1. I’ve loved sports my whole life and the Lia Thomas story is truly disappointing that we are going to sacrifice the integrity of sports. The solution is really to create transgender leagues

    1. @The Best Name In The World He wasn’t in wheelchair. It’s not the same thing. But ok, I’ll put it to you like Dave Chapelle. “If women were just as good as men at basketball, there would be no WNBA. It would JUST BE the NBA.” OBVIOUSLY we as a society didn’t create the WNBA so “woman would feel comfortable playing against women.” It was for FAIRNESS. We all recognized that men and women have WILDLY different physical traits in general, so much so that it could create an unfairness in sports. If that was the case let’s just create one gender neutral league for all sports. See if ANY woman compete anymore.

    2. @Peter P what is your point? Did you even read my comment? I said there should be a Men’s only league, and a Women’s only league, and then a 3rd league where people who want to can all compete against eachother regardless of sex and gender. The trans people can compete in that 3rd group. Please read next time, its not hard.

  2. Why do you wanna take woman’s rights away? I thought Donald Trump was supposed to do that.

    1. The Trump organization has a very disproportionately high number of women in executive and upper level decision making positions.

  3. So in every sport there is a mens and womens league. Why not a transgender mens and women league? No discrimination and no unfair advantage.

    1. I don’t think there should be a trans men and women’s league, its simply not practical as there is so few of them. What I think would be better would be if there was men and women’s sports, and then a 3rd open category where all can compete, regardless of gender or sex.

  4. Here’s a wild idea: what if we eliminated gender-based categories from all sports altogether? So the male, female, and trans athletes in any given sporting event have to compete against each other? It would be interesting to see the outcome, don’t you think?

    1. @Troy Stewart Actually, I do have daughters. And believe it or not, the idea originated with them.

    2. @Troy Stewart If you are allowing confused men in skirts to completely dominate women’s sports, then what difference does it make?

  5. your sincerity👆👆 in helping people get their grant is just the best thing i have ever seen. i really do appreciate your effort and generosity…

  6. If a T played in the WNBA they’d double in everything but “assists” because we know those “L’s can’t make a basket.

  7. Love how they showed the lady who carried around the mattress in protest but it was proven that she was a hoax

  8. Question to a feminist: How come tarns men don’t dominate any of the mens’s sport? 🤔

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