Tropical Storm Dorian to hit Puerto Rico, on track to hit Florida

Tropical Storm Dorian is expected to make landfall in Puerto Rico Wednesday, bringing dangerous rains to the island still reeling from 2017's Hurricane Maria.
Dorian is currently in the Caribbean Sea, just west of Guadeloupe and Montserrat and is expected to reach Puerto Rico at near hurricane strength in the midday or afternoon, CNN meteorologist Haley Brink said. But as it keeps moving, Dorian could bring a hurricane to Florida for Labor Day weekend.

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    1. The worse thing they were only 93% back to normal from last hit now once again they are getting us again stay safe Puerto Rico

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  1. This newscaster needs to understand Puerto Rican’s are also Americans. Puerto Rico is a commonwealth. So the correct term is millions of Americans from Puerto Rico to Savannah.

  2. Wow, I hope that Florida get ready. My prayers to our brothers in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷, US Virgin Islands 🇻🇮 and Florida.

    1. Its very dark here in st.thomas got a bunch of rain in the morning and our power company (WAPPA)which is run and owned by the government and has the highest electrical bills in the world has been turning on and off our power all week long this place cant handle hurricanes every year its just gonna be too much bullshit the schools are not even close to being rebuilt and we still dont have all our street lights back up and lots of people ar e still under blue roofs and under construction lots of roads are still half , what the f is going on ???

  3. Be careful guys, the storm moving east is even worst news for the southeast, small hurricanes are so hard to forecast! Could take a similar Track as Matthew in 2016!
    PR: Gusty Winds, 3-5” rain
    Be safe PR, still in recovery after Maria in 2017. Good luck
    FL and southeast: Hurricane Force winds, gusts at least 5” of rain!
    Rain is the biggest issues with Dorian, as we have learned from storms like Harvey, Sandy, and Katrina, it’s water not wind thats the worst part of a hurricane!
    Florida should prepare NOW!
    Be safe guys!

    Good luck from New Jersey

    1. so much hate from you scum types like Rob Simpson……just wait till your loved ones are suffering from cancer and remember this post…

  4. Wtf this is so common that hurricanes should have the right to live in Florida, move from there people and go somewhere else!

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