.

    2. @eltorocal
      I’ve have portrayed nothing of the sort gramps.
      Now your reading comprehension is falling in line with your poor understanding of the English language.
      Your type fail in the factual information department but excell in unfounded theories and assumptions.

    3. @B. T. more “word salad” from the basement… and who says you’re not a ‘self-proclaimed’ scholar… your Mommy?

  6. Household income increased by $1,000 under 8 yrs of Obama while they went up $5,000 under 4 years of Trump

    1. Just goes to show you how fewer people could afford to live on their own just to get by. Over half the workforce was earning less than $36,000 per year before COVID. This is why you were given stats in terms of “household income” rather than “individual income”. Gotta cram more people into the household just to pay for the roof. Shame.

  7. Wake up America! The real danger to the USA and democracy is not what is happening within our borders, but the chaos that is occurring globally! The Biden administration is too focused on domestic policies when it should be paying attention to, and dealing with, foreign policies! It is like making sure all the windows are closed but leaving all the doors wide open!

  8. I definitely wouldn’t want to put my kids in daycare right now: Not with the amount of qAnon crazies, who refuse to get a vaccination, because they follow conspiracy theories, that the GQP are spouting .

    1. @Rad tech And by the way I guarantee Im worth a lot more than you. But Im going to get justice first. I guarantee it.

    2. @Jason Dantzler “I guarantee I’m worth a lot more than you” LMAO at the one hiding behind a keyboard talking about his “wealth”…LOL OK!! Enjoy your justice! SMH you’re pathetic!

    3. @Rad tech Oh if only you knew. You have no idea who your talking to. Have a blessed day brother.

  9. Perhaps we should work to return to the reboot? You know where people get paid a living wage with humane benefits? This slave wage, no benefits, gig economy is destroying our middle class & lowering opportunities for low income people to have something to work towards?

  10. Work hard in a workplace, and have to deal with the customers and the boss VS Stay at home and collect the same amount of money? Tough question.

    1. @Kwesi Lincoln no i used english. Do you need smaller words? I’m sure you won’t understand this, but maybe your mom can read it to you. It is ok to be critical of a public servant, it comes with the job. You sound like a political sports fan who is bias and no longer objective. Fascist.

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