Trump Dismantling Of Obama Era Disease Response Leaves US Exposed | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. she is right.. our only defense is to have the structure in place to defend on the perimeter..if it lands local we are doomed.. REALLY SUCKS HE DISMANTLED THAT LAST YEAR BECAUSE OF OBAMA.. petulant child has us with our pants down unprepared…. .is this winning !!!!?!?!?

    1. @Real Talk76 Does he even know what governing means?
      That he is supposed to use his power for something else than self enrichement, like protecting ALL americans.

    2. @hodaka1000 Who knows. Whatever it is.. I’m riding shirtless on a horse to give praise to our king..

    1. @omi god Sure Trump cut the fat off Bummers big government, we are as ready as you can be. Quit blaming Trump for our human troubles. Yor TDS is showing.

    1. The Soul never dies, we all live in Eternity, it is harder for a rich man to get into heaven though, that’s what they say. This is the Perfect time to get right with God!

    1. Casale Smith It is my understanding that Bernie is not a communist. You can’t just blurt out the first lie that pops into your little brain like corrupt bigot tЯump.

  2. Evil, Impeached Trump has only Failed our Great Nation.
    It’s obvious to everyone who has Any intelligence.
    Make it stop!

    1. just be happy your street smart, I think libs replaced logic with college degrees .sh1tty trade off if you ask me.

    2. Trump 2Q2Q your comment made me take a second to chew on it. You are saying that a college degree, being a multi-year, advanced study course on a particular topic of choice, is less valid than street smarts.
      You’re joking, right? College degrees are earned with logic.
      Did you not finish k-12 or something? Are you an underpaid laborer working all week/weekend?

  3. Don’t worry. Our most glorious dear leader has proclaimed at many of his strength through joy rallies that the April heat will take care of the coronavirus. See – blind faith in the trumpist messiah will take care of everything.

    1. S jones 👍 it’s a vaccine that’s what is needed. The US is going to spend $1,000,000,000 just on that alone.

    2. @Michael Hughes the virus turns into pneumonia so antibiotics will be needed to treat that..scary times…but maybe the vaccine will stop it from progressing..

  4. Like every other clip on this subject, they left out: forrest trump’s pics to head up the’task force’ are a lawyer, a journalist, a corporate lobby attorney. With NO experience. And you will die because of it.

    1. @enriquezruby if you want to spread fear and panic, don’t let me stop you. It’s the lifeblood of fake news, its the best form of attack from the opposition party, and maybe you will ruin someone’s day and rob them of their happiness with your Debbie Downer fear-mongering.

    2. @John Bender – Yep, it’s fake news when you don’t like the info being given to you. Not fear-mongering sir, just the facts. You said: “it’s (sic) the best form of attack from the opposition party” – back at you! You have to be prepared for a pandemic outbreak of the coronavirus. Due to factorial variables, Covid 19 may not work on some people and you might be one of them..

    3. @John Bender — By the way, isn’t Covid-19 the disease and remdesivir the drug used to treat coronavirus?
      Covid-19 = coronona virus 2019; remdesivir=anti-viral drug

    1. @Rona Love thats how the market works stupid, i see you never made money in the stock market before….its ok, the world needs ditch diggers too! LOL

    2. This is exactly what he wants, market goes down, rich but depreciated stocks, stocks go up again.
      Rich get richer while middle class and their savings get a bad knock.
      Repeat at will and the transfer of capital to the restricted few is accomplished.

    3. @Braun30 – That’s why the super rich keep paying the money to golf with him at the Trump spas. Insider trading is against the law unless you’re a corrupt president. Trump is betting his life that he won’t be one of the one’s hit by the newest plague. This foolish person doesn’t even have the foresight to cover his own behind.

  5. This is crazy:in 3 years America country has become a complete failure when it comes to the American people
    Trump is putting himself first,he makes Countries ran by Dictators look like their God’s
    Everything Obama accomplished, Trump destroyed, Trump lies to the people ,calls his supporters uneducated and people cheer
    Allies can no longer trust America, Trump says he’s a Democrat but chose to run as president as Republican, their easier to control
    And in the so called most powerful country in the world 😧 they still have this conman running the country WOW

    1. I understand your frustrations but Trump hasnt come close to destroying ALL of Obama’s accomplishments. He cant destroy all the Laws that Obama signed into law. That would take a replacement law by Congress approval. He can get rid of regulations.

  6. Of course! Why wouldn’t everything Donald Trump does be absurd he has no knowledge he has absolutely zero qualifications to be where he’s at right now

    1. Basically, anything that was implemented by the Obama adminstration was scrapped by the Trump administration. That basically was their routine from the moment they entered the White House…get rid of everything that Obama put in place. Pathetic.

  7. Everything trump does does not make sense. This is a whole other level of insanity. Trump will blame President Obama for doing what he himself is causing.

  8. The lack of preparedness should come as no surprise. With the Ebola outbreak Barrack Obama established a coordinated task force to deal with our national response to pandemics with a central Head to manage the response.

    Trump’s budget proposals for the last 3 years have attempted to slash CDC and NIH funding by huge amounts and he dismantled what Obama did for pandemic emergency response because…….OBAMA.

    Trump can lie but he can’t govern

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