Trump hints he could wipe Afghanistan off the Earth

President Donald Trump says that he has a plan to quickly end the United States' almost two-decade military involvement in Afghanistan that would "wipe it off the face of the Earth," but he doesn't want to "kill 10 million people."

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  1. “today I woke up and thought it would be a great idea to announce to the whole world that it might be a good thing if I didn’t annihilate ten millions of people after all”
    normal stuff that people say all the time

  2. Give Trump a rifle and send him to Afghanistan pronto – We’ll check back on July 29th when the job is done.

    1. Watch the whole unedited press conference Mike. Tell me once you have and then you can apologize for being easily led by cnn.

    2. Almost every Nation back was broken b/c of that proximity, Russia included. The ones who talk tough usually change when confronted or stand before a Judge.

    3. That would only take him away from what and where he should be, and that’s dancing for the hangman her in the US.

    1. @Michael McCullagh nice smear campaign but you have zero facts as usual like your favorite communist news network spewing fake false news….

    2. @daniel perrault Wow….what a fucking clueless moron you are. But then, that’s the typical Trump supporter.

    3. Kind of like 90% of this nation. Hodge acacian system is an absolute failure. We are now a nation of pacifist who have set up or opened wide the doors towards a dictatorship. The longer we sit around doing nothing the further into corruption on government goes Meanwhile we’re sitting back like we’re watching a TV show complaining about it.

  3. Duck tape his mouth, cut off his Twitter fingers and lock him in a room or else we’re all f*cked

    1. Stuff those severed fingers in his mouth before taping it shut! (Neatness counts, y’know)! 🖒😂

    2. Stuff the severed fingers in his mouth before taping it…(neatness counts, y’know)! 🖒😂

    3. That’s hate speech right there bro , you deserve to be deplatformed , this comment section needs to be shut , this video needs to be deleted , this channel should be blocked… what would have happened if someone said this about Obama on a Fox news video

    4. Smallie Biggs
      I know! You would think so but not anymore. Go on fox and you will find so many trump supporters commenting vile language about the squad. Killing and raping. It’s really disgusting

  4. Let’s see, today is Monday and trump is threatening to bomb both Iran and Afghanistan……..something needs to be distracted from. Ah yes, Mueller testifies on Wednesday..that explains everything!

    1. It honestly wasnt that distracting… just a an average trump interview lol..this exact thing has been happening for 3 years now…not his fault the media wants to blow everything he says up into a huge story

    2. @Keith Fenderson – Hey, Randall Marsh is right, though. He’s feeding the media right now as to distract from Wednesday’s meeting.

    3. Makes sense dont you know the Democrats already admitted to creating fake Russian scandal nobody cares about that ,we care that the democrats dropped the ball and are trying to let immigraNTS STEAL OUR JOBS AND RESOURCES !!!

  5. he’s eyeing Iran or Afghanistan, He hears you can get re-elected this way. I never hated another Human as I do Trump.

    1. don’t hate…just wait. The US is being ex[posed as the giant pyramid scheme it has always bee. The least developed Nations on Earth have internet. They laugh at the hypocrite US the World’s slimy toddler

    2. watch the whole unedited media press conference. I can’t believe i still have to notify people they are getting conned by cnn. peace.

  6. He could win the war using a military he’s never served, using technology he’ll never understand, against a country he could never find on a map. Dimwit personified.

    1. Gustavo Rodriguez oh fer fucks sak. He knows nothing about technology. He cannot even close a freakin umbrella. He has zero idea of geography or actual countries and governments. He is no master of business or anything else except spreading BS that you idiots lap up as gospel. Please don’t vote or reproduce.

    2. @Gustavo Rodriguez Given his penchant for lying and talking about things he doesn’t understand, most rational people stopped giving him the benefit of the doubt a long time ago.

    3. @Gustavo Rodriguez Trump would definitely not have a clue where Afghanistan was on the map,and he barely knows how to use technology as his daily use of twitter shows,plus his lawyers threatened legal action against his college revealing his education results

    4. @Gustavo Rodriguez Trumputin can’t spell, Afganistan. He bought His way out of Military service FIVE times, when it was LAW to serve. He is a RACIST, BIGOT, MISOGYNIST, THIEF by FRAUD, business failure, and said he never heard of Vietnam, in an era of WAR that was known world wide. And then claimed Vietnam was too far away. He is an IMBECILE

  7. Gee I wonder why he didn’t get that peace prize he so wanted. He was so jealous of Nadia Murad who did get it the other day that he couldn’t even listen to her tragic story.

  8. If the world heard Kim Jong Un say this everyone would think “oh yeah that unhinged maniac.” Yet we hear it from Trump and it’s just more of the same.
    Why are so many people desensitised to this madness!?

    1. Rejection of the human condition. They reject the standard God made them for. They’re almost like mutants; just lie and try to live in falsehoods. The mere fact people support him without penance should just wake people up.

    2. The racists want to reassert “dominance” via coercion and nuclear threats their ultimate goal is to alter the constitution. Let’s make sure we don’t take that path.

    3. Ask these freaks if it came out Trump was a pedophile and plenty of evidence to back it up. They would say, “fake news”. He could go to prison for it and they still wouldn’t believe it. These people are sick in the heads.

    1. watching cnn edited clips will make you think he talks like that. Tell me do you know what he had just arranged with the pakistani prime minister sitting next to him…. oh did cnn leave that bit out. Maybe you should watch the whole clip and ask yourself afterwards why cnn left out so many important pieces of this particular press conference… hmm?

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