Trump Admin Lacks Credibility To Calm Markets On Coronavirus News | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Stephanie Ruhle, senior business correspondent for NBC News, talks with Rachel Maddow about the dependence of the stock market on reliable information and why the Trump administration's assurances about the coronavirus have been insufficient to ease investor concerns. Aired on 02/25/20.
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Trump Admin Lacks Credibility To Calm Markets On Coronavirus News | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. @Steven Becker lmao how can you have a battle of wit’s with unarmed men? I guess our stable genius is our yard stick for lunatics.

    1. @John Bender; first of all the Coronavirus isn’t the flu it is far worse than the flu: if you, trump supporters want to bury your, head’s in the sand that is your problem but that isn’t going to make this harsh reality go away the fact that trump, laid off many of the CDC that protects Us from these kind of catastrophes it is quite obvious that trump has no clue what he is actually doing and is doing irreparable Harm and putting lives at risk…. He is showing his true colors obviously an Evil soulless individual….

    2. @John Bender Then you’d happily agree that FOX has a clear panic mode advantage on the Corvid-19 issue, compared to MSNBC, CNN and others.

    3. @John Bender Having a knowledgeable response to a virus of this magnitude is important RUMP IS NOT KNOWLEDGEABLE AT ANY LEVEL – LIES UPON LIES UPON LIES over 16,000 documented lies – sorry you are out of your ever loving mind (kinda like your god rump)

  1. credibility is a terrible thing to waste. he’s treating the national response to a pandemic as lightly and with as much forethought as he did the wallpaper in the hallways of trump tower.

    1. Can’t help but notice that there aren’t any republican / Russian trolls commenting yet. I guess the whole Putin troll apparatus, was so geared up for Bernie bashing, and praising Trump for the economy, they got caught without a response.

    2. @Cort i too have noticed a diminished presence of trumpers on youtube comment pages lately. also, no more ‘fake news’ sloganeers. i guess support for trump like that of reality shows and professional wrestling waxes and wanes along with everything else.

  2. Wait a minute. Trump DUMPED all the medical techs who might have dealt with pandemics and didn’t replace them 6 months ago. There are SERIOUS credibility issues about contagion surrounding a fix for this pandemic and CDC is talking years before a vaccine- and that makes US market as safe haven sketchy at best!

  3. Trumpy knows more than all the doctors and scientists, remember that he’s a stable genius…………….Ah, no

  4. Trump incompetence… a dark time in our lives. His ignorance will be a history lesson in our lives for ever.

    1. @Michael Clagett wrong Only GOD Almighty can Stop The Coronavirus through our Health Department working together unfortunately Trump doesn’t have the abilities to lead and find Solutions and work Tirelessly to do his job he just sits around tweeting and Arguing with people he doesn’t agree with rather than act like an Adult he act’s like Juvenile delinquent….

    2. @Marcus Guzman Jim Bakker has a Silver Solution for $120 that any one that wishes to be cured of Corona Virus can chug down. It works on the same principle as his ministry as told in the Book of Labotomy

    1. I can wait to see him in the orange suite in his way to jail
      I hope he will be interrogated and spill-out the corruption scams he pulled out during his presidency…draining the swamp will start there
      Watch out for Cyanide 💊 and GOP

  5. Trump and his crime family dont care apart from what they can gain for them self. This is all about money greed & power.

  6. Wouldn’t that be a bit#h if our dear leader caught the coronavirus on his trip to India. That would be some karma.

    1. 😂 If he did, he would probably try to blame Iran/Iranian health minister. 😂🙄
      Iran: 😳
      Iranian Health Minister: 😷😳 wtf? I’m in my sick bed.
      World: 😳

    1. The Oxford and Cambridge guides for English grammar must come to include the principle that “Trump” and “truth” should… sorry, must… not be used in the same paragraph. With the threat that a SAS team will abduct you if you do. And let an old angry and irritated school teacher in English torture you. Forcing you to do constant repetitions of irregular verbs.

  7. I’m tired of hearing about these dudes . Hear of corruption everyday . It’s true evil people don’t sleep , they are always planing next evil.

    1. I would definitely be pulling out of Carnival Cruises and any associated businesses. They will very likely be investigated as part of the Japanese Cruise ship quarantine breach. But that will not get underway, one would expect, until well after the virus is suppressed for the season (IF it ever is).

    2. After the Stock market crashed in 1987 — 24% in one day — Trump said it was not a good time to invest… turns out that was a great time to buy. It was a major bottom and Trump was 100% wrong.

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