Trump Dismantling US Response To Russian Annexation Of Crimea | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Rachel Maddow looks at the four columns of the U.S. response to Russia's annexation of Crimea, sanctions, removal from the G8, military aid to Ukraine, and support to NATO, and notes that the Trump administration has worked to remove all four, most recently by seeking to take money from the European Deterrence Initiative to pay for Trump's border wall.
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Trump Dismantling US Response To Russian Annexation Of Crimea | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. @Dan Chavez –

      So exactly how did Democrats contribute to all this governmental chaos?

      Sorry but the GOP has this isht lying squarely upon their shoulders!

  1. Trump’s account of Crimea is that “Putin outsmarted Obama”, while it is him who is trying to legitimize the russian invasion.

    1. Gustavo

      Right you seem to Be….


      How You Legitimize,,,,,,

      TRUE SYRIAN LAND ,,,,,

      AND BYE

  2. Our country will be in trouble as long as this traitor is in the White House,and republicans are shameful traitors to our country for not speaking up. Grow a pair,please.smdh

    1. @Carlos Carlos It’s the same reason that he can’t delete his tweets. They are official government records (heaven help us!).

    2. @Carlos Carlos So you welcome the Russians? Wow! Russian Republican Traitor. Where are the true loyal proud Americans? Where are they? Do they still exist?😪

    1. Thomas : You simply cannot, “vote for self interest,” AND vote for Trump, son. That’s an oxymoron. And, I don’t mean a very stupid cow-like creature, either. And, from your list of grievances, you just made it clear to the world that you’re putting your personal sense of, “Butt Hurtary,” over America’s, “interests,” kiddo. So, why you, “think,” anyone would take you seriously, HERE of all places, is beyond me? 🤣

    2. John Keith : That’s SO right, my friend. They felt, “Trolled,” by every moment Obama was in office, and they’d rather SPITE Americans than protect the country. If THAT isn’t the most childish, self-entitled, effeminate, passive aggressive, and utter self-obsessed type of people I’ve EVER seen in America’s entire history, I really DON’T know what is . . . SMH ✌️👍

    3. WITH 20/20 VISION BEAU GESTE THE ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION, How much longer? It is written , Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s. clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Answer NOT LONG.

    1. @toney ingram Not all white people are bad like not all Black’s are good rethink your comment. If it were not for good white people Black’s would still be slaves.🇺🇸

    2. @Edward Martinez it’s “you’re” & not “your”. I can always tell when a foreigner responds to my post for some odd reason.

  3. When it comes to Trump choosing between America and Putin, America doesn’t stand a chance. Trump will choose Putin and Russia everytime. He proved that to the world as he stood by Putin in Helsinki.

    1. Here’s the scoop on the Russia/US connection. Bear with me because it’s a long and twisted tale but I will tell the Reader’s Digest version. Putin’s Russia is basically going broke because Putin, the Russian Mob and the billionaire class have looted the Russian Treasury. Putin’s regime no longer has the financial means to keep the Russians from revolting nor does it have the money to sustain the regimes extravagant lifestyle. Putin and his cronies need to expand their sphere of influence and hence the seizure of Crimea and disrupting the Ukraine government. Putin has bigger plans but this was a start. After the Crimean annexation and the downing of a passenger jet, Pres. Obama and the rest of the G7 enacted sanctions as punishment for said crimes. Enter Trump on the world stage. Putin knew Trump wanted a Tower in Moscow as he had been lobbying for that for years. As we now know, Russia interfered with the election to ensure Trump’s ascendency. Skip ahead to Helsinki and the private meeting that we still don’t know the contents of. However I think it’s pretty safe to say that Putin gave Trump his marching orders to remove the sanctions and to disarm European countries from ensuring that Putin no longer has muscle in Europe in exchange for the Tower Trump so desperately wants. So here we are, the sanctions removed thanks to McConnell and the rest of the enablers in the senate, have sold out the rest of Europe and the US for a few dollars in their pockets. Your government at work. Weren’t people shot at dawn for Treason in the old days. It’s time to bring that punishment back.

    2. D Ross
      wow.. I don’t agree.. but you have put forward the best and most civilised argument I have read in a long time… would you be happy with Trump-Tulsi 2020? I would.., hows that for unification? Until 2024..!?

    3. @D Ross Wow…..

      The reader’s digest version reads like nutjob conspiracy theorist fiction…..

      You turds can make up a story with the best of them….

    1. Actually, he’ll be in a minimum security prison. Un-indicted Co-conspirator. MAGA (My Attorney Got Arrested) Yang2020

  4. The semiretarded Russian asset is sitting in the White Nuthouse running roughshod over the American people and the constitution. Still, the American people are reluctant to take to the streets. Shame..

    1. Bo Libor Kroupa:
      Exactly!! 👍🏼👍🏼
      Mass protests should have been filling the streets for the entirety of Trump’s one and only term!!

    2. Americans are proving to be made of the wrong stuff in this regard. In most European countries, he’d have been run out of office, tarred & feathered, the morning after he started doing things to undermine his own country. And that “well-regulated militia”? They’re mostly the same ones aiding and abetting Trump’s domestic war on immigrants and minorities 🙁

  5. Gotta pay off the interest on those loans in the first term because there probably won’t be a second one. (Edited before grammar Nazis could arrive)

  6. if anyone had actually READ the Steele Dossier, you would have know about this! Steele clearly states that Trump will roll back sanctions and destabilise NATO in return for Putins support

  7. Well we finally see what numb nuts and Putin talk about behind closed doors that Spanky refuses to tell us TRAITOR !

  8. There’s something I can’t understand. No one can have this MANY coincidences, Russian connections etc.. I can’t believe he’s still here???

    1. No, we get it, man. We being anyone with object permeance.
      Sadly, we’re not living in a democracy; we’re in a big stupid cruise liner that the captain is driving straight into the rocks.

    2. @OceanFragments “object permanence” you made me choke on my tea lol

      ~sighs~ i don’t know whether to laugh at the absurdity of the idea… or cry, knowing that that’s a fact…

    3. @PaganSmurf I know and seems no one gives a d&$# either. The evil family has been getting rich from Russia and Saudis for years and getting richer from Exxon/Tillerson, Putin, Saudi and US and intentionally setting us up for total destruction.

    1. As well as Flynn. The judge in his hearing asked prosecutor’s ” are you sure these aren’t acts of treason”.

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