Trudeau: ‘Outraged and furious’ on Iran plane crash

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed his feelings regarding the plane crash that left 176 people dead including 57 Canadians.

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  1. Justin is only upset that he lost a bunch of liberal voters. Now he’ll have to double the number of mountie bell-hops at Roxham Rd.

  2. Funny thing is that sounds like everyone on YouTube is against this guy but they keep voting him back in. Disappointed in Canada

    1. No, only the east voted him in. He only had I think only about 13 seats total west of Ontario. He isn’t very well liked throughout western Canada. He lost the popular vote too. He definitely does not represent all Canadians. Mainly just Ontario and the maritime provinces.

    2. you missed me………….i am not against him……………its just that this where all the schills live and work!

    1. Scheer wouldn’t have been a whole lot better tbh. Maybe a minority Conservative if anything would’ve been better

  3. What a pushover. The whole world is laughing at you. You have zero credibility. Go smoke another joint.

  4. I see the Ex drama teacher here is putting his acting skills to the test in this video by shedding fake tears. He gets an E for Effort 😒😒😒

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