Tropical Storm Dorian Strengthened To A Hurricane | Katy Tur | MSNBC

Tropical Storm Dorian strengthened to a hurricane Wednesday afternoon as it threatened the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, with forecasters predicting it could become a Category 3 hurricane by the time it hits Florida over the weekend.
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Tropical Storm Dorian Strengthened To A Hurricane | Katy Tur | MSNBC


    1. @Mr. Independent For Ricans to stop getting FEMA money when they don’t pay into that type of tax.
      END giving Rican politicians the CHOICE of which tax programs to pay into, like a buffet: you’re either the 51st state, or you’re OUT, and we know you’ll STARVE LIKE VENEZUELANS if you leave because you TAKE more than you give back, leeches.

      e.g. Ricans joined Medicare & Social(ist) Security because the poor GET MORE BACK from Medicare/SS, and Rican median-income is low (due to re-electing SOCIALISTS), so by “paying tax” to Medicare/SS, they only AGAIN RIPPED OFF the mainland Americans.

  1. reason to move to the netherlands, no hurricane season, great affordable healthcare, very low tax 👌

  2. Well hope it stay away from broward county . Hold on tight ,and hope for the best. Be safe out there world.

  3. FEMA is the Federal Emergency Management agency. The situation with the US Southern border is a federal emergency. Those funds are for the purpose of managing such crises. Puerto Rico is its own country (at least that’s how they act.) Let them do as they will. Puerto Rico contributes nothing whatsoever to United States. It is a parasitic satellite entity. On their own as far as I am concerned.

    1. So confederate rooster feel like doing some troll crowing. You must have failed American history and government. You are showing your own lack of compassion and wisdom…makes me wonder how old you really are and if you let others fill you with such hate and stupidity or if it is your own choosing.

    1. It’s funny. Their all mad about Trump moving funds. They mislead the public. It’s the end of the federal fiscal year. FEM is getting renewed funding in a couple of days.

  4. Slow down girl… catch your breath… you stumbled on all of yours words because you are talking too fast

    1. @John King I got hit by a category 2 here on the Treasure Coast in Florida then three weeks later hurricane Jeanne which was a category 3 hit us directly again after Francis did and besides the power going out it wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t “fun” but since I was 15 it seemed a lol more entertaining at the time. Now I’m 29 and I really don’t want to go through this whole power going out for 2-3 weeks thing.

    2. @Brandon Ohara The trouble with hurricanes is that people will insist on taking a ‘no big deal attitude’. A hurricane is a serious and life threatening problem. When people get blase they die.

    3. @John King oh yeah man I agree completely. People dont think its serious until it smacks them in the face.

    4. Dude, this storm is going to hit the Broward county and West Palm area hard!!! It turned more west. No more joking around.

  5. Everyone’s going crazy about the water. Just grab water from a lake and boil it.

  6. Weird how a weather clip somehow finds a way to talk about politics 🤔. Seriously! Leave your opinions out of weather. Dear Lord, we have enough political crap to deal with already 😒

  7. I think is going to become a cat 4 going towards Jacksonville FL and Southeast Georgia. Hope not but thats how it looks like.

  8. MSNBC uses storm disaster to attack Trump in lieu of broadcast about the weather and storm relief. MSNBC sends misinformation.

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